Police murder in Portland, anarchists respond with vengeance

  • Posted on: 22 March 2010
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>“We don’t give a fuck, the time is now.”

When word spread that the Portland police had just shot a man to death at the Hoyt Arboretum, we knew we had to make a choice: to allow ourselves to be human, or to participate in our own murders, to hide away in sleep and the unfolding of a routine that ends, for all of us, in death. It’s a choice that has been made for us so many times before: by the media, by community leaders, professional activists, bosses, teachers, parents, friends who do not push us to confront this fear with them. We are killing ourselves with so much swallowed rage.

Tonight, we would not go to sleep with this sour feeling in our stomachs. Tonight, we gave a name to what we feel: rage. This is how it started.</td><td><img title="This is what it means to be human. Refreshing change." src="files/pictures/2010/time.jpg"></td></tr></table><!--break-->

Within hours of word getting out, local anarchists met in a park, and decided we had to march on the police station. Not the central precinct: that neighborhood would be dead at this hour. We wanted to shout at the police, but also to find our neighbors, to talk to the other folks in our community, to let them know what happened and call them down into the streets with us. To not let them find out about this murder in the sanitized commentary of the glowing screen but to meet them and cry out to them, the rage and sadness plain in our faces: we cannot live with what has happened. We cannot allow this to go on.

The march left the park and headed through a residential neighborhood, interrupting the dead Monday night silence of consumer-workers recovering from another day ripped from their grasp. Chanting at the top of our lungs, we encountered our own anger, our own sense of power. “And now one slogan to unite us all: cops, pigs, murderers.”

Many expected this march to be only symbolic. Few were prepared for anything more. But we encountered a collective force that amplifies the individual rather than smothering each one of us in the mass. The two who took the initiative to drag a dumpster into the street changed the history of this city. This small sign of sabotage spread. We all made it our own.

When the first little garbage containers were brought into the road, a couple people put them back on the sidewalk, trying to clean up the march, to make it respectable. They were confronted, shouted at. “This doesn’t send a message,” they said. “You can do that if you want, but go somewhere else,” they said. But we have nowhere to go, except for the spaces we violently reclaim. And our message is unmistakable: we are angry, and we are getting out of hand. People continued to be uncontrollable, and soon those who had appointed themselves the censors of our struggle saw that it was they who were in the wrong place. No one attempted to control their participation. They were not allowed to control ours.

Once we got on Burnside Avenue, dumpsters were being turned over every hundred feet, blocking both directions. Folks had scavenged rocks and bottles and sticks and drums. One person had had the foresight to bring a can of spraypaint, also changing the history of our moment. We were no longer a protest. We were vengeance.

When the crowd passed the first bank, a few individuals erupted into action, while others watched their backs. The ATM got smashed. A window got smashed. Rocks and bottles were thrown. Sirens began ringing out behind us. A Starbucks appeared one block ahead. A race: could we get there before the pigs arrived? We won. More windows broke.

When the police tried to get us on to the sidewalk, they were shocked by the intensity of rage they faced. “Fuck the police!” “Murderers!” Their lights and sirens had no effect. Someone shoved a dumpster into the lead cop car. They were temporarily speechless.

Only when the cops outnumbered the people did they try again, with some pepper spray and brute force finally succeeding to push us onto the sidewalk. But we were smart. We knew we couldn’t win a fight just then, and every chance we got we took the street again. We didn’t surrender: they had to work for it. And never did we surrender our power over the mood of the night. Louder than their sirens were our ceaseless screams, our chants, focusing our range and wiping the arrogant smiles off the pigs’ faces. They were visibly upset by the level of hatred they encountered.

We got to the police station and yelled at the line of police waiting there for us, yelled at the media parasites standing by with their cameras, calling out their complicity in police violence and racism. Most of us didn’t worry about sending the proper message or appearing respectable. We expressed our rage and the power of our analysis, our ability and willingness to take initiative and change this world.

The first TV news clips, ironically, were the best we could have hoped for, but we do not put our hope in the media. We will communicate our critique of the police to the rest of the city with our protests, our fliers, our bodies, our communiqués. With graffiti and smashed windows.

It should also be noted that the police have not yet released the race of the person killed. We don’t know yet which community is “most affected” by this murder. We respond because police violence affects all of us, because we want to show solidarity every time the State executes someone. We know that racism is a critical feature of control in this society, and we also believe we must find ways to act responsibly as allies to communities that are not our own. But solidarity must be critical, and it can only be practiced by those who are struggling for their own freedom. It is clear from tonight’s actions that we fight against police violence because we feel rage and sadness whenever they kill someone.

We fight in solidarity with everyone else who fights back. And by fighting, we are remembering what it is like to be human.

In these moments when we surprise ourselves, we catch little glimpses of the world we fight for. Running down the streets, stooping to pick up a rock, we realize that in our hand we have nothing less than a building block of the future commune.

Our commune is the rage that spreads across the city, setting little fires of vengeance in the night. Our commune is the determination that comes back to the public eye the next day, meeting in the open, not letting the rest of society forget this murder, not letting our neighbors numb themselves with routine. Our commune rattles the bars of our cages, and this noise is our warcry: “out into the streets.”


I hear Bring the Ruckus is a huge presence in P-town, lol.

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I hear Bring the Ruckus is a huge presence in P-town, lol.

WTF this happened in portland?????

duhhh its says that dont it!!!!

A lot of poetry for attacking mere symbols of capitalism. Stop with the hooliganism, up with revolutionary action.

And what is your proposal for revolutionary action? Selling a zine?


Attacking the centers of power that actually killed someone might be nice. Like, I dunno, a police station or cars. I don't even know why anarchists continue attacking Starbucks. They had ties to the Seattle WTO over 10 fucking years ago, but now there is no specific campaign, just "evil corporations! blahhh!!!!!" Which in other situations is all fine and good, but when risking arrest and lots of fines and jail, it's not really worth it. Think strategically, not "everything must break."

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as the son of someone who's mother was a victim of rape, i really don't like your little poem.

Too bad PIG. I HAVE ANARCHY FREEDOM OF SPEECH! If you dfon't like it I suggest you take it up with the ACLU, you PIG!

a cop pretending not to be a cop. it's like an alligator pretending to be a log.....you can still tell.

What about a snitch pretending to be an anarchist?

There never seems to be a shortage of those folks :)

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What's the difference between "anarchy freedom of speech" and normal "freedom of speech"? More swearing???


