Post-Left Anarcho-Autonomist: THE FILM!

  • Posted on: 28 October 2010
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td><a href="">VIEW FILM HERE: </a>

View the first definitive documentary on the post-left anarcho-autonomist tendency within the the U.S. anarchist milieu. This film has been submitted to the Sundance, Cannes, and Tribeca film festivals. If you like it please consider become a distributor. Also check out a excellent review of the film in this month's issue of "Art Forum."</td><td><img title="I like this critique from a real anarchist, doing real work" src="files/pictures/2010/hipster_kitty_meta.jpg"></td></tr></table><!--break-->

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The great thing about humorous fiction is that it allows you to rely on and promote stereotypical caricatures.
=Mister Grumpy

I think I finally understand most "post-left" writers because of this post. Thanks, Grumpy!

You're welcome. Without a trace of irony -- oh wait...
=Mister Grumpy

i like how theyre both parodies of their supposed "politics."

for the record, though: food not bombs sucks and so does critical mass.

back to the world series. GO RANGERS!

Well, the one clearly is a parody. The other, however, is dead on. Or is it the other way around?

either way, i'm totally gonna go to the premier, and fucking get that shit on laser disc...totes brah

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

man lately things are really HEATING UP in what remains of the milieu - first the ief and now this!!!


how is it to be done? video response to this video circulating in response to the original response.
click click

someone really failed at the caricature of the left anarchist here, just sayin'

i don't know any organized anarchists that do fnb, critical mass, summit protests religiously...


it's a joke!

they're both stereotypes of the "left anarchist" and "insurrectionary anarchist"

Which kind was just on the Daily Show?

the make total destroy kind.

Wait what? Link this shit!

wow, they're on top of that


how are they stereotypes? i'm in an anarchist-communist organization and a mere three or four years ago it was the insurrectionists who were hectoring us about not going wasting our time on useless street demos. now we're supposedly the ones advocating for that strategy? uhhhh no.

look up the definition for stereotypes. lol

you obviously don't fit the stereotype. most people don't.
that's why it's called a stereotype. it's an exaggeration



for the record:
MAKE TOTAL DESTROY is a slogan seen spraypainted all over the walls in Greece by anarchists. Anarchists who probably don't consider themselves as "insurrectionary" anarchists necessarily, likely left anarchists or anarcho-communists, but who none the less think MAKE TOTAL DESTROY is a good idea, because our society is fucked and autonomy must be fought for in the streets.


it's actually a really stupid slogan because most people who are not anarchists have no idea what the hell it means. it just makes it sound like anarchists are all about chaos and destruction and nothing else.

like the person who was on the daily show. why in the world would you make a sign saying make total destroy, which as the host mentioned, makes no sense (to everyone who isnt an anarchist.)

all your base are belong to us


Off the top of my head I can think of at least 5 better things to put on a sign.

The phrase came up in the meeting notes of Greek anarchists organizing against an IMF summit back in the day (I believe it was around 2005). One of the meeting goals was badly and hilariously translated to "make total destroy" when written in English.

Since then, it caught on as a sort of inside joke. As to why people still use it seriously or "ironically"... well, beats me.

An anecdote worth telling when someone uses the phrase to explain why they don't want to attend a summit mobilization in their own city.

Hello, I was there, and it dates to Genoa in 2001.

-old person

Oh ok, well I got it from this:

'"Make Total Destroy" is an old Anarchist in-joke referencing the mangled English and almost self-parodying militant image of the Greek Anarchists. (it references a line spoken at a spokescouncil for the 2001 IMF protests)'

Got the date wrong, but still, it's been around for a while...

anarchists aren't about chaos and destruction?

only the stupid primmies

and maybe the nihilists.

"Fuck Kropotkin, make total destroy!" *fart*

I think @news needs a "comedy" tag for posts. For fucks sake, even if it's bad humor it's obviously not a scathing criticism of this or that anarchist tendency.


The tag is "funny."

And "make total destroy" makes no sense to this anarchist. Even in my most nihilist moments it makes no sense.
=Mister Grumpy

how about make grumpy destroy?


Hell yes!
=Mister Grumpy

ADD is a serious mental disorder that must be dealt with


civilization is a serious disorder that must be dealt with

so I didn't realize there's a "funny" tag because of civilization? FUCK! WE MUST DEAL WITH IT!


I can't stand either character.

"I can't stand either character."

Agreed. I could only stand it for about two or three minutes. I wonder if a lot of anarchists are really like that (to whatever extent)? :/

real anarchists are worse.

I've met maybe one person who fits half the qualities of the "post-left" character.
they didn't have a phd, weren't a post-doc, or graduate...i don't think they even had a degree.
but they did read and write a lot...though they also got down to bizness and fucked shit up when the time came.

to be honest, i've met quite a handful of people who fit the "leftist" caricature. that was between 3-5 years ago though. i feel like they're dying out or chilling out about "building the rev" using leftist tactics...or maybe just getting jaded and cynical...heh. or "giving up" or "growing old"

or stopped wasting their time talking to people like you?


no, i still keep in touch. unlike you,
why haven't you called?

