Anews Podcast 138 – 11.1.19

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Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

TOTW-make it happen here! with Aragorn! and mucho
sound editing by Greg
reading by chisel, exerpt from fantasma #3
what’s new was written by Jackie and Greg, and narrated by Chisel and Greg
The Jam – Going Underground
Pirate Loot Scoot
The Supremes – The Happening

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Thanks for reading the excerpt, Chisel. I was intending to read it more carefully, and I definitely paid more attention when listening than while the first time reading it. I receive the scolding for the careless commenting; you are right.

Greg, you said bricolage... D:
It's okay when you say, guess...I'll allow it.

On the TOTW discussion, it's interesting to bring a perspective from someone from UK.
From outside mainland USA I had found it easy to dismiss the civil war rhetoric coming from fringe wingnutty elements that were getting their hot takes from Alex Jones. But then suddenly upon talking to some people in different areas of mainland USA, you get different takes if they come from the big cities in the East, or from the Midwest, or the South or from the West side.
Different opinions and takes, but certainly a trending topic, and not such a fringe discussion.

All this to say that while it makes the news, it's still far from something that's happening or that will happen, much like an insurrection or a revolution. This is similar like Cold War anxieties of Russians taking over, with communist sleeper agents all around, and fears of race riots by the white supremacist establishment or garden variety of vicious racists that are not a negligible part of the population, but certainly not all that voted for Trump fall into that category, or the panorama would be very different. Ultimately, the status quo is more insidious, persistent and "centric" that many extreme scenarios and factions that catch our attention because they stand out.

i think guest was right to connect this civil war talk to the images of antifa v proud boys larps. people see that on fox two nights in a row and start to get carried away

Antifa vs alt-right is not LARPing for one single reason: it's setting people up on the stage of the social "reality" (that is a spectacular construct for the most part, of course, if not integrally) instead of being pure escapism (what LARP is).

I know it totally shares all the rest of the characters of LARPing, but for that reason it's *not*. LARPing, like any other game, is not meant to have entry and effect on the real world, even if it can deeply intertwine with daily life (i.e. Discord D&D groups... Pokemon Go... how a certain suburban medieval LARP subculture tends to express itself, etc).

Yell, prance around, complain, troll... It's not going to remove this essential distinction. All Pokemon Go players will testify that their game is disconnected with the real world around, no matter how it's the most invasive and obvious simulacra ever created AS SUCH.

if you want to go and hunt the proud boyz though, go join the FBI. It will give you the correct positioning to do that and not get caught.

What the FBI can't do is to make a group lose their moral support. As of now, there aren't many people who don't know how objectionable the Proud Boys are for being White supremacists. This wouldn't have been achieved without opposing them more or less horizontally from street level.

I'm not talking about officially looking proud boyz in jail, I'm talking about using the FBI's toolbox to hunt and kill them. But of course both are useful.

Also, I'm not sure if anti-fa is the one who's responsible for making white supremacy look bad with their street actions, or Adolf Hitler made it look bad with his genocidal butchering. My fellow countryman still feel national shame because of this! I try to tell them it's not their fault but they ramble about morality and the like!


The 16:11 comment typifies Antifa. Collaborating with the State? The FBI is just as much our enemy. Possibly more so than some poor white ignorant super tards.

But when you go sociologically deeper into human action and the meaning of life, Western civilization is one huge mega-larping spectacle. The immortal bard Shakespeare was hinting at this very idea when he said, "Alas, we are but actors in this life, this world is (nothing) but a stage within a cosmic theatre"
Max Stirner and nihilists have left the theatre behind!!

Tho think what it really means, in today's world, to be someone leaving the stage. This means becoming an irrelevant homeless guy who might get noticed only due to the smell of his rotting corpse... That is the spectacular world we live in, as the stage/catwalk only goes upward the social ladder.

So me thinks an anarcho-nihilist's stance would be rather of redefining the stage itself, not just their roles on it.

Its ironic how JZ spurns nihilists, yet it requires a nihil-esque temperament to even consider primitivism and rewilding a new stage, that's one thing which annoyed me about JZ's intolerance of a possibly mental attitude launching point for his ideas, the clean slate.

How does it require a nihil-esque temperment to even consider primitivism and rewilding?

Having a tabula rasa world view, the nihil like clean slate, the non-attached blank identity mold, that's how.

NoOo, being a nihilist means having no ethics, it means killing animals and cooking them on a fire. Primitivists are highly ethical people living a life in the wild under very regulated and strict rules.

as in, it becomes a crime to be compassionate and nice!


find work that better benefits the people in my family, without surrendering the ability to think for myself, and also not lording over other people because that would violate my anarchist code of ethics.

But not everyone can do this, which is the depressing part. Homelessness could also be fun but the problem is that society makes it shameful and isolated. Also, anarchists would not enjoy the company of many homeless people.

The point is, it's possible to enjoy being alive these days, but it may be getting less and less likely.

Its important to know how to live simply and healthy on simple foods like lentils, sweet potato, dandelion greens etc. The more possessions and status, the less happier life becomes, and the more rich expensive processed foods, the less healthier.

"Its important to know how to live simply and healthy on simple foods like lentils, sweet potato, dandelion greens etc."

sheesh! go away hippie... Some of these delicacies require a kitchen to prepare. You fucking liberals still can't manage to grasp the vast dead angles of your own material living conditions. You think everything that makes your life is a given, almost naturally given... This is so amazing.

Soaking lentils in a water-filled goat-skin bladder and cooking sweet potato in the hot ashes of a campfire in the woods is not a kitchen! Its sooo easy living a simple life with a simple diet.

i eat as well

But the State supplies your food, you eat in a non-autonomous haze!

har har, but still if you score at primmie daily life, ya still gotta get your lentils and potatoes somewhere. Since original wild potato seeds are almost extinct, you gotta grow them... or get them (drums rolling) at a store!

And yet we haven't talked about CONTROLLED FIRE.

These are regional issues, seal fat in Arctic regions, wild yams(sweet potatoes)and tomato chilli corn tortillas in equatorial regions. Some African folk 3at protein rich termites. There's a whole lotta food out in the wild that the capitalists won't tell you or want you to know about, besides fish which sells them a whole lot of merchandise, boats, consumer status marlin jerks. Anyway, fish is toxic food, I'm talkin about mostly vegetable, grain, pulse(no, not your heartbeat dumbass, lentils) and the occasional FREAKIN EGGS, THEY HAVE EVERY NUTRITIONAL REQUIREMENT IN ONE SMALL PACKAGE!

you're spamming eggs in all caps (coincidentally, eggs and spam go together nicely).
so are you A SHILL FOR BIG EGG INDUSTRY? are you in favor of EGGSTRACTIVISM?

i dunno, i like eggs...i'm listening. why are you peddling eggs? i'd buy some from you.
you live nearby?

I'm keeping this brief, If the meat industry was shut down, global starvation wouldn't exist. And eggs would make pharmaceutical supplements unnecessary.

Let's once and for all set a dietary benchmarch and end the vegan/carnivore binary!

"redefining the