Dozens of raids as new investigation against anarchists begins (Italy)

  • Posted on: 6 April 2011
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">325</a> April 6th, 2011

<em>(submitters note) Breaking news from the mainstream media, treat with caution</em>

The Digos, the Italian political police, in the city of Bologna, have executed an operation investigating frequent visitors to the Bologna activist circle ‘Fuoriluogo’. The provision for the operation was decided by the prosecutor of Bologna within an inquiry carried out by the Bologna Digos.

Whilst this morning, more than 300 police have carried out searches in Bologna, Ferrara, Modena, Rome, Padova, Trento, Reggio Calabria, Ancona, Turin, Lecce, Naples, Trieste, Genoa, Teramo, Forli, Ravenna and Milan. The comrades under investigation are accused of belonging to a ‘subversive association for criminal intent’. 60 searches are reported, resulting, so far, in 12 people under precautionary measures and one arrest according to media.</td><td><img title="pay close attention friends..." src="files/pictures/2011/child_ufo.jpg"></td></tr></table><!--break-->

The immense operation in all Italy regards ‘anarcho-insurrectionalist’ militants in the typical jargon of the press. In addition, the indication regarding an anarchist link in relation to the attack perpetrated against <a href=" Bologna on 29 March 2011</a> is reported by the mainstream media as being used by the Digos as a pretext for the Bologna repression wave. The oil company was attacked with multiple incendiary devices and despite no claim or ‘evidence’ being found, the Digos are trying to link it to another attack in the week prior, against IBM’s offices in Bologna, which was claimed by the Earth Liberation Front (ELF).

More clear news to follow from the comrades there…


Can we call it something other than 'the mainstream media' please?

yeah, unless Sarah Palin tweets it, it's all LAMEstream media to me

raided for militaristic elitism and contempt for the victim?


probably not.