In real life, a lot of anarchists (from MANY different tendencies) are cool as shit.
Online, everyone's just a bag o' dicks.
Not to mention, most people I know DON'T even leave comments on threads, so, there's probably a lot of COINTELPRO shit going on. Don't stay on the internet TOO long, folks.

This can't be over-emphasized. The internet is not a community. Most people say shit at some point online that they would never say to someone's face because it is stupid, petty, or just plain needless venting. The internet will destroy us and make us assholes to people who would be our friends if we ever actually met them.

Note to self:

Get Dupont Chemical t-shirt.

lolz at alaric

when we are robots, will we have funerals?
if so what will they be?

cast iron birds stripping our wires?
as we hang in a power pole tree?

or cobalt coffins and a techno dirge?
or make total cremation today?
or hannah nirvana and the power surge?
and a computerized priest getting laid?

when we are robots, will we have funerals?

(oh, home on the radar range, where the anime anarchists play, where nary is heard, an encouraging word and we make total destroy all day)

ps: forcefully blicabla

True social paradigms don't evolve, they are a complete 'total destroy' of the preceding system. Where as the 'post-left' can only procede onwards into nihilistic deconstructed systems, the 'leftist' is still trapped in the old paradigm, hidden away in a crevice of the capitalist Weltenschuuam.

I love it when pretentious blowhards try to make points and end up mangling their language. This one made me laugh out loud.

Weltenschuuam... WTF?! I know it's supposed to be the German for "worldview" but that's Weltanschauung. Weltenschuuam would be translated as something like (but of course not exactly) "worlds on the shoe" if it actually existed.

Better luck next time.
=Mister Grumpy

This was tongue in cheek parody my friend, I use it often, to make my friends laugh. And why? So that I know who is on the ball around here. Congratulations Mister Grumpy, or to myself, I made you laugh,,,yet again! Oh, and luck is a superstitious fallacy that fate will not be random.

Perhaps you'll excuse me for refusing to believe that you deliberately misspelled Weltanschauung. With so many people not able to figure out the difference between its and it's, or between their, there, and they're, I remain highly skeptical that using borrowed philosophical terminology AND deliberately botching it is part of anyone's plan.
=Mister Grumpy

But the intention of spelling Weltanschauung incorrectly was the punchline to the irony. Misspellings of their, there and they're, or where and were are quintessentialy cases of ignorance. If I was ignorant of satirical nuance, would I most likely accidentally misspell Weltanschauung, and in such a way that the translation was an antipodean gist, from the mentality to the pedestrian. I think this has gone far enough, cheer up friend and be gone with your doubt, I know the english language well enough!

No chance dude, not in a million years.
=Mister Grumpy

All I can say is their will always be a place were no matter how much you explain you're self, you will be misunderstood.

Oh I understand you fine. I just don't believe you.

What I believe is that you made a mistake while trying to sound smarter than you are, and your strategy to save face was to say it was on purpose. You should have said nothing, which would have been fine; you're anonymous and nobody would have been the wiser. Instead you keep insisting that you are really just hyper-ironic with some species of "antipodean" nose-thumbing. Wholly unconvincing.
=Mister Grumpy

*Gasping and rolling eyes* If it was a matter of a misspelling of the german word meaning 'world mindset or consciousness', well even then my comment could be considered a sober unhumorous opinion that may cause debate, criticism or even hand-wringing anxiety from the weaker leftists, on the grounds of its nihilistic sentiment. But you even detoured from that analysis, and went straight to personal insult on the grounds of illiterate presumptuousness. How sad! In my defence I will say that if I could compact the existing capitalist Weltanschauung into a ball and kick it with my boot, we would have a weltanschauum event ( and a nihilistic one to boot, forgive the pun), but I suppose this is just too juxtapositional in its nuance within a satirical concept, in the context of the article for you to comprehend. And then this bland statement about anonymity, as if "you're anonymous and nobody would have been wiser". WTF! Are you assuming I should hide away and drop this insult and let you ride off into the sunset like the lone ranger, and I remain Tontö? And anyway, I sometimes choose to sign my name, and sometimes I don't, because my opinions attract alot of criticism and are often whack, and I couldn't be bothered dealing with asses, but I consider you above that, without putting you on a pedestal, you being above us all in your own mind! I SHALL CONTINUE TO PARODY EVERYTHING!

There is no arguing with the all-knowing One. M Grumpy RULES!

