Episode 91 – Bellamy on Corrosive Consciousness

  • Posted on: 15 January 2019
  • By: anon (not verified)

From The Brilliant

Getting specific is part of what Season 4 of The Brilliant podcast is about. Specifics about what a green perspective is (this conversation with BF is about the book Corrosive Consciousness). Specific about what different projects of dialogic anarchist practice looks like (namely an announcement for our new project Anarchy Bang https://anarchybang.com/ and, of course, this podcast). For my first The Brilliant conversation in 2019 I sit with Bellamy and talk about what he intended to do with his book Corrosive Consciousness, talk about what was done well (the argumentation) and what wasn’t (the tone) and the disingenous politicking that resulted once John Zerzan got ahold of the book and presented it on his bully pulpit.

I was upset that the book was undermined, this is the full story of how, what, and why that happened. An interesting test case of what politics look like in the anti-political milieu and what bad faith looks like in practice. We also get the skinny on leaf-cutter ants which I can’t get enough of.


11 January, 2019

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