We are the public.

Whether or not you think you're the "revolutionary subject," you're ready to be liberated, too.

Just love yourself.


I agree with you - though I fault no one for "breaking everything."

If I (or you) believe in "strategic thinking," we should defer to the old maxim "if you want something done right, do it yourself."

hear hear.

Starbucks continues to do all the things they were accused of during the WTO protests. It was a corporation engaged in a long laundry list of misbehavior & getting away with it because of the privileges afforded to corporations in the WTO and within US law(& still are). A simple Google search should answer your questions about why they are still a target(despite their expensive white washing/green washing campaigns). 10 yrs isn't that long ago anyways.

-IWW union campaign, for one.
-concentration of wealth by the CEO/Owner, for two.
-exploitation of coffee growing regions, for three.
-sponsorships of pro-police/pro-capitalist events, etc..., for four.

For the record, I am not condemning anyone for assaulting any corporation.

For the record, I am not condemning anyone for assaulting any anarchists.

As long as they are organizationalists, me neither.

What if they are Regicidist tendencies?

All organizations operating in conditions prior to developed Capitalism are/were revolutionary and progressive in their epoch. Regicidal tendencies denotes a monarchy, monarchy is a component of Feudalism, Feudalism predates Capitalism.

Not to suggest that the powerless figureheads called Monarchs in developed Capitalist nations today are anything more than celebrity Capitalists, of course.

The point is that organizations cannot brook progress beyond Capitalism.

It really doesn't matter. Everything in a riot is a target. From mom and pop to evil corporation. From the street lights to our own cars. What part of make total destroy on our conditions don't people fucking get. We are not against certain aspects of life under capitalism, we are against our lives under capitalism.

"heeeyyyyy, not the carrrrr, mannnnnn."

Yeah what the fuck would a bunch of poor anarchists care about vandalizing other peoples property (OPP) as long as their faggot anarchy books are safe at their parent's house.

You make a good point and your argument is valid. You have made me think about many things.
Thank you for your input.
My faggot anarchy books are always safe at my "parent's" (parents') house, thank goodness.

i don't think the argument was that targeting starbucks is 'morally' unjustified, more than it seems prompted by some atavistic, anarcho-activist mentality than by any kind of strategic context. the same applies to 'making total destroy'. capitalism, and our lives within it, are not made of windows, streetlights or your car. it is a set of social relationships not a collection of objects. it does seem quite impossible to destroy the relations without destroying a lot of the objects that materialize them but that's a sidebar, not the main point. you feel me?

Beware! A thinker is in our midst.

"i don't think the argument was that targeting starbucks is 'morally' unjustified, more than it seems prompted by some atavistic, anarcho-activist mentality than by any kind of strategic context. the same applies to 'making total destroy'. capitalism, and our lives within it, are not made of windows, streetlights or your car. it is a set of social relationships not a collection of objects. it does seem quite impossible to destroy the relations without destroying a lot of the objects that materialize them but that's a sidebar, not the main point. you feel me?"

This makes no sense to me. How can one engage in strategic maneuvering against the commodity economy, the wage relation, the extraction of value, etc., and the daily reproduction of these things? Anarchist practice is not a game of chess or a war game, or rather it should not be conceived in such a manner - one cannot move 'strategically' against systemic forces. Furthermore, your argument presents a fallacy insofar as it attempts to mitigate the relevance of the productive forces (these objects you speak of). You cannot present a critique of capitalism while ignoring the complicity between the productive forces and the general relations of production moved by those forces (and vice versa). Capitalism is made of cars, windows, and streetlights just as it made of exploited labor, fetishistic production, class relations, and the suppression of human needs in the name of abstracted labor value (et al.). Capitalism is founded on value derived from and accumulated through the production and exchange of things, of objects - whether wholly material or fictitious ('immaterial'). Capitalism is not some spiritual corruption of human essences and exchange value is not a metaphysical force. To pretend like the accumulative processes of dead labor don't matter, in terms of understanding capitalism, is, well... it's a really bad move.

Your argument, or whoever this argument is coming from, is poor in technique.

Also, it would appear what happened in Portland was motivated by sincere emotions and antagonism against police institutions rather than activism. If someone does something horrible to you or people around you who you find sympathetic then you should plot, scheme, and - if you feel powerful enough - act directly against the perpetrators. It's that simple.

that's cool except you have failed to explain what's strategic about breaking the starbucks window. did it kill someone? no. did this capitalist world we live in? yes, a million times yes. good, we're agreed so far.

it's very interesting to hear you say that anarchists cannot use strategy. if that's what you really mean then it's exactly the point of view i was arguing against, the kind one finds in the blog "social rupture" and its fans, that every destructive act is in some way anarchist and directed against the totality of capitalism... that "the time is always now" and the more extreme the act, the better, period. yes, perhaps any instance of revolt could be the beginning of the ending of the world - as the seattle condo ravers would have it - but it only takes about a dash of rational thought to realize that it 99.99999% won't be. hence, here begins strategic thinking. destroying things is one aspect of a general struggle against capitalism. other aspects would be strike, occupation, blockade and insurrection. so would the planning and relationships that go into making these things happen.

also, how is a streetlight or a window a means of production? perhaps you should check the wikipedia article on marx before you go throwing around a phrase like that. means of production means things that people actually need to live, not just every piece of dead labor capital has ever accumulated. sorry but i don't really know what the fuck you meant there or how you took my earlier comment the way you did. most objects that exist in capitalism are not means of production, they are useless bullshit. so i'm actually not against your project of making total destroy, i just don't think you can really make total destroy if you have such a flat and anti-strategic view of things.

i don't doubt this was motivated by sincere emotions, most activism is. actually whether this whole thing is activism or not was not the point i was trying to make (although i doubt we share the same definition of this word - try checking out 'your face is so mysteriously kind' by monsieur dupont), i was just responding to the question someone raised about why anarchists have such a fondness for smashing starbucks. i would imagine it has to do with what happened in seattle in 1999. of course the same question could be raised about banks, i believe this fad was imported from europe. why focus the hatred of capitalism in general onto the 'greedy bankers'?

"that's cool except you have failed to explain what's strategic about breaking the starbucks window. did it kill someone? no. did this capitalist world we live in? yes, a million times yes. good, we're agreed so far..."

Grrrrr!!! I had a really substantial comment in response to you but I lost it. Hit the wrong button or something. I might go back to this later today...