The very fact that you are unable to reproduce the original misspelling of the German word is an indication of one of two possibilities.
1. That you are not the same person who initially wrote the post in question and so are a fraud who enjoys the allure of multiple personality disorder, or
2. You are so foolish that you can't be bothered to adhere to a minimal coherence in your alleged parody.

But go ahead and keep trying. Somebody other than you might begin to find you amusing.
=Mister Grumpy

That was just a typo, I also drop " I " alot. But I AM the original poster, and many people got a laugh from my parody, which I am still willing to admit is nowhere near as good as the film, the post-modern character's language of which I was mimicking.
And you keep on trying yourself to ridicule everyone, at least I made you laugh, you can't take that away from me!

I try to keep my ridiculing directed at self-important windbags who pretend to be smarter (or in your case, more ironic) than you actually are -- at least in writing.

Yes, you made me laugh. It was the funniest misspelling of Weltanshauung I'd ever seen. The problem with your constant assertion of deliberate cleverness and comedy is that the only time you were actually funny it was unintentional.

If not being funny when you're trying to be funny is painful, then being funny when you're not trying to be funny is pathetic; we're supposed to feel sorry for buffoons.
=Mister Grumpy

FOOL, n. A person who pervades the domain of intellectual speculation and diffuses himself through the channels of moral activity. He is omnific, omniform, omnipercipient, omniscience, omnipotent. He it was who invented letters, printing, the railroad, the steamboat, the telegraph, the platitude and the circle of the sciences. He created patriotism and taught the nations war—founded theology, philosophy, law, medicine and Chicago. He established monarchical and republican government. He is from everlasting to everlasting—such as creation's dawn beheld he fooleth now. In the morning of time he sang upon primitive hills, and in the noonday of existence headed the procession of being. His grandmotherly hand was warmly tucked-in the set sun of civilization, and in the twilight he prepares Man's evening meal of milk-and-morality and turns down the covers of the universal grave. And after the rest of us shall have retired for the night of eternal oblivion he will sit up to write a history of human civilization.

Oh, I had moved on, but now have support, those who recognise good satire, and that Mr. Grumpy's ego is of a Brobdingnagian proportion!

I'm glad you looked that one up before you posted.
=Mister Grumpy

Umm no! Swift happens to be one of my favourite writers, along with Juvenal and Balzac, you should try reading them, you may learn to appreciate satire, that it requires an abstract visualisation, not precise work-shop manual grammar.

I fully appreciate -- and enjoy -- satire. The problem is that my appreciation only extends to *excellent* satire. Inferior and/or failed satire is merely embarrassing. I'm a fan of Swift, Wilde, Bierce, Twain, and Mencken. It's also why I appreciate the writings of Bob Black.

Workshop is a whole word; no need for the hyphen.
=Mister Grumpy

PS For an excellent recent satire (although not meant exclusively as one I'm sure) I recommend "Why I am Not a Scientist" by Jonathan Marks.

Unfortunately I have a penchance to burn dictionaries or encyclopedias, I find them boring and too strict. I am not a primitivist, I just abhor accuracy. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll give Marks a read.

I was thinking weltenschaum, worlds foam

I was also prepared for this translation, either way, 'world's foam' or 'world on shoe' were accomodated within my irony, nothing was lost, any antipodeal environment is ripe to make satire out of, as Swift demonstrated in his 'Gulliver's Travels'.

this video is fucking stupid. stop it.

Please, more vids of roasting pro-situ assholes. If I have to sit through one more herb puking meaningless word-soup into bowl and serving it up as "anarchism" - I'm going to shit my pants.

Anarchism is the omnipresent rupture inherent in the subjectivity of civilization's ontological relationship to itself. The chaotic sand-dunes will be left after the mountain of the State is imploded by this dialectic contradiction at the heart of homo-techne totality!

Did you shit your pants?


I did. I have boxers filled with stinking awesome now.

fuck yeah. you freestyle that shit?

Sprayed mud, brah.


I don't know about Dupont...but
none of the Tiqqun/Invisible Committee/etc shit
claims to be serving up anarchism...

shit yer pants yet?

These awesomes did:

(no, this wasn't moderated - I actually wrote "awesomes")


jesus, i saw that shit and simp.

i don't just shit i always have to pee
it's like what this thread is doin' to me
i can't stop readin', it's like sex with my aunts
but every new comment makes me shit in my pants

captcha: office Wifectis (wtf, mate?)

Wow, people are still making these xtranormal videos? They were REALLY funny when they first came out, imagine how funny they are now!

shit, i must be old, i never seen one before.

I am young, but of a miserable, fin de siecle disposition. I also like The Smiths.

Hmmm... Do you think that somewhere in between these two characters lies a balanced and intelligent human being with a desire for freedom that they can begin to attempt to tangibly bring about? Or is there just another pardody of a heady asshole?

This is hilarious.
An anarchist with a sense of humor? Marry me.*

(*some freedoms apply)