A diverging line of pursuit in insurgent studies

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A diverging line of pursuit in insurgent studies

A book (Master's Tools), a short lived journal (2 issues of Insurgencies) and a short lived think tank (the Institute for the Study of Insurgent Warfare).

Then listen to Tom Nomad's regular (i think) segment on the last third of the show:

There's some interest, but it seems to me that the broader discussion of national and international policy and political trends leaves little room for the other considerations that held my interest in the earlier works mentioned above.
There was a drift from material specificity of engagements, towards philosophical abstraction, and pedestrian political analysis.
Is there anyone interested, and sadly it must be asked, qualified to pursue the line of inquiry that was left orphaned by the initial efforts of those involved in the projects mentioned? Must @ peeps interested in insurgent warfare refer to Mao and Che, or can anyone or has anyone filled that niche in more recent times?

Similarly, we can see a Peter Gerderloos drift toward a more removed historical speculative writing, and macro-trend forecasting, when his first texts were more grounded.

Articles like these (https://anarchistnews.org/content/usa-property-destruction-not-enough) also prompt the question.

Talk of insurrection has spread mainly as vacuous texts of French affected rhetoric, poetic self-aggrandizing communiques.

Is this trend due to the practice being a dead end, the topic not having an audience, or a lack of interested and capable authors?

Just something I'd like to hear people's opinion on the forum. What makes you disinterested in the topic? Why do you find it irrelevant to your life?

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This liberal podcast has more

This liberal podcast has more useful info in this subject than most anarchist podcasts put together, and is monetized because of being liberal. So is it the rhetoric that gets you in trouble and not the dangerous useable info?

just state things matter if factly and say disclaimers. journalist neutrality!

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bombs are boring artifacts.

bombs are boring artifacts. guitars are more fun. both are useless.

rainbows, not as a meme, actual rainbows are pretty neat. they're more solemn, less cheerful than children's media make it seem.

i once tried to pinpoint where someone died, on google earth. i looked at the road on google street view and there was a nice picture of a tree with a rainbow. i have no way to confirm if that was the actual spot, but it seemed like an appropriate digital tombstone. i could mourn looking at it, get the bit of closure i needed. the picture was maybe a year before the event, cuz you know how it is.

crescent moons over polluted sunsets are pretty too. not in a tumblr, or as a background pic, but the real deal.
roll your eyes screen lovers.

what if tomorrow i make it a point to watch it? spend all day outside looking at the sky?
it will be the best day ever.

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delivering rice and water is

delivering rice and water is boring too.
why should everything devolve into an equation?
the one who counts best wins. where's the fun in that?
the nagging questions all have boring answers which is why no one is satisfied with them, and look for others in denial.

preparedness, preparations, patience, building, carefulness
the opposite brashness is the same.
who plays beautifully? who has the grace to make it seem like a dance?
not the cut and dry apportionment or disparagement of resources.
a computer wins at chess but does not have any fun. was chess ever fun to begin with?

there are no clear goals. they're just frenzies you fall in and out of.
here is where it trails off and makes no sense.
i can't live someone else's life, i can't even know it.
did anyone have clarity, wonderment, romance like braid of birdsong over misty hills?

was there a time away from walls so near, noises bouncing around in tighter zig zags?
imagination has nowhere to go, so it goes there and it's nowhere to be found.
dreams don't help as they should. they don't seem eager to take you out for a stroll. they leave you in your bed.

i can't even feel the keyboard as real, i'm too in my head.

a.non (not verified)
anon (not verified)
great pamphlet (as a prompt,

great pamphlet (as a prompt, a starting point, someone to dialogue with, which i will do, along with others), specially for being written in 2008.
thanks, i think i had read it once, but not kept in mind as referent. seaweed and flower bomb (why mention in same sentence? cuz i can) have good text blips.

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towards anarchist combat

towards anarchist combat

Seaweed says hold on to space, prepare defenses, something like siege
what is this space we're pretending and holding or amassing?
what are the fortifications we're trying to siege?
propose that it not be traditionally conceptualized space, or area/landmass
multi-dimensional space (sidewalks, airspace, internet address, newspaper stack, cubicle, window, balcony, vacant fragments interwoven by circulation and mental mapping, psychogeography occupies already occupied space by resignifying, reprogramming, repurposing, reappropriating, transitorily to avoid detection/eviction
multi-domain warfare
demilitarization anti-war
traversing borders, semi-permeable boundaries
not too trippy so it can be practical (not deleuze)
but unconventional and bizarre
antonymic orientation
anti- is opposition to, but no the opposite of
instead be not negation of, but another thing entirely
always elsewhere

disparate victory conditions and goals unrelated to enemies who are not opponents but matter in spacetime
we are dark matter and dark energy (not antimatter) they don't understand us, interactions are uncertain
we will lose if we fight for the same thing against mightier opponents
we should fight for things no one is fighting for, against no one in particular.
seize the day, capture the flag. what's unguarded is ours, surprise is unassailable

what happens if you pick up a penny from the floor?
reproducibility of actions takes for granted many things, mainly bravery, daring, boldness unachievable by many.
let's lower the bar significantly and remove barriers for participation.
erosive maliciously compliant use of urban infrastructure
gentle sabotage.
weaponized noncrime.
petty passive-aggressive proactive pecks at wild
attacks that look like cleaning or littering, and other inane things.

anarchist action/maneuver/positioning
-meet up, trust, communications
emergent strategy
-clarity of intention, coordinated action, stratagem and surprise

ideas, ideas, ideas
who would live in such a delirium whence wandering aimlessly in a path of personal conquest?
you can't lose if you make up the rules, you can't beat yourself at chess,

water bottle: for drinking; transporting water for water relocation and application, watering palnts such as flowers, weed and moss; aiding rust and cracks; a place for mosquitoes to breed; liquid applications, insect and fungal infestations, weeds, moss collection, moss spread
sand or dirt: can be carried in dirty or muddy soles of shoes, to dirty, to make things coarse
marker: can dirty chewing gum damages sidewalks
cigarrette butt plus napkin in a paper cup placed in trash can
jar full of crickets or mosquitoes.
it's polite to open doors for others
office supplies: thumb tacks
tape: to put on bolts of doors
paper: to slide in between bolts of doors
drone shenanigans
don't pick locks, glue them
don't trespass a fence. make the fence a problem. adorn it. skewer rotting things into it. paint it.
avoid fetish of the convex, penetrating and cutting elements (spear, bullets, wedges, straight lines and vectors)
research into the convex: liquid applications, absorption, enveloping, sticking, joining, entangling, shuffling, dispersing

why write an essay or develop ideas of actions i won't take
instant gratification post comment more reads than if text

gratification is important to keep motivation and morale, rhetoric is a pitfall
bold actions just as structure to support a facade of a worn out slogan is defeat
say whatever lame mantras you want to yourself to keep you motivated, but keep them to yourself maybe

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