Statement on the passing of Sean Kealiher

From Anarchist Communist Group

Members of the Anarchist Communist Group (UK) are shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Sean Kealiher.

Sean, who I came to know through ultra-left circles on social media, went by different names online, some of these referring to past, Italian anarchists. Although the names might have changed, behind them all was the same knowledgeable, courageous, funny, interesting person. We shared laughs at the nonsensical world of politics, modern anarchism, and leftist drama. It was obvious that Sean was a militant anti-fascist and principled anarchist – an enemy of this society, with its cops, prisons, and oppression – whilst being completely unpretentious and down-to-earth.

When we chatted, he told me he was interested in translating Italian insurrectionary texts, and I posted his account of the 2017 J20 protests on libcom ( I suspect most of his writings were published pseudonymously or anonymously. I only wish I had gotten to know him more, but I write this for his family/friends, to let them know that even though we are thousands of miles away, he mattered to us as a friend and anarchist, and the Anarchist Communist Group expresses our condolences to them.

“Right now I see tension, and it is the role of anarchist to incite this tension, to build love and rage against this society and all it stands for. Regardless of tendency, the time is ripe for attack and propaganda.” – Sean Kealiher, 2017.

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Rest in peace homie. Tabling that good sketchy shit wont be the same without you

He was a natural leader who brought street militancy back to Portland anarchism, pushing it in a confrontational and radical trajectory than the leftist anarchist gatekeepers always resented. Eat shit Willy Gilly. Sean was 10x the anarchist your pedantic ass will ever be.

It's laughable to think of what the reaction to Gilly's death will be.

Written on his tombstone will be: "Distinguished himself in life for being an annoying fucktard to some insular political milieu that very little people care about."

A rocket fetishist with a penis incapable of escape velocities!

first i read this as "pencil" and understood it to be a jab at his writing abilities.
was disappointed to realized that it was not the case.

His writing abilities are above the average gravitational force, but I more interested in the psychology of transhumanism, thus my reference to fetishism and sexual desires attained by alternative objectifications other than genital based ones.

Be careful, the concept of " leader" is essentially authoritarian!

an affable nerd with laughable affinities

this was in response to the willy gilly eulogy

yes, alliteration

Be careful who you try to turn into a martyr, you might get stuck with their baggage.

Be careful who you give ominous advice to, they might heed it.

He has helped fighting global warming, in the end. Otherwise, a useless waste of the gift of life.

no u

A useless life is one spent denigrating the inspired lives of murdered anarchists on @news. Pig or not, you're a worthless pile of shit.

Its a traffic accident not murder until further details are uncovered.

Or maybe a totally not even political murder? Thousands of other stupid reasons for one of our favourite pastimes. Humans, I mean.

The police are investigating it as a homicide. A witness heard arguing. Shots were fired into the vehicle and it was abandoned. GTFO with that traffic accident bullshit. It may have been non political, which doesn't make it any less tragic.

Anon 18:10 here. Many anarchists do drugs or are illegalists doing graffitti or stealing property etc. They naturally attract retributions from other rivals or victims of their pursuits. Its not like any anarchist even accepts the idea of a law enforcment agency seeking justice. What is justice anyway? Any anarchist accepts the repercussions of their accidents, and I'm sure Sean would let it rest. Like those people killed by sharks whose relatives say that the victim would not approve of a culling of all sharks because of their fate. That's life, amor fati.

Typo autocorrect---- repercussions of their actions.

Well spose since anarchists don't believe in prisons, therefore the guy behind the wheel who ran him over shouldn't be imprisoned, or anything, unless members of Sean's family or friends want payback, maybe compensation or retribution, which in a way isn't anarchist practise anyway, cos everyone is free, whatever they do, amirite?

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