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anon (not verified)
Together we are strong/help needed
anon (not verified)
You're asking for money to

You're asking for money to help you colonize slab city?
To install a franchise of anacho-communism TM under your leadership?
This joke is offensive. It could've been funny, but it's not.

I(I) I(I) I(I)

Ain't gonna run slab city.

anon (not verified)
Aren't Workerists supposed to

Aren't Workerists supposed to work, work, work to achieve their ends? This is indeed a bad joke, but I' also afraid this might be serious, from some newbie anarcho-leftist. NA Ancoms lost touch with reality back in 2005 or something. Everything that followed got stuck in this broken wheel suspended up in the sky..

Robin H. (not verified)
Not a joke

I am dead serious about this. I’m not going to “run” slab city. An anarchist society isn’t run by anyone it is organized by all. Instead of ranting and raving on the internet I’m going to try to actually do something to progress anarchy.

anon (not verified)
best of luck to you.

best of luck to you.
remember to stay hydrated.
make water sourcing, saving and purifying one of your priorities.
stay in the shade, but get your daily dose of vitamin d.
look into compost toilets.

Oh silly anarchist youngling

Don't you understand that anarchy in its distilled essence is the negation of organization.

Robin H. (not verified)

Where are you getting your definition of anarchy from? According to Alexander Berkman consensual cooperative organization is anarchy, in other words working together as brothers so that we are all safe, have what we want/need, and are free from compulsion. Anarchy is the abolition of compulsion by authority/government. Not the abolition of brotherhood.

anon (not verified)
Brothers? Seriously?

Brothers? Seriously?

anon (not verified)
ni dieu ni mmaître, sans mère

ni dieu ni mmaître, sans mère; nous ne pouvons pas être frères

Robin H. (not verified)
Yes brothers.

“What is it that every one wants most in life? What do you want most?

After all, we are all the same under our skins. Whoever you be — man or woman, rich or poor, aristocrat or tramp, white, yellow, red or black, of whatever land, nationality, or religion — we are all alike in feeling cold and hunger, love and hate; we all fear disaster and disease, and try to keep away from harm and death.

What you most want out of life, what you fear most, that also is true, in the main, of your neighbor.

Learned men have written big books, many of them, on sociology, psychology, and many other ‘ologies’, to tell you what you want, but no two of those books ever agree. And yet I think that you know very well without them what you want.

They have studied and written and speculated so much about this, for them so difficult a question, that you, the individual, have become entirely lost in their philosophies. And they have at last come to the conclusion that you, my friend, don’t count at all. What’s important, they say, is not you, but ‘the whole’, all the people together. This ‘whole’ they call ‘society’, ‘the commonwealth’, or ‘the State’, and the wiseacres have actually decided that it makes no difference if you, the individual, are miserable so long as ‘society’ is all right. Somehow they forget to explain how ‘society’ or ‘the whole’ can be all right if the single members of it are wretched.

So they go on spinning their philosophic webs and producing thick volumes to find out where you really enter in the scheme of things called life, and what you really want.

But you yourself know very well what you want, and so does your neighbor.

You want to be well and healthy; you want to be free, to serve no master, to crawl and humiliate yourself before no man; you want to have well-being for yourself, your family, and those near and dear to you. And not to be harassed and worried by the fear of to-morrow.

You may feel sure that every one else wants the same. So the whole matter seems to stand this way:

You want health, liberty, and well-being. Every one is like yourself in this respect.

Therefore we all seek the same thing in life.

Then why should we not all seek it together, by joint effort, helping each other in it?

Why should we cheat and rob, kill and murder each other, if we all seek the same thing? Aren’t you entitled to the things you want as well as the next man?

Or is it that we can secure our health, liberty, and well-being better by fighting and slaughtering each other?

Or because there is no other way?

Let us look into this.

Does it not stand to reason that if we all want the same thing in life, if we have the same aim, then our interests must also be the same? In that case we should live like brothers, in peace and friendship; we should be good to each other, and help each other all we can.