Some short clarifications:

I never said, "anarchists cannot use strategy" - what a ridiculous statement!! - I said that one cannot move 'strategically' against systemic forces. It's just a matter of scale and our capacity to practically affect those forces, like capitalist production, as well as the seemingly incorrigible presumptions and faults present among anarchists (e.g., an inability to see any worth in actions taken by anarchists that are not validated by a political strategy). I also see that you rightly corrected me, but I want to reiterate that the particularities of those objects move people, figuratively and literally, at the pace of the relations of production. Would cities, cars, or roads exist if humans had organized around their needs and self-determined orderings rather than commerce and class hierarchy? The objects and relations work in tandem, that's all I was saying. No reason to make this poisonous and get all, "WTF!?1 How dare you misunderstand my comment! What the fuck are you talking about!?" (not really what you said, but that was the vibe).

Your frustrations are misplaced (when did I ever mention 'make total destroy', did I ever even say anything about whatever it is you keep lashing out at; social rupture and whatnot?) - I'm not applauding what happened in Portland because it aligns with my, uh, 'political' inclinations. I applaud it because it was people acting like human beings in the face of police institutions and their murderous activities while at the same time confronting attempts to channel that anger into an ideological apparatus (if the rhetoric of the OP is to be believed). Did it do anything for the movement? I don't care. Do you? People didn't go running to community organizers to set up a candle light vigil - they broke stuff. Sounds fun. I spend so much time scrutinizing the things you're claiming I have a 'different understanding of' (like activism, and organizationalism, and...) that, just for now, I'm taking a break. I saw the article, I liked what I saw, that's it. Did it do anything to capital? I don't frickin' know. All insurrections preceding this moment have failed to supersede themselves and become something more interesting. Most strikes are just banal occurrences of the working class trying put food on the table and increase their capacity to benefit from the productive relations. The current strikes and occupations in Greece have mostly been initiated at the behest of umbrella organizations of the Communist Party. The student occupations and whatnot in Cali have gone quiet on the news wire and, from the last I saw, don't really seem to be going anywhere. On and on and on with the hopelessness... And you're going to talk to me about an anarchist strategy against capitalism? Nah, man. It has never worked like that and never will. Most of the time it's dumb luck and accidents that give us those fleeting opportunities to turn rebellious events into grander things.

Maybe I'm just fatigued from getting little to no sleep during the night (it's 8:00 am - yeah, it's definitely that), but whatever the cause is, I've totally exhausted my ability to keep going on with this yarn, and to keep up with you people who are always worrying if anarchist politics are "doing anything" or strategizing anarchist practice in order to give us something or other to latch onto and make a big deal out of.

"why focus the hatred of capitalism in general onto the 'greedy bankers'?"

Errr... populism? Haven't you gotten bored of asking that sort of question? I certainly have. You should know the answer by now.

"try checking out 'your face is so mysteriously kind' by monsieur dupont"

I've read it. Nothing special about it. There's far more reference points for those critical of activism than one lonely, little piece of prose (I'm not saying it's bad, though - it's just nothing new or exciting for me). In turn I suggest you read this since you seem so fond of MD (...likelostchildren? am i rite?). It's a pretty solid critique of lame attempts at strategizing communism and the debilitating flaws of (socialist-)realism.

What's strategic about breaking a starbucks window? Hell if I know. What was strategic about that time I sneaked out of my apartment when I was still in school, in the wee hours of the morning, and made a bunch of shitty tags because I wanted to be a kickass graffiti writer? Nothing at all, but it sure as hell was fun. When I was in the 11th grade a girl in my history class had her arm broken by cops who forced her into the cruiser after picking her up for seemingly no reason as she walked home from a party. What would have been the most strategically considerate action for me to take? Or maybe strategy doesn't have anything to do with it because a young girl was assaulted by the cops and there's really no room, at the time, to go, "hmmm... how can I strike against capital in the most effective way in response to this!!?" - where would you even begin with something like that? Damn, I need to get some sleep - I'm getting all emotional and shit. ZZZzzzzzzzzz....

actually, your example of the girl getting assaulted by the cops (arm accidentally broken, whatever)is a great proof of what the person you've chosen to see as your adversary is talking about.
Did you break that cop's arms? Kill him? No. Why? Because it wouldn't be strategic for you to go to jail for the rest of your life. Would such actions have made sense/been justified? I reserve the right to remain silent concerning my opinions on that.
Strategy has everything to do with it. The strategy of you not wanting to suffer any serious consequences for your actions. If it didn't, and you were just willing to do whatever the fuck was called for by the severity of the pigs' actions, you'd do something that was actually risky (and still doesn't equal their crimes): get a gun. Throw a bomb. Form a cell and go underground.

But you don't. Cuz you don't wanna die. I an anarchist, and this is the case with all of us. What I think is a mistake is to try and convince ourselves that we "don't give a fuck". The average anarchist does. A lot. And some of the loudest "make total destroy!" zealots are the same ones who act like bitches as soon as the (very light hand) of the law comes down on them. I saw it's light-handed because I've seen heavy-handed: dead black panthers, latino teenagers with their brains all over the squad car, or getting a K9 unit sicked on a prostrate, handcuffed neighbor of mine. So your explanation of your lack of strategy in instances of outrage just don't ring true brother. It sounds like a rap song: "Young Black and JUST DON'T GIVE A FUCK!" And then a gunfight breaks out and the emcee runs for his life. Reasonably so! I'm just sayin': recognize his/her talk of fearlessness for what it is: entertaining, self-aggrandizing, but not really true.

HOWEVER, believe it or not I'm really not opposed to this shit at all. I just have a different justification: fuck how self-satisfied it made you feel, or how daring all the middle class kids (no offense intended, it's just demographically true, sorry). The utility of this kind of response is 1) that it draws attention to an issue in a way protests don't, and 2) it poses a direct, clear threat to which power will respond, because they are cowards, easily bullied, and don't want it to escalate.

Smashing starbucks windows doesn't mean shit. In itself, it's a meaningless cliche and ineffectual. The windows will go back up in a day or so. Excuse me if I find all the romantic talk of smashing capitalist symbols and insurrectionist ecstasy a little...well...it just gets hard to fully appreciate, when it's used to describe everything some kid with a black flag and punk tendencies did to express his/her angst.
The response by authorities - fear, namely - is valuable.
So yes, Comrades:

p.s. you tagged shit cuz you either had nothing better to do or because you were too lazy to go do it. I'm assuming you had nothing better to do. Sounds like a kickass pastime. Perhaps even have some vague indirect psycho-social connection to capitalism and anti-capitalism. I don't think it has anything to do with insurrectionary politics, which is a violent uprising/act of revolutionary WAR. Please don't compare that to tagging your high school. It makes us all look ridiculous and naive.

