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On Love

Isn't it sweet that young anarchists, so in enraptured by anarchism, seek the council of other anarchists in matters regarding love? Have we come to raise one another? What does this mean in the internet age? What role do parents play when the children are raised by screens? And how best to approach the questions of young anarchists, atomized as they are?

Those are my questions. But I am also here to ask questions posed to me by a young anarchist.

On Romanitic Love

Can someone in an anarchist mindspace really love a regular person (well more like can they coexist)?
and what problems come from dating anarchists?
and what problems come form dating normies?

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Love is a distraction. Media

Love is a distraction. Media implants us with pipe dreams of read and pink to have us chase some bullshit dream, rather than destroy the state. As for my relationships in life, all pale in comparison to my true love of anarchy.

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Love is of course a marketing

Love is of course a marketing stunt for people to confine themselves in private relationships so they (usually the normie boyfriend stereotypes) gotta get a new car every two years (for love) and eventually make babies.

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in terms of raising one

in terms of raising one another, peers have always had/will always have a great influence growing up

the rest of the questions, i can avoid

maybe try in anarchy 101, or watch anarcho agony aunts vids (their advice is meh but innocuous, maybe it’ll make you bored of your concerns and not mind them anymore. they seem nice tho, and second opinions are sometimes useful even if u dont agree, hearing the reasoning and thinking process out loud and the back and forth)

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"So, as I see it,

"So, as I see it, voluptuousness, excess, squandering generosity, immediacy, gratuitousness and playfulness are keys to rediscovering (or rather re-creating) creativity in an anarchist manner. There is no place here for renunciation or self-denial. Thus, the critique that grows from this attitude asks, 'Can I make this activity, relationship, tool or toy my own or is it a barrier to my expansive creation and enjoyment of life?' If the former, I will grasp it as part of the expansive wealth of insurgent self-creative living, always seeking to push it beyond itself, as I push myself beyond myself. If the latter I will attack it with the aim of destroying it, recognizing it for the prison that it is."

-Wolfi Landsteicher "Desire Armed: Anarchy and the Creative Impulse"

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love = solidarity

love = solidarity

love trumps hate

garbage disposal unit > love


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One word, Benjamin


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do farts romanticize?

do farts romanticize?

like the noisy short trumpet-like staccato farts in specific.
i feel great affinity with these farts, they succinctly summarize my life.

Le Way
Love for me is not about the

Love for me is not about the emotional sexual relationships which dominate the plebian interpretation of any instinctual rapturous relationship, rather, it is for me the holistic appraisal of the aesthetic epiphanies which accompany any creative meeting of minds. Certainly some of these can lead to playful sensual interaction, but there has to be an overwhelming intuitive impulse for me to consummate any venereal desires.
For those who have been around on this site the last 8 yrs or so, you would be familiar with my earlier attempts to introduce these ideas with extracts from my Creative Aesthetic Insurgency essay, which I put the lid on after it attracted derisive negative feedback from leftist syndicalists and unionist libertarianhs back then.