But you know that it is not at all that way in life. You know that we do not live like brothers. You know that the world is full of strife and war, of misery, injustice, and wrong, of crime, poverty, and oppression.

Why is it that way then?

It is because, though we all have the same aim in life, our interests are different. It is this that makes all the trouble in the world.” The ABC of anarchist communism by Alexander Berkman.

Ben Shapiro (not verified)
Oh i see, you want to start a

Oh i see, you want to start a cult and the anarcho-commie workers paradise HQ will be somewhere in the "Murica Frontier." Brothers unite and Naruto run to paradise.

Why don't you hop trains to get where you want to go instead of begging people on here for money to start your anarcho-commie utopia?

anon (not verified)
you've obviously never been

you've obviously never been to slab city if you think you are serious. i have. do a bit more research.

Robin H. (not verified)
God forbid right?

God forbid I ask my fellow brothers for help in trying to make our world a better place for all. I have done plenty of research on slab city, it is perfect for my plan. But thank you for the concern.

anon (not verified)
Hello brothers!

Hello brothers!

I too am new here but please give to me solidarity too because I have plans to travel to Exarcheia, which is in Greece (the birthplace of Anarchy), and reorganize the squats into my (highly-modified) Bolo'Bolo-like vision. I am certain that if they put into practice my vision that I've spent literal weeks on then we will achieve worldwide Full Communism, that beautiful dream all Anarchist brothers dream of (You can learn more about anarchist dreams on The Anarchist Library, a free resource for Anarchists!).

Once I've established my headquarters in Exarcheia donors will be sent PDF copies of the PowerPoint presentation I use to show at the first mandatory assembly. Repeat donors will get a special shout-out AT subsequent assemblies! Any extras will go toward teaching the Exarcheians Esperanto, which as my research has shown, is the language of Anarchy. Saluton!

Solidarity can be achieved at: $

Together we can do this!

anon (not verified)
My issue is that “brothers”

My issue is that “brothers” is not inclusive of all genders but reinforces patriarchal heteronormativity. Language is important.

squibs (not verified)
well fare de well dear

well fare de well dear brother fare de well. bretheren and sistren alike dear brother but you dont wont to be give your sister a goering now to do we dear brother tho im sure many a fair face would be more then welcome to live the life as wear sister ahahah
the only problem of wat i sees of it would be weed all be speaking like proper nadsat wrongens in a fortnight if we were to enbarck on the harkships of brethern dont we think ~ ahahahh

Bushwick Bill (not verified)

I thought we were supposed to call each other comrades. Gosh! Dude bro you sound extremely naive if you actually believe you'll be able to establish and lead an anarchist communist city in the middle of a desert. Why do you believe your idea of creating a communist city in the desert is remotely plausible? Are you expecting the people in slab city to just fall in line with you? Care to elaborate on what your mater plan is?

You don't seem to have a firm grasp on anarchism besides the gospel of Alexander Berkman you copy pasta above. Why don't you try to do a project that's on a much smaller scale and at least somewhat realistic instead. You cant really establish a communist city within capitalism, nor a self-sustaining city in the middle of the desert.

This has to be a joke, right?

anon (not verified)
"You cant really establish a communist city within capitalism"

Wrong! You can.

It was Occupy... ;-P

Le Way? (not verified)
The inhabitants of slab city

The inhabitants of slab city are disgusting burnt-out relics of the broken American Dream narrative, who claim to be individuals, but actually all grovel together in psuedo-eccentric attempts to be original and creative, but are actuaĺly all predictable boring addicts and cerebral philistines.
This will be deleted because stuff,,,,,,,

anon (not verified)
"because stuff.."

Not exactly that. Because you're a shit stain that sticks AND stinks more than my recipe of expanding shit foam for cops.