I agree with the thought on thinking strategically.
The problem is, although we know perfectly well what we are doing and have the best intentions- the general populous searches for any small thing they can to discredit us. I think that's the most important issue here.
Although we can see the value of property damage, and understand that it's nothing to cry about, most people don't. If we are to win this war, we will need numbers. In order to gain the trust and the help of your average citizen, we will need to ease them in somehow. Destruction scares them, and isolates us. We want their support. They are not the enemy.
Be it "bad apples" (for lack of a better term) who join up simply to "fuck shit up" without any idea of what we're truly trying to say or oh, I don't know, a police horse slipping on a max train rail. The media LOVES when things like this happen, because they want us to look like the bad guys. And your everyday citizen LOVES when things like this happen, because they have an excuse to say things like "oh, fucking anarchists. They look so stupid. Where are their permits?"
Organization is key here, if we have any main objective at all. Many people feel differently about they way things are to be done, and that's all well and good but it does make things difficult. The important thing (although extremely difficult) is to reach an agreement. If protests went about with careful planning, rather than pure spontaneity (although we all love spontaneity) we would be able to accomplish so much more, we would be efficient, and best of all (debatable) we would have a better chance at peaking the interests of more people.
Maybe it;s unrealistic to expect this. It may very well be. But it is ideal.

yeah, I do. But obviously I wasn't claiming the windows, street lights and cars were our social relation was I?


What ever happened to comment of the week?

anarchists could make taking a nap sound like the world's most important event

talk talk talk talk talk

yeah, everything would be better devoid of any commentary or analysis. goddamn intelligentsia

Let's see:

Newspaper boxes dumped onto streets, check
Smashed windows, check
Spraypaint graffiti to the history of anarchry-fagg movement, check
Overturned dumpsters, check
Arson, check
Attack 45 year old woman from behind, hmmm... strangly absent...

fagg? just what are you implying?

Hahaha this is really the greatest troll ever. This was actually funny as hell!

fuck's sake. gettin to be you can't even do a little smashy-smashy without some anarchy nerdo writing a fuckin book about it.

fuck's sake. gettin to be you can't even do a little smashy-smashy without some anarchy nerdo doing a fucking demo about it

- a cop

no cops are smart enough to use the internet, troll.

this is great. anarchists in portland should make it a point that any time someone is killed, there should be a riot the same day/next day.

everyone should just know that that is what will happen. the cops should have to think about it, and expect it, before they pull the fucking trigger. they will learn to expect it if it happens enough, and so will other radicals. and then, the crowd will be way more than 50.

good job PDX!

I agree, it is about setting precedents. If pigs are going to kill someone, they have to know that there will be consequences. If they are going to host a corporate event in our town, they have to know there will be consequences. When more and more people participate in these events, more people will be willing to take this kind of action on a regular basis allowing for the creation of anarchist spaces and organizing.

You can do all the union organizing you want but unions are dead, the proletariat is dead, let's burn this mother fucker down.

Ok, but does this then set the precedent that when cops are NOT killing or protecting a trade summit that nothing happens? Is it ok to just kinda hang out until they do?


Our commune rattles the bars of our cages, and this noise is our warcry: “out into the streets.”

150 people breaking a single window -> storming of the bastile, the toppling of the berlin wall, the burning of the reichstag COMBINED

only in your own mind, anon. only in your own mind.

yeah man the anarchist writers of today definitely are known for their LACK of grandiosity and exaggeration

oh wait

read the article again. it mentions neither the bastille, berlin, nor the reichstag. so.....
only in your mind, anon. only in your mind.

yep i definitely can't compare things to other things in order to, i don't know, make a comparison or illustrate a point. if you actually think i was saying the author explicitly stated those examples, you fail at everything

no one has said anything about what to do when cops are not killing or protecting a trade summit. if "do nothing" is your interpretation of NO statement about such as situation, maybe you should re-consider your own assumptions and lack of imagination.

i'll pass the question back to you, now:
is it ok to do just kinda hang out WHEN they do?

You prepare a readiness plan for when opportunities do arise. DayX we completely shut down the city, blocked every freeway, trashed every suv lot, gas station, & recruiting center we encountered. Because we had been planning for months for the bombs to fall. We flyered heavily with the emergency plan, even customized the appearance according to each audience/social group. The anarchists planned DayX and the whole thing went just about perfect. We don't wait to PLAN until something happens, we only wait to ACT until something happens. Someone is murdered by the Portland pigz every spring sometimes 2 or 3. We can plan for that to happen.

Unions aren't dead, probably undead is a better word. Sucking life from their membership in order to better defend the social order. On the other other hand, the proletariat is in no way dead. Proletarianization is ever deeper, and numerically the proletariat is more numerous than ever before, even if it's incapable of formal representation. But why be an anarchist if you're only into formal representation?

careful, the last time i tried to explain to someone on this site why the proletariat is not an obsolete concept, my comment got deleted. many anarchists are allergic to any theory that doesn't come out of their own butts.

Why be an Anarchist if you're into representation at all?

Otherwise, I agree.

Are you familiar with post-proletarian theories of proletarian liberation? That is, just as slaves did not end slavery and serfs did not end feudalism, it is conceivable that workers will not end capitalism. If this is the case, the study of the revolutionary supercedent class (one might call it the "self-negating" class) is the primary concern of any pro-revolutionist thinker.

'anarchists in portland should make it a point that any time someone is killed, there should be a riot the same day/next day.'

You mean anarchists everywhere right?

well, i mentioned PDX because they managed to actually do it once at least. we could throw in Oakland, too, under that criteria. anywhere else?

There's alot goin' on here, expect more actions.

I wish something, anything happening with "anarchists" could be written in a way that is not so incredibly sexy/glamorous. Especially when it's something as boring as this. This sounds like a liberal way of going about dealing with a murder, oh wait, liberals with dumpsters because "anarchists" love those dumpsters so much for some reason.

