Anarchy Bang - Introducing Episode 40 – Democracy

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This episode is going to be a bit meta. Anarchists have been critiquing the hell out of Democracy for about a decade, following in the footsteps of the best of the anti-state communist world. Peak critique was Crimethinc’s 10 part series on Democracy, The Party’s Over, which we'll refer to a lot for this weeks discussion. Despite being boring, it speaks around some interesting points. It’s all about police, presidents, and majorities whereas I hope this episode will be more about high-minded principles, concepts, and orders of operations. Do we still think in 20th century abstractions or has the internet, postmodernism, and social (media) reality make those discussions seem a little quaint? All this and more on Sunday at noon PST

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Is democracy the mirage of power-sharing? I think it definitely is. Mainstream media is democracy this, democracy that, speech after speech, media report after report: the instilling of the mirage: the instilling that democracy is real and it is working and is worth fighting for. If it's fuckin' good why do they have to keep reminding everybody of it? It's like immunise your children. If the other children are immunised and immunisation works so fuckin' well, what is the problem in not having your children immunised as the other children are protected... aren't they? Immunisation and democracy... what's the difference?

Oh, what? Who, me?

Uhh...immunization and democracy seem like two very different things to me...

Immunization is like a concoction in a needle and it makes it so you don’t get a specific disease. Then democracy is a concept, “the rule of the people”, that can be used as rhetorical device to justify governance and/or as the inspiration for proceses of [self]governance.

Well I think you don't need any more long tiring tirades about how democracy "sucks"... All you need to do if you've got the energy to try convincing dupes, it's to be making them realize how every election is just a non-biding social contract, and potentially a total scam as well.

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