New Project: Rise Like Lions

  • Posted on: 20 October 2010
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">Rise Like Lions</a>

Rise Like Lions is an anarchist project with the aim to place beautiful and dangerous anarchist writing into the hands of the multitude. Our personal history is that of the lower class, the disposable class, and the texts that we select for publication are texts we wish had been put in our hands when we were young, full of hate and contempt for our jobs and society, and had no hope that another world was possible.

The texts we choose are texts that show that another world is possible, and that in fact, another world is <a href=", for better or for worse. These texts promote and document the attack on a society that is dead to us, a society that would crush every hope and dream we have of living wild and free, a society that is fit to be destroyed.</td><td><img title="RAWR!" src="files/pictures/2009/lioncub.jpg"></td></tr></table><!--break-->

The pamphlets we create are meant to be placed into the hands of anyone that can identify with them: the workers, the drop-outs, those who are without, the dispossessed. They are to be handed out at community potlucks, anti-police rallies, social centers, and to be given to your friends, your neighbors, and your parents. This shit right here? This is for the proles on their strolls.

Though a good portion of the texts we choose to publish can be labeled as insurrectionary, we hesitate to label this project as such. We refuse any sort of dichotomy that would attempt to split the anarchist movement into different “factions” with essential characteristics, and we will never print any text that would promote a specific milieu at the expense of another. We recognize the necessity of both the daytime and the nighttime attack, the smashing of windows, the burning of cop cars, while also seeing the empowerment felt by communities coming together and organizing under a specific identity. Effective resistance and revolt can look radically different between differing geographical locations, circumstances, and cultures, and we choose to promote a complete diversity of tactics.

No war but social war!

From occupied Coast Salish territory,
rise like lions at riseup dot net


site looks sick,

The use of the word multitude is a little suspicious.

You're distro looks awesome. I am excited to read what you have, and curious to see what comes next. Keep it up!


is this the peter gelderloos fan boy distro? lolz

Yeah, I mean, the Peter Gelderloos gets anarchist version of the "Captain Obvious" award of the year. We have our very own home-grown second-rate mixture of Bonnano and CrimethInc.

you are so right? i love people that think he is a total insurrectionist too. fail.

nice guy, met him, but fail.

If your friends are reading Gelderloos' stuff because he "a total insurrectionist" or whatever, then fuck am I glad I don't hang out in circles as pathetic as yours. But you must fit right in if your counterpoint is "he's not an total insurrectionist! fail."

People I know are reading that shit because it's fucking good, and it inspires them to get active rather than staying home reading or whining on the internet about other peoples' projects. If anyone were willing to write an actual critique of his recent work, I'm sure many people would be excited to read it and engage with it.

Also, good job though on both talking shit AND dropping that you met Gelderloos. Sorry to report that no one is impressed with either.

Ask Peter why he was thrown out of VA.

Why don't you just tell us?


Actually he wasn't thrown out of Virginia and he wasn't accused of rape. Other people who had a grudge spread that rumor. No one actually made that accusation themselves. Thanks to the maturity level of anarchists, rumors still kickin around cuz everyone would rather pass on shit they hear rather than figure it out themselves. so let's all get don quixote and try to have an accountability process with a rumor mill. can't hardly wait.

actually i am not OMG why isn't he an insurrectionist.

also for an individualist he ain't that bad.

I don't really understand these games, and so I choose to stay away from them. Insurrectionist vs Individualist vs Organization vs Identity Politics. It's a battle that will never be won, and it's a distinction that I find has no real meaning outside of anarchist circles. I would never go up to the indigenous community in Seattle or the Hilltop community in Tacoma and lay out for them the shortcomings of I.P. or organizations. Nor would I glorify for them the insurrection, though I find a lot of value in insurrectionist ideas.

I'm an anarchist, first and foremost, and will identify as one to the people I have conversations with so that they have a basic understanding of where I'm coming from: I want to fight against all forms of oppression, I fucking hate the cops, and if they're fighting against their own oppression and they fucking hate the cops as well I want to give them my support and allyship in whatever way feels comfortable for the both of us. To me, this kind of encapsulates my thoughts of what 'being an insurrectionist' is: talking to people outside your circle of friends, the propagation of ideas, forming relationships to people and communities that the state would attempt to isolate us from, increasing class and racial tension. But whatever, more than being an 'insurrectionist' I would just call that being a real human being, being an anarchist.