And I would like to know more about the 45 year old woman who was attacked or to know why that is not mentioned in this article.

what 45 year old woman who was attacked? i think the commenter who mentioned that was referring to the Vegans (not anarchists) who pied that author at the SF anarchist bookfair, as if anarchists did that....

dumpsters are useful as barricades to stop the advance of police cars from behind. if there were cafes with tables and chairs everywhere like there is in europe, i'm sure you'd hear about those all the time. there is no romanticism, they are just useful in a practical way.

Less morality please. I find nothing wrong with attacking a 45 yr old woman from behind with a phalanx, as long as it is consensual, and preferably both are naked.

i know who you are, comrade-with-a-hard-on-for-the-phalanx!

Soo... Here I am... miles away from PDX, envisioning this riot...

Well, so much for that. Seems to me like someone is having a little bit of therapy time.

I honestly don't doubt that these types of events will actually take place. I just don't think you should call it news if it's a fantasy.

Um.. it happened. Sure as shit.

Solidarity from the east coast ya'll. Way to keep it real, don't mind the haterz. Lovely communique, also.

No, I am from the east coast and don't want my solidarity (which means nothing like the "Heil Hitler" greeting) mixed in.


Ok so the dreamy Crimethincy rhetoric of this article is pretty goofy. But seriously I haven't seen this level of enthusiasm in Portland in 5yrs. It was a nice departure from the usual forced polite response that has caused the pigz to be worse & more blatant every year(this has been going on for decades in Portland). Hopefully it's a sign that Oregon Anarchists will soon be capable of the sort of things that we used to be. We used to bring institutions & corporations to their knees here. It was nice to see some "old soldier" faces out there too. Hopefully we can combine this experience & enthusiasm again. Just perhaps with a little more planning & strategy. The immediacy of this particular event was necessary to circumnavigate the Albina Ministerial Alliance stepping in to quiet & subdue the response as usual. Not knowing the race of the person murdered or the details of the murder was key to this. It was a political risk that the AMA couldn't match us in, being a nonprofit organization. Any people can define the struggle now. The property damage was a risk politically too & some of it was faulty. But so are most tactics. Without experience & analysis of those experiences it's hard to know what will work in any given situation. All the old templates for success are null & void. We evolved to trump their shit & they evolved to trump ours. So how do we gain knowledge & experience in this evolved environment? You get lucky, then you get smart. It's important to keep in mind that just about anything will work if we have the political will of the people. We get that by winning a few rounds & displaying political competence in our strategies. The population will go for whatever fucking works. Keep testing the fence, we'll find a weak spot eventually.

I wonder if it maybe has some small part to do with the fact the greeks spoke in p-town the night before and that night as well. I know the chant "Cops! Pigs! Murderers!" was something they said they chanted in Greece during the talk they gave in the bay.

thank goodness inspiration feels like something and folx in town are not too jaded to feel it!

I know there seems to be this idea of attacking "legitimate targets" or whatever from some circles, and that's cool (if sorta superfluous), but are you really trying to criticize something as legit as hella friends getting together and marching on the police station after a police murder because along the way they could have selected better targets to wreak their vengeance upon? C'mon, get real.

Shit is tight, haters gonna hate. Everyone's waiting on the edges of our seats to see what happens tonight (or better, planning ourselves). Keep it up yo.

i bet nothing happens tonight. kids have shitty attention spans.

oh yeah, and also cuz anarchists are pussies.


anarchists are pussies.


anarists are pussies and gay-fags.

cops can't spell. "anarists"? Is that like "fraxr" and "larsensy"? True in Mencken's time, true now almost 100 years later. Some things never change. btw, Kody is a gay-fag and he'll fight back:
http://www.myspace.com/tittyparties - he's from portland btw

pffff, who gives a shit who gives a fuck?

Ultra-mega "comment of the week" win.

"are you really trying to criticize something as legit as hella friends getting together and marching on the police station after a police murder because along the way they could have selected better targets to wreak their vengeance upon? C'mon, get real."

I think criticizing it makes people at home feel like they participated in some small, irrelevant way. We really need to stop criticizing everything we do, right after we stop writing lengthy boring poetic meditations for everything.

word. i have to say though, wtf does "the time is now" mean? how do we approach these situations in a way that can link and broaden struggles rather than putting on activist spectacles?

the time is always now, like right now: it's now. and, it's now, again. and it's still now. and, now. andnow. annow. nnnow. now! now! now! its always now and you can't do anything to stop that from being true! it's a priori true! it's STILL now!

An Open Letter to Those Who Complain for the Sole Purpose of Excusing Their Own Inaction:

Dear Imaginary Friend,

I missed you on the front lines. I didn't see you on the barricades. Where you at home reading theory? Memorizing your vocab words to further alienate you from the public? Drinking a beer, maybe?

You know what kills our movement?


You who stays at home, thinking "oh, yet another pointless action." You, who trolls the internet looking for something to complain about. You, who tells US what tactics WE should be doing when your body, your life, your future, was strangely absent during the action. You, who silences rebellion with your constant chatter of criticism and defeat. You want to see something different? Then actualize it in your community. Dialogue constructively, get angry, find solutions. Your empty voice means nothing to me. Give me something real.

This is what we like to call diversity of tactics. A small, autonomous unit of people who trust each other with their lives & futures get together and make a decision on what they believe to be the most effective way to lash out at the state. They then decide their comfort level, what they are and are not willing to do for one reason or another. And then, they do it. Sometimes, they gather in masses, and march through the streets. Those dumpsters were not symbolic, not pointless. Those dumpsters were overturned as a brave act of protection for the comrades in front of them. Broken windows are an act of rage. Apparently, half of you have lost your humanity, your ability to feel.

Do me a favor, and shut the fuck up. Be proud that there was a mobilization within two hours in response to the police executing another community member. Be proud that some people are so angry, so broken, and so looking for a way to be free, that they were willing to respond with half an hours notice through a text message with no guarantee there would be someone on the other end to stand with them. Be proud.

We miss you. I know you're sort of busy sewing the patches on your black hoodie and studying Bakunin. But we love you. We want you back. I know its scary. But we would really rather have you here than trapped inside the internet.

The Rest of Us



help i'm stuck inside the internet!

YOUUUUU UUUUUuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!

Obviously, if you're taking this personally, you must feel as though it applies to you.

Maybe, that should make you listen instead of throwing useless insults at it.

I'm impressed with the response of the (anarchist) community and wish that I had been there. I think you all did right in responding regardless of who got shot or why; there's simply been too much of that recently. The police need to be held accountable for their actions, and if city hall and the police bureau won't do it then we have to.

