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Will JZ talk about mass shootings? Tune in to find out!

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"hottest july in history" - jz

ice melt accelerating

ria, caller. (live tweeting jz show)

"i guess i'm old school, i still call myself an anarchist" - in response to ria ip question, ramble.

how does GA relate to IP?

industrial society and it's future - very good - JZ... although...

2020... been describing the case.

what was your personal decision?

"what's that about?" overarching isssue?

ria, nice caller.

YEET, now we're talking

TWEET, birdsong. don't worry ANEWS gotcha back

i'm sorry everyone - you're right, this is dumb. but we're also live tweeting jz anarchy radio, which is rare

what this seems to be is... applying gawd is ded to our culture. - put it all on nietz, or on nihilism.... that aspect, drain, so important,,, post-modernist is base of tech. well spring. forms, amazing book. book?

"our leftist friends over there"

now we are talking NBA. go blazers. go KNICKS!

okay, nm back to shootings.

the decline and fall of the city due to the bores

ohhhh maaan

and btw, yellow vests, it's still on. quite a lot.and Moscow


ohhhhh boooyyyyy

eve of most massive wild fire season yet...

cut dah power to CA? shizzle

algae blooms

landscape of stumps. a field of stumps. amazon. forests. bellamy. forest gardens. ads.

- thecollective_1.8

John has asked you not to post these here. you make fun of his show regularly on the anews podcast, how about you stop posting it here. he doesn't support this site.

no u

As plenty of people have already said, a podcast/radio show is basically public so complaining that one particular website links to it is absurd. JZ has been a self-parody for more than a decade (close to two), and his annoyance at @news is a huge part of that. Semi-celebrity status doesn’t confer executive privilege over someone’s else’s projects.

I don't know why JZ hates Pomo nihilists sooo much, they would make great primitivists or doomsday preppers if you gave them bows and arrows. But I suppose primitivist praxis is impossible to realistically pursue, sort of like Doomsday Prepper practise runs every weekend with a functioning thriving metropolis just over the hill in the next valley, and cheerful fully equipped hikers walking past the besieged anger ridden drunken primitivists in their leaking bark and leaf shelters. Very awkward.

i don’t know, it’s not as awkward, plenty of space and alcohol between them

room enough for everyone

But then the ugly alcohol fueled ideology arguments will start, 'bout plastic water bottles and polycarbonate tent poles, smallpox vaccinations, about the caribou corpse roasting on the spit, about the razor sharp axe to chop the firewood with etc etc,

I can start a fire with 2 pieces of wood,if one is long cylindrical hardwood. That's a 1 in 5000 skill you never hear about! I could cause some serious drama for a major predator like a mountain lion or bear with my katana, but I would rather use stealth and guile and escape any confrontation, they are beautiful animals. Now I'm just an individual with anarch independence and self-reliance, I use whatever is available.

your underlying point is valid, but you’re indeed silly and wonky

Just angry at all the negative doom and gloom proje ted from @ Radio, I'd like more tech-tolerance and less pompous ethics.

Tech tolerance? It is tech-tolerance that is burning up the planet.It is tech-tolerance that disfigures so many social relationships. It is tech-tolerance that often leads to social isolation.

Sorry H, I should have been more elaborate, but I was sooo angry at the time I snapped back. Basic steam trains and steel forging was what I meant by tech-tolerant, nothing that requires a division of labor to produce, but by a family of artisans.

I accept your graceful apology, I don't have a problem with early 19 Century technology, it certainly saved a majority of people the cost and drudgery of long distance travel to visit loved ones.

Wow, that doesn't happen much around here, thanks for being considerate and decent, I know I can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but thanks for taking the time to reply ;)

Who is this second H? I'm the H who commented about tech-tolerance. I am not the H who said anything about an apology or about nineteenth century technology. What the hell is going on at ANEWS?

Its a troll who takes great pleasure in confusing any folk who begin conversations with me. I have my suspicions but shan't mention in names.

we don't want to wake the troll

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