Le Way? (not verified)
Slab City is full of fences

Slab City is full of fences and signs saying " trespassers will be shot". Its just like any other outpost of capitalist values and relationships at an impoverished level. If the fences were gone, I'd be more agreeable to their version or an autonomous zone, but I just don't see the roots for that thing to grow out off.
This also may be deleted cos stuff,,,,

Le Way? (not verified)
Also, if my Stirnerian clan

Also, if my Stirnerian clan by chance came across social structures such as Slab City, the fences would randomly by chance get torn out and dragged behind on the piratical grappling hooks of our nomadic cleansing machines leaving in their wake the scurrying rats of recuperated capitalism! Deleted soon cos,,,,,

anon (not verified)
So elderly boomer hipsters

So elderly boomer hipsters hooked on heroin/fentanyl?

This message won't self-destruct but if it does then fuck it and blame it on Chuckie. Dead heads and barbecued broke legs mmm.. cake mix.

Robin H. (not verified)
Master plan

I’ll try to keep it short and sweet, I intend to first get a place to reside. After that I intend to convince those who want a better life to join and help me install a few large ram pumps that feed from either canal (yes I know men with guns will show up and try to stop this saying we are stealing the water but that’s a different debate.) and fill a water tower that the town can use for running water. After the water tower is installed I intend have those who helped before help to build a few water wheels that will be used to provide the town with electricity. Only those who help build the water tower and wheel will have running water and electricity. Once the town has running water and electricity I’ll invite proletarians from around the world to join us and help us build a better life for themselves. A life free from oppression, a life with justice and liberty for all, a life where all are equal.

Anything helps.

anon (not verified)
"Only those who help build

"Only those who help build the water tower and wheel will have running water and electricity. "

My bad... Zoomers got such a warped vision of "community".

It's like resource politics 101; once your system is set up and working (assuming it ever will) only your elite crowd of coop entrepreneurs will have access to it, hence... BANG! private property reproduced.

Anarchy? Oh yeah that... We'll talk about it at the 2020 Slab City Anarchist Bookfair.

anon (not verified)
make that desert wet, boy!

make that desert wet, boy!
your only importance in existence is as a vector of moisture.
dryness is the enemy.
nourish life with sweet water, even if it's all for nothing.
life will thank you, water will thank you.
sweet sweet water, falling on dry ground.
most will say it's a waste, but not the sweet little life that gets that sweet sweet moisture.
they will flourish in its presence, then perish in its absence.
carry water, boy.
water, boy.
water boy.

Bushwick Bill (not verified)
You do know Slab City doesn't

You do know Slab City doesn't have any type of infrastructure for a water supply system, right? There aren't any networks of pipes for water distribution, nor are there sewers. Water towers are used to provide enough pressure to deliver water to homes in cases there's a problem or emergencies. You need a water supply infrastructure for a water tower to be of any use. So better get to used to digging and scavenging materials to build the water supply infrastructure before you try to erect this water tower. You're gonna need to be good at the maths to determine the proper height this water tower should be to provide sufficient water pressure for it to work.

Where do you think you're gonna get the materials to attempt to fulfill your master plan? Scavenging or scrappin for metal? Mining? How do you think you'll build this 80 foot high water tower? With duct tape and gorilla glue? Where's the labor to build all this shit gonna come from? You alone or do you think people will be down for doing some hard labor in the desert for a vague assertion of a better life? A water wheel in an aqueduct that's for irrigation won't generate much electricity.

So, wait, only the people that helped build the water tower and wheel will have access to the water. So you'd have a water police enforcing this rule that if a person doesn't submit to hard labor in +100f° weather then no water for them. Man, this sounds like it's gonna be an anarcho-communist paradise where all are equal and free from oppression! AwEsOmE! There's gonna be a crazy amount of proles flocking in like seagulls to get a space in this future community. I can see it now. It's gonna be insane!

anon (not verified)
I'm pretty sure this ancom

I'm pretty sure this ancom above will use the Force powers given to him by Berkman style libertarian communism to self-manage the workers around so that they build this anarchist utopia from scratch, and out of scrap metal and other recycled waste. This gives me a weird flashback from 2003 dunno whyyy.

anon (not verified)
"men with guns will show up

"men with guns will show up and try to stop this saying we are stealing the water but that’s a different debate"

you clearly have no clue about water in the desert southwest. i lived there for over 15 years.