Peter is able to write about this exact thing much more eloquently than I ever could, and so I chose to design and distribute some of his writing. In regards to this specific project, the author is of no consequence to me. For example, my decision to put out chapter 5 of Anarchy Works was solely based on conversations my crew and I were having with people in the streets, and conversations we were having with friends that are not anarchists in the wake of the recent string of cops murdering people in the PacNW. I find it to be an excellent supplement to give to people we have real conversations with, as well as helping us be more prepared to have those conversations.

The People vs The United States is not meant to be distributed among anarchists at all. I don't believe it was even posted to @news. Rather, we had copies printed and bound by friends of ours and we were very specific in distributing it to people that aren't anarchists. That shit recently blew up and is all over facebook and twitter and tumblr.

Union of Arsonists speaks to just about every single acquaintance of mine where I live, no matter their politics, and I'm really fucking excited to get a print version into their hands.

I want to be clear, this is not just another anarchist distro meant to look good at your next book fair or to be read online. These pamphlets are meant to be printed out and distributed everywhere, sent to prisoners, placed in newspaper boxes, left on the table at Starbucks, etc. I spend a lot of time on the design so that anyone can pick it up and feel compelled to read it.

I have a couple other things in the works but I am always open to suggestions for texts that fit within this general theme.

And, as someone else already said, critiques are always worthwhile. They can make us better writers, help us further our analysis on some particular subject, and help us to get in the habit of thinking more critically. However, you simply seem to be caught up in some sort of celebrity worship, and I don't really know what to say about that, other than maybe, good luck?


Look here, you're still at base one cos you hate cops. And only I can get away with saying this because I have bashed 4 cops on 2 different occasions in the past, and in retrospect realised the actions required a context to be categorised as hate worthy. This is the crux of the reality, a cop rescuing a drowning or burning child is not hate-worthy, and this is why people must really be very careful about saying they are anarchists and about how they evaluate behavior, or how emotional commitment is an autonomous contract that is seperate from state interference. I don't really care for anything that does not first cleanse the corruption that lies within our own heads whether it be from instinctual or ideological indoctrination. As far as I'm concerned there are Pol Pots at Wall Mart walking around with their family who say they are anarchists, all twisted by their circumstance and ignorance, there are rapist snitching do-gooder anarchists that run their control freak family households like prison camps. I really feel for the innocents that have to endure these assholes, and occasionally I say serves the child-molester or control freak right for taking 4 38 cal rounds from a cop in the chest, cos sooner or later there's always a meaner more vicious asshole that balances the conduct ledger. The totality is diminished by genetically administered testesterone, wisdom and the memory of time can allow anyone to carry on a perpetual continuous revolution, only the nihilist like myself comprehends the non-eschatological end-play. I suggest you read more Nietzsche or Foucault, then you can transcend beyond the biker definition of 'anarchist'

This post gave me douchechills

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Best first step in reaching the "multitude" is to not use the word "multitude"

ahh I was so excited to distribute the shit out of the climate change essays in my area but then I saw Gelderloos use the phrase "NEW WORLD ORDER." Whyyyyyyy????

i want to comment solely on the use of shelley. yes! even if he was all talking shit on anarchists, i fucking love that stanza.

xoxo tsar

I love how many people think that "The Mask of Anarchy" is about anarchism when it is really referring to chaos (i.e. anarchy) created by the government.

Masque, not mask.

no, it's mask.

so I want to distribute all of these en mass. What do y'all think would be a safe way of making a shit ton of copies that isn't traceable?

you don't have to distribute them untraceably, you paranoid 14 year old.
but please, distro them, they are all excellent texts.

Well considering I live in a small city, where any public anarchist activity is 100% monitored by the police I would rather not be the public face of insurrectionary text calling for fucking arson.

Depending on your situation, it might not be a grand idea to be distributing a call to arson in some places, but doing anonymous distribution is going to limit who you can give it to and make impossible conversations about it, even if just to spark interest. It really is best to just distro it publicly; in metros, high schools, streets, markets, etc. But if you are unable to do that...

If you need to not be traceable, use torr to download the file and access the site, while on a public comp (library, school, internet cafe). Put it on a memory stick. Go to a public photocopying place and find a machine without surveillance cameras pointing in that direction. Wear a ball cap. Either fuck with the access code for free copies, or go to one of the stores where you pay at the counter and lie enormously about how many you made. Wear cotton gloves while touching anything distroed. This is for the uber paranoid.

The only conceivable way the pigs would know you are distributing this, unless you are under intense surveillance, is during the process of handing it out to people publicly. Also, probably the worst thing for getting your identity associated with it is more heat. For distribution, just get creative about how people stumble across it, slip it in newspapers and mailboxes, and just generally be a sneaky mother fucker. probably unnecessary.