Chile: Call for Transport Sabotage & Fare Evasion

from anarchists worldwide

Today, October 6th, 2019 we call on the territory of Santiago-Chile to carry out sabotage and mass fare evasion of public transport systems.

We cannot remain with our hands tied to the attacks by the current government, the increases in fares are not just a minor thing, that is why we make this call to rise against the oligarchy, against the system and capital.

The call is that from Monday, October 7th of this year, sabotage and evade.

A burnt micro bus will not give us back anything, neither will a cop. But it is the action we have had to take against power and its henchmen,

A warm embrace to the political prisoners, to the subversives of the social war.

A bullet to the lackeys and the rich of this country.

Subversive Anonymity

(via Contra Info)

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burning buses isn’t going to me the fares any cheaper.
weird way to protest lack of access to public transport.
that tactic would make sense as a straightforward attack to the gov, without asking any demands.
that guy who went on prole stroll and shot some facy-ish bougie or middle-class parked cars had a better idea, yet it’s still symbolic attack.
fare evasion, and making so charging fare is disabled or hacked, so whoever wants in, can get in, would be direct action.
buses like that have expensive parts that are also used on trucks, you could get a bus and sell the parts (corrupt bus drivers here do that) and buy a cheap small car or old van for transport.

so yeah, imagine a bus full of fare evasion peeps and then some bus sabotage peeps come to get people off the bus in order to set it on fire. i dunno, both measures seem dissonant to me when placed on the same flyer.
i think you could make a case for either.

Yeah, I'm sure the type of person who casually torches city buses would really appreciate your 2 cents from the peanut gallery a world away. Just IMAGINE

ha! if i required appreciation for existing, i wouldn’t!

I dunno why not just sabotaging the ticket machines and the card-sliding devices? Stick 'em with glue or electrolyte liquid? Way simpler, quicker, cheaper and you don't risk huge prison sentences.

Also if all the ticket machines in a station are out of order, then users may be allowed to pass for free.

lol they won’t let everyone in for free if the machines are busted, lol. they’d probably bus people over to the nearest station where the machines aren’t busted, or hold them up until they fix a single machine, then funnel them through there.

by the way, ever paid attention to when they come pick up the move from the machines? it’s...interesting...

*pick up the money

From a US or Canada context, likely. But not the entire world's sanctifying commodity like in the US.

nah, you’re right, just set the buses on fire, that was pretty boring.

you might not get a fare reduction, but hey, bus on fire.
thanks for reminding me to focus on the important things in life. it’s the little things that count.

That's the only way that a certain leftist mental case can win an argument. And it's a down payment on what things will be like if leftists like this ever grab their beloved state power someday.

If they had a leg to stand on, they could attempt to demolish the points made in the article. But they haven't got the backbone or intellectual chops for that. Better stick to sexually harassing women in bars in NYC, huh, you creep.

i’m not GH you myopic obsessive. he doesn’t post here. but you just keep believing that you only have one enemy/rival. it’s kinda cute in its own way. keating like a motherfucker!

Randomly used to accuse me of being GH when I was anon and I've seen him do it a dozen other times to who knows?

The original post here: Is this a serious efforts to catalyze mass resistance to a fare hike, in join action between transit system employees and riders? Or is it a vague call for a little sporadic vandalism?

once relevant, always relevant, sigh

you know what would actually be ever-green?

ever-green trees and plants on the bus lanes, instead of mass transit for the working class, enabling their misery.
think NY high line park, but instead of bougie show-offy architecture park, actual reforesting.
park the buses and let them rust, vines grow all over them, animals taking shelter inside.


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