About Us

About Us

The goal of anarchistnews.org is to provide a non-sectarian source for news about and of concern to anarchists. It is also to provide a location for community moderated discussion about such news. The website has been online since 2004 in various incarnations. We can be reached via email at:

thecollective [at] anarchistnews [dot] org

About thecollective

We are a bite-size group of people who agree on many things, including the importance of humor; looking at actions (our own as well as others') with history, context, and imagination; the complicated and contradictory role of technology on human relations; and a desire for a vibrant and diverse anarchy. We will do our best to leave our egos out of the mix in moderating anews, but we also don't expect people to like all (some of you won't even like most) of the decisions we make and that is certainly not our criteria.

About moderation

Posts will be deleted when they do any of the following: consist of single words or empty affirmation or accusation (eg: "this", "this is great!", "boring", etc) especially when the poster is not logged in; meaningless shit talking of this website; posts that are flamebait (yes, this is a judgement call); talking shit to another poster without actual content (eg: "You suck, idiot" will be removed but not--for example--"Comparing nihilists to literary figures is idiotically simplistic"). In the rare case of a post that is sufficiently worthwhile and yet has distracting and stupid words in it, we might edit those words out in order to keep the benefit of the good part, but in general we think that tone is part of the message, and are more likely to just remove it entirely.

Additionally, in our infinite and arcane wisdom, we may choose to edit comments/comment threads that use the legal name of Anarchist authors and actors should they fall inside (inevitably subjective) parameters.

About the TOTW

We are open to guest writers and suggestions for future topics of the week. Please send us an email.

About "anarchism"

We recognize that there are many different definitions of anarchism out there, as well as many different kinds of people who call themselves anarchist. We do not seek to promote one uniform definition of anarchism, but we do have some broad outlines for what we think fits inside that term. For starters, we consider anarchism to be an outlook that is fundamentally opposed to the existence of capitalism and the state, regardless of what forms they may take. One may also go further and say that anarchism is opposed to all forms of social hierarchy, authority and/or domination. And to be more specific, anarchism in our eyes does NOT include "anarcho-capitalism" or "national anarchism".


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