New Feature: How to Filter Bad Anarchist News Comments

  • Posted on: 31 August 2010
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Tonight anarchist news had heard your cries that the comments on the site are too (racist, sexist, fascist, etc) and have come up with a new plan for comments on the site.

This drastic change will make comment moderation much more stringent and rid the site of the stuff that makes this place a reason for much complaint.

We present to you, The Comment Filter!</td><td><img title="" src="files/pictures/2010/.jpg"></td></tr></table><!--break-->

<img width="600" src="">

With this new filter, you can selectively remove comments from articles all on your own! An argument over tiqqun boring you? Another BANA discussion gone to the dogs? Some random racist is telling you how you should be in jail? People not supporting the ashville 11?

Just put up this simple comment filter and *POOF* bad comments are a thing of the past! Learn to enjoy anarchist news again!

Brought to you by the direct action committee for web improvement.


perfect solution! i love it

this won't work and I'll tell you why:

as is clearly visible in the example photo, text can still be read even through the filter! how typical of anarchy-faggg-communists to make half-assed solutions to real problems, that don't work! Get a job (YEAH RIGHT) and buy some nice thick construction paper, and not some cheap hammermill A4 you grabbed out of the printer when mom wasn't looking, in between grabbing more mountian dew and jerking off to glamdalism pr0nz. You guys (SURVEY SAYS: YOU'RE ALL GUYS) are such losers. move out of your mom's basement why dont you.

the game: you just lost it.

Damn it!




anarchy fagg troll for the win

i will take credit, but i didn't write it.

I wish my mom had a basement.

1.28 gigawatts!!!1

This comment filter is ableist.

I completely agree with this. If you don't like what you're getting, then that sucks. Isn't freedom of speech great?

I love the freedom to post shitty, angry comments for no reason. don't worry kids, your message is getting out there.

Class warrior

why would an anarchist be looking up info on an ipad unless they had one or considering purchasing one?

how dare you get cum stained finger prints on an ipad while homeless people have to pan handle for heroin sprange all day!

Kudos on another consistently themed assumptions post!

I suppose Anarchistnews could just remove stupid comments to facilitate productive discussion. But I keep forgetting, anarchy is about the freedoms. Sorry

I don't get it. Wait maybe I do -- no, I was wrong.


Keep it prole!

...and that, my friends, is what win looks like.

Satire is the first refuge of the enlightened.
=Mister Grumpy

How did you make that? I would really love to get into doing some computer animation. BTW, fucking hilarious.


It is insane how many people really took this to heart lol... man oh man.

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