1. running water is overrated and hugely wasteful. and completely unnecessary (unless you are reproducing mass civilized society).
2. the real water wars started over 10 years ago in the southwest. ranchers defended "their" water from the government when they wanted to divert water to entice intel and other high tech firms (huge water wasters) to the area. and i mean, DEFENDED. your commie dream doesn't stand a chance.
3. reproducing YOUR dream in a place where people have already established a way of life that works for them, without them involved and desiring it, is an imposition and completely unanarchistic.
4. watch the movie "off the grid: life on the mesa". you will see that people who have dropped out that far do not WANT your help creating their lives. they have figured it out, to the extend they desire to.

look, everyone that hates modern human society has desired some version of what you desire.

my suggestion to you is to drop the grandiose ideas of creating utopia that "everyone" will desire to be a part of. it don't work that way in the real world. instead, decide what you want YOUR life to be, independent of anyone else other than your known and trusted allies (who want the same life), and get started creating it. if that life includes or requires more than that, you probably want to rethink it if you are going to realize it.

think mass (if you must). act individual.

anon (not verified)
hey kid, why not do your plan

hey kid, why not do your plan somewhere that already has water? that way you can skip the tower part.
go visit anarchosaurus’ spot.
the place mentioned in the raps, with the long acronym.
it’s a lush garden, not a desert.

anon (not verified)
Sounds like its all about the

Sounds like its all about the classic (white) American dream of “free” land

anon (not verified)
the american dream is not of

the american dream is not of free land, it is of having enough money/power to OWN that land. along with the 2 cars, vacation houses, jetting around the planet to make the world a better place, etc.

Robin H. (not verified)
I guess I should just give up huh?

I guess I should just give up huh?

anon (not verified)
that's not what Rick Astley

that's not what Rick Astley says

anon (not verified)
give up? no. adjust your

give up? no. adjust your plans and expectations? yep. reality can be a really cold hard slap in the face.

anon (not verified)
A shift away from the Astleyan paradigm is

what's needed. You don't have to give someone up when there is no commitment to give IN to them.

anon (not verified)
"give up ON someone" sorry,

"give up ON someone" sorry, typo.

anon (not verified)
if you somehow get 2000$ from

if you somehow get 2000$ from this gofundme, you suould just buy the ppl in slab city 2000$ worth of beer. will probably be a better time than showing up and trying to force them to engage in yer ludicrous construction project

Robin H. (not verified)
Been here about a week and 1/2

I’ve been living in slab city for about a week and a half now. There are plenty of people who want to get together for mutual protect, so many that there is a safety meeting this month to decide how we are going to handle all the thiefs. I would say that that is a good step in the right direction don’t you think? Reality can be a cold hard slap to the face, I hope you all remember not helping me when things start to really kick off. The snow birds should show up any day now, there are plenty of people here who’s life’s would be improved by working together as brothers, this place just needs a little organization. Thank you all for your time, I apologize for not responding often. I have been having a hard toning getting money for gas, the nearest WiFi being 10 miles away. The Internet cafe is no longer providing WiFi.

Manuel Venator (not verified)
You seem like you have a

You seem like you have a messiah complex

Le Way? (not verified)
I warned you!! If the

I warned you!! If the Stirnerian nomadic cleansing machine had been around, you would not be having these problems!!
You have only reproduced a bankrupt capitalist refuge!

Robin H. (not verified)

Have been having a hard time*

anon (not verified)
I'm really curious for an

I'm really curious for an update on this project.

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