I'm disappointed in the protesters who decided to smash the windows and property of businesses that had absolutely nothing to do with the purpose of this action. In doing so you are not only diluting your message and providing our detractors with a means of taking away our legitimacy, you're also alienating business owners and others who stand on the "middle ground" of this conflict. If you want to smash things, smash cop cars, or police station windows. Don't take out your rage on people who haven't provoked it. As to using dumpsters to block traffic, I'm all for it.

In summary, you're damn right we should riot, but we need to riot intelligently. We need to pick our targets and not get swept away in the hedonism of mass action and destruction. We need to stop glorifying property destruction and police battles; I've been there and it's not a party, it's a terrifying experience that can have serious consequences.

And we need to stop alienating potential allies. The people of Portland won't stand with us if we're smashing windows and firebombing businesses without cause.

- Adam

I think that you're right about being strategic and effective. However, I don't think that direct action and property destruction will dilute the message delivered by the people. It shows people that its acceptable to be angry. It shows the city and surrounding businesses that there is consequences for silence, and there are consequences for the death of community members at the hands of the police. Last night, there was support from a large number of witnesses. Anarchists always underestimate the anger and potential of the people. We are always limiting ourselves by the fear that people will see us as being senselessly violent. The media may portray us as such, but it is our responsibility to deliver our true intentions to the public. It was shown last night that they are just as angry, and just as willing as we are to engage in action against the police. We have their support already. Being a revolutionary requires a lot of work, and work that is completely without glory or heroism. It is quiet. It is tiring. But it works.

We can build a movement, we can build community. We can't forget this.

The target is capital. All of it. Alienation? Capital is alienating. Police are alienating. Attacking these things is not alienating, it is in fact the opposite.

Both sides of this argument are superfluous. Anarchists in Portland should use the energy from this to have a motivation for walking away from the trappings of all the politico's hysterical yadayada about "no, no, the movement will suffer for this, it's alienating prospective believers!", or "you should do something even more militant to prove you got what it takes", or "ha! not strategic enough, you fail!" - the only thing these people, their rhetoric, and their solutionism are capable of is pretending to know what is revolutionary and so they'll just keep reinventing the wheel. They've missed the point entirely. The point is to live your principles as an anarchist. The movement, with it's raving priests and hysterics, will just hold you back.

Make friends, and make connections with people in the region that can be utilized in revolt and larger crises in your locale (whether they're aware of it or not). Become embroiled in a situation where you only play a part, where you can care about something far more than the movement's self-importance and lame attempts at political maneuvering.

My two cents.

Excellent comment.

I wouldn't use your language, as I find it a bit to harshm but I THINK I agree with the basics of it.

Community organizing >>>>>>> symbolic (and romantic) activism. ORGANIZE THE COMMUNITIES, FUCKERS!

Anyways, for all its romantic language, it portrays an enthusiasm we cannot do without. It can be used to establish things far more liberating than a bit of window smashing (not that there's anything wrong with that). Keep it up, PDX. :)

"Community Organizing"

The catchword of the irrelevant.

if a bunch of internet jack asses can kill your movement, it probably isn't worth shit.


this white person sure has things to say!

don't bother trying to organize the organizationalists

organize yourselves contrary to their complaints about your disorganization

but for god's sake, don't become an organization

Portland @'s, I'm proud of ya!

I'm just going to say it: We need a campaign of organized terror, bombings, assassinations, the complete liquidation of all enemies, and no it won't descend into the october revolution.

"Horror and moral terror are your friends here, if they are not, then they are enemies to be dealt with" - Col Kurtz Apocalypse Now

Yeah, the guy above is totally right

"Violence against Violence, let the round ups begin, a firestorm to purify the bane that society drowns in" - Earth Crisis

you are an idiot. people can just be replaced. we need to destroy instiutions.

yeah high school kids are a dime a dozen. I hand out communist zines at Hot Topic!

Troll on, Troll, troll on.

You know, the knee jerk reaction of anarchists towards property destruction and violence is what has driven me away from the movement. I used to be an active and militant anarchist, but the lack of intelligence in the movement (in regard to strategy, not tactics) and the complicity of most (at least of Portland's) anarchists to attack without thinking is just backward.

Also, to the comment above that capital is alienating and must be destroyed: You're not going to destroy capital by putting a brick through it, you'll destroy Capital (note the uppercase) by creating a society where people value community and solidarity above profit.

- Adam

"society" and other mass organizations will never allow for true freedom. ANd to the commenter above you, if there are enough people killed that will fulfill those institutional roles, let's see how fast people are willing to fulfill them.

a few facts... the man had been harassing people; when officer arrived man was covered with blood and had exacto knife in hand. man refused to drop exacto knife. cop shot and killed man.

so.... the pig offed some crazy motherfcuker who had a box cutter in his hand.

quote from chief:

"Portland police officers are confronted every day with life and death decisions. I am thankful that officer Walters was able to protect the public in a place that is loved," Portland Police Chief Rosie Sizer said during a press conference late Tuesday morning.

are portland cops all made out of cardboard???

"oh no! a boxcutter!!!"

The only reason why the police exist is because some early 20th century and 19th century law makers decided to make a privately funded corporate army into something "legitimate." Their authority is not legitimate, so how would you justify some "civilian" killing another "civilian" because he was holding 1" blade?

if a guy has a knife and looks like he's going to attack people, you pull a gun on him and tell him to stop, and he KEEPS threatening people, what do you think is the likelihood that he will actually try to kill someone?

did he have a hostage? what gives one the right to "pull a gun on him"? let alone to fucking shoot him?

What the fuck is an exacto knife going to do? That blade is fucking TINY. An middl school art teacher could have done a better job. And what ever happened to incompacitating someone instead of ending a life? Never heard of shooting below the waste? And four shots fired, at least!? If these police cannot think logically in these situations to control/prevent unnecessary death, then they shoud not be allowed to carry fire arms. These pigs need to go.

Where were the brave anarchists to stop this crazy mofo since they have that illusion of being community leaders?

Why do people think October was violent?

The October Revolution was a coup that killed a handful of people - FEBRUARY was violent, but that was not the Bolsheviks' revolution. They said it was not "organized correctly."

Gee, where have I heard THAT before?

The difference between insurrectionary violence and organizationalist violence is that the former cannot result in a state with accompanying class society - its activity is self-negating (rebellion motivates only until there is no power over to tebel against.) The organization, by contrast, is modelled on state and class power and thus carries the seeds only for the same species of tree it is uprooting.

The boxcutter in hand argument does not matter. Police have guns and spray and tazers and batons.

It is not "illegal" to hold a boxcutter.

When jerald ard, pensacola police officer, ran over and killed local youth victor steen, a coroners inquest a few weeks later ruled the collision "unavoidable".

Whether or not it was unavoidable, does not matter.

What matters is that ard chose to harrass steen for no apparent reason, and now steen is dead.

What matters is that people are dying simply because the institutions of coercion and violence, like the police, exist to repress and are prepared and trained to kill.

Until we have a working class movement to eradicate these institutions, people will continue to die at the hands of the police,everyday.

As far as the window smashing, sure it would have been more appropriate and strategic and made more sense to trash the cop shop, but I can understand how fear of the much greater penalties would prevent many from doing that.

People ought to understand that this isn't chile' or greece or algiers where it is an everyday occurence that police and their fortresses get fucked up, and it is a normal occurence in mass mobilizations. We don't have mass mobilizations here, or I presume it would happen here.

Its a lot easier to get away with fighting police and destroying stations when there are 10,000 plus people there with youand a militant movement backing you up.
Not to mention the militaristic nature of us police forces, that can be a preventing measure against those types of actions.

Good points. We need valuable criticism, not solidarity sweethearts who get their Huggies in a bunch if someone dares to question their tired, old symbolic window smashing rituals from the 1990s. Windows don't hit back.

For every cop who kills a citizen, we should kill four cops. That's a good ratio, and should be the new Golden Mean. Now, if we don't have enough people in a miltitant movment to do that, then the answer isn't to spraypaint more circle-As, overturn more newspaper boxes, smash the windows of non-cop buildings, set more dumpsters on fire, or vandalize yet more vehicles, the answer is to build support within the community, agit prop the people who then might begin to question authority, to do outreach and education...all until we have sufficient numbers to launch a counter attack. (Unless you don't really think this is a war, but just a game to see who can get more media attention). Are you serious or not? That's the question.

Anything less is merely rattling our prison cages.

"For every cop who kills a citizen, we should kill four cops."

hahhahahahah good luck buddy
why don't you try assassinating heads of state next, it worked out so well in the 1880s

This is what anti-insurrectionism boils down to: defense of the police.

killing cops won't take away the power the police hold over our lives or significantly threaten the people who pay the police's salaries. it will also bring a lot more heat and expose huge cracks that whatever "militant movement" you're imagining can be split on by our enemies.

"when power is in the gutter, it's enough to walk over it."

Why was the man shot?

(Please, no "to get to the other side" responses.)

-- Concerned Citizen

I am the editor of the Portland Alliance, a radical newspaper serving the social justice and environmental movements in Portland. Our next issue is coming out on April 1st. This is an amazing and powerful piece. I'd like to get permission from the author of this to share it with our readers. You can of course remain an anonymous source. I am not sure how to get permission. You can respond to this comment or send me an email if you want to editor@thePortlandAlliance.org.

Thank you for your story and for your consideration.

Love and Solidarity,
Andrea Townsend, Editor
The Portland Alliance

yes you may use it.

Hi Andrea,

Welcome to Anarchy, where copyrights don't exist.


No, sorry, you cannot use it unless you paypal me some monies.

Anti-Authoritarian Tools of the Trade: Chaos, Disorder, Disruption & Destruction!

Good Uses:

1)When done in small groups, one can achieve great lengths such as animal liberation, getting even with banks & corporations.

2)When done in mass, one can not only liberate animals & get even with financial institutions but get cops thrown in jail, successfully jam major intersections, jam hyws and the financial district. All of these things: cops, intersections, hyws and downtown streets allow business as usual to function. The ultimate goal of the anarchist is to disrupt and destroy every basic function of capitalism in the most anti-authoritarian way possible such as collectively resisting arrest in order to maintain a strong number of folks needed to hold the line and there for a constant level of disorder and resistance needed to keep capitalist social relations jammed as long as desired if not until the end of capitalism. People have to be afraid to shop for fear of entering the battle zone. That is what makes capitalism crumble. Seeing running battles in the streets with volleys of tear gas vs. flying molotov cocktails, rocks bottles, sticks vs. shield and batons and raging fires in dumpsters and bank buildings will sound the horn saying "CITY NO LONGER OPEN FOR BUSINESS" "POLICE ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK" We must maintain the level of tension necessary in order to maintain our control of what ever we so choose to occupy, be it a college campus space, factory or public space. Learn lessons from France, Greece and other parts of the European world and use it to co-opt the mainstream protest movement. Study it. Worship it. Adore it! You Love it!


"The two who took the initiative to drag a dumpster into the street changed the history of this city."

Did then you seek medical care for breaking your arm while patting yourself on the back? Or just masturbate furiously to this over-emoted treatise?

Did I change the history of my city by taking a dump this morning?

Only if you write in the same style of "Penthouse forums" that all anarchists-faggs write in.

Fer example:

"I took the initiative of dropping a duce-duce and knowing I had changed the history of this city!"

a duce-duce on your chest!!!!!!!

"We expressed our rage and the power of our analysis, our ability and willingness to take initiative and change this world."

This is just delusional.

"This is just delusional."

Welcome to the Anarchist Movement.


Hey great show and great communique. Fast response is key in these situations and you cats, certainly, were on it. Furthermore, the communique was well-written but not a pompous mess typical of today's writing. The only small bit of advice is to continue the struggle past the one night of action. If the struggle isnt' protracted, it is not the struggle. But again, fucking amazing!

- intifada-oner

intifada-oner, you are my secret hero!


social war does not wait for organization.

careful, you're going to offend the sensitive Leftists which insist on lowering the quality of this site

Fuck yeah! Anarchism and activism is more than poetry. These egotistical Philosophs are a bunch of outdated pussies. Retaliation is now! Death to the pigs! Show force and intimidation after the police fuck up in improtu fashion! Follow up with organization and marches later. Violence is the only answer against this facist police state. Shoot a pig in the face at your soonest convenience.

I agree with the realists. Don't get thrown in jail/prison, you'll be another body wasted of potential and the focus of the facist media to down play our cause. Smash it up, but don't be seen. Commit felonies against this police state, but plan your escape.
Wage quiet, personal wars. Start factions. Target the police. but be SAFE


the funny thing is that i actually think the troll on this site is fucking hillarious.

i really do wonder sometimes what the shit storm of comments after stuff like this is really about. as someone suggested, are people trying to feel better about their own lack of active confrontation? do they need to mock anything that doesn't lead immediately to the total destruction of capitalism, and if they know a short cut to this goal why don't they share it with us? are they just into pissing on any anarchist who gets attention for anything other than organizing a union or planting a garden? seriously what is the deal?

sometime when i read this site i feel like people are having the same arguments over and over to express nothing beyond their very basic positions. like:

1. if you are not a card carrying union member, you are not a real anarchist.
2. if you are not burning something down or shooting a cop in the face at this exact moment, you are not a real anarchist.

and my personal favorite,

3. if i needed you to tell me what a real anarchist was, i wouldn't be one.

this website is pure comedic gold!!!!!!!

The Portland Oregon police and the Multnomah count sheriff's are molesting children using Eric Carlson as a body double and they were giving me the blame behind my back while Eric Carlson was having an affair with my wife Joan Wagar!

I was being poisoned by my wife as well as my family.

Joan Wagar seriously poisoned me and my daughter Megan Wagar when I tried to meet with Eric Carlson's wife shortly after I discovered Eric's and Joan's affair!

Eric Carlson's pedophile relative in law enforcement covered it up at the OHSU hospital by simply labeling me as a bad guy to my doctor as I lay in the emergency room in pain and in shock, I over heard the conversation out in the hallway that my doctor was having with an officer and that's how I know they covered it up and that's how I know my wife and her lover had permission!

Everyone pretends nothing happened and everyone pretends it's not reported!

I was a regular plasma donor at the time, I donated twice a week!

Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar's affair started at there place of employment, East Port Walmart!

East Port Walmart employees nick named Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar Doubleclick and Mrs Dash!

East Port Walmart employees was helping them to hide there affair and to help hide the fact that Eric Carlson was almost a twin to Joan Wagar's husband, Terry Wagar!

I wonder what those nick names stood for!

I would like to point out at this time that many many people knew they were involved in a murder conspiracy, but that they did not care for 2 reasons!
1, Because they hadpermission by law officer's to murder me and others, and 2, because they undermined the reputations of there victims so that most people would not care that there victims!

They have a term authority's use to describe it, they call it 'Pedofied", as an example an officer that gives my wife permission to poison me will tell her "Just make sure you pedofy him before you give him another big dose." for example!

Once there target is "Pedofied" to most people, and this mostly occurs behind the targets back, it becomes easy for the framers to recruit others into there murder conspiracy because everyone is now under the impressure that the target deserves it.

Before long there are a lot of people that either know of it or are involved in it, so many involved that anyone that objects is given hints by others that they need to keep there mouth shut!

Since authority's are not even bothering to hide the fact they gave permission makes it known to others that they need to keep quite because there's no one they can report it to!

This is how Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar's multi murder conspiracy grew until there were so many people willing to lie for them that they just did not care any more if anyone knew it.

They succeeded into recruiting 2 Portland Oregon Walmart stores into this!

I remind you that in 2005 and 2006 I was not the only one in my family being poisoned, and I was not the only plasma donor either being poisoned!

I would also like to point out that my wife Joan Wagar denied all this in writing, and that almost everything in her denial letter is a provable lie!

I also want to point out that I found her hidden poison in a seasoning shaker and I have witnesses to finding it and to confronting Joan Wagar about it!

I would also like to mention that when my daughter Megan Wagar and her boy friend moved out of our apartment Joan uped the dosage on me again and then she confessed in writing that she is in fact a poisoner and she dared me to call 911, knowing that I already did and that the police just covered up by simply ignoring it.

Doubleclick and Mrs Dash, The Walmart serial killers!

get some help man. medication or something. please.

Who cares about some homeless guy??? He is better off dead anyway. I don't think anybody really understand what police go through when they are faced with those types of situations. Being a police officer is an extremely difficult job.
If some crazed homeless guy came at you swinging a knife and covered in blood... What would you do??? The cop took a non fatal shot to get the guy to stop comming at him, the fact that he bled to death was not the cops fault. I know that the cop did what he thought was right, he had to protect all the other people around Hoyt as well!

go to hell cop apologist.

This is all a joke! You walk down Burnside smashing stuff that belongs to people who tend to be the victim of the system as much as the people whom the police killed.

You anarchist are mostly rebellous white kids who never out grew there rebellion. Its easy to protest what they do in NE Portland and other such places when you are a privilage white kid who hides behind a bandana and claims its a symbol of solidarity. No it isn't It's to hide your cowardy face so when you grow up you can take it off and go back to your privilage white lives and get a regular job and be like the people you rebel against and no one will know. I rarely see any of us Latinos or our African American brothers in your groups. You are mostly stuck up white vegan snobs in your coffee shops. Dreadlocks, tattoos, body piercings and bland army surplus clothes aside. A clichist snob is a clichist snob.

Want to impress us, that you claim you are protesting for? Attack where it actually sends a message. The next time the police attack or kill the poor or oppress, you go attack the opressors. Smashing windows on E. Burnside ain't sending no stupid message. They are laughing at you. Look! They smashing their own already dumpy looking neighborhoods. No next time go smash windows and toss out dumpsters in their precious Pearl District. Take your rage to their ivory towers. Smash their windows, toss their dumpsters out in their spotless streets, tear up their neighborhood. Believe it or not, they barely patrol there. You know why? Cause they think you too chicken shit to ever actually take your anger right to them. You afraid your mommy and daddy who live or work there will find out and cut you off of your trust funds no one knows about. None of you are oppressed. I never see some anarchist kid getting profiled and jacked up by the cops. In fact they pretty much ignore you white kids outside of protests. Either join the real fight or go back to your mommies and daddies. You might as well start a Fight Club and beat each other up, because thats about all your protests amount to.

You guys barely get a blurb in the news and you are forgotten. Go back to you dumpy coffee shops, hanging your crappy art on the walls, listening to your crappy loud music and courting your smelly hairy under arm women. Leave the revolution to those who are actually oppressed. You guys are like the football fans who yell at the fans of the other team as though you're the ones on the field playing. But would run screaming home to mommy if we grabbed you and stuck you on the field and handed you the ball in front of the opposing team. You're all loud and tough till you face what we face. Go home children!


"courting your smelly hairy under arm women.' YEAH BUT THEY SHAVE THEIR PUSSIES.