A coming realignment of leftism humanism and environmentalism

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A coming realignment of leftism humanism and environmentalism


There's some good food for thought discussion in the above link by John Michael Greer. What interests me is where does anarchism fit structurally in what is an obvious coming discursive realignment. Certain accounts relating to the core values of humanism, ecology will have to be squared within the big circle A. There is an undeniable conservatism in environmental ideology which is adrift of anarchism more leftist associated values. Green ideology could become more of a rightist thing in this coming realignment.

This gets to my idea for a new 21st century blue ecology that is beyond the traditional green associated discourse but also not trapped within humanism and part of a world societal drive.

Le Way
With the emergence of a new

With the emergence of a new faction called indigenous anarchism, identity politics has made evaluating individual values confusing, in fact, the ability for a child to attain self-awareness has been further hindered by political and cultural brainwashing. I would rather call this tendency post-indigenous environmentalism, because there exists within the multi-faceted global indigenous cultures which number in the thousands, a rivalry between traditionalists and neo-liberal assimilationists, not to mention the traditional assimilationists under the X-tian missionary umbrella.
A more simple way to divide the factions and ideologies would be as -->
1)Traditional tribalists, religionists, including those with monarchist feudal systems of land ownership totalitarian.
2)Mercantile capital monopolists including elite owners, their managers and workers such as communist, capitalist, socialist democratic discrete totalitarian.
3)Primitivists, anarchists, nihilists, ancaps, and other strange blends of 1) and 2) in various outrageous proportions.
4)Stirnerians, living as overmen, above all of the 1) 2) and 3), having stripped away all of the spooks to reveal the archetypal values of proto-indigenous, as agnostic before the toxic influence of mythological lies corrupted the unique individual into the cowering superstitious slave to political/religious power.

Only 4)s have no attachment to territory, akin to a very small group of godless nomadic tribes approaching extinction, all others, thè 1) 2) and 3) have either sentimental or economic ownership for the reason of having security and power to support their own weakness and anxiety. These psychological flaws are acquired by cultural indoctrination, though some scientists are suggesting the existence of a herd gene, which I seriously doubt exists.
The Green scare is a reflexive populist movement in a binary dispute with the Other anxiety ridden populace fearing a global climate catastrophe, for which there is no conclusive extrapolation that follows logical empirical investigation. I could go into a long discussion about chlorophyl density in a biosphere rich in carbon dioxide and the increase in oxygen production and foliage vegetation growth, but I am sooo weary of arguing with the naysayers and doomsters that I abscond from these confrontations.

anon (not verified)
Have you finished yet?

Have you finished yet?

To take on your 4 points

I largely agree though I would point out that top down monopolization may give way to cybernetic managerialism in the future. I can even see a controlled demonopolization to satiate the new emerging creative minority within social media who need a break from classical copyright laws rules and regulations. It won't be demonopolization as Tucker imagined it(certainly not land) but I can see things like ip and money being loosened in the future though there will still be a perennial monopoly process as it is integral to all states. I also prefer to use the term archaicism or archaic anarchy as indigenous is an unspecific term which has partly been taken up by politicos and politicians who I share no affinity with.

Number 3 can really only niche off and against 1 and 2 and 4 find most relationships with 3. I like to think of the character Namgoong Minsu of Snowpiercer as a great archetypal example of the Egoist who gets his and has his attachments and addictions but waits for that opportune moment to strike. Being an anarchic epicurian Tsuji Jun can suffice in a world of civilized totality. 4 is really societapathic or asocietal which is what pure distilled anarchic orientation requires everything else is just the deep memes and dreams of society which will always require some type of system of control and reified collective anchoring.

Le Way
Yes, well said concerning the

Yes, well said concerning the cybernetic reclamation of monopolized capital. I'm a very Namgoong Minsu type character myself, say no more, and your mention of the exquisite Tsuji Jun has reinvigorated my individualist yen, thx.

anon (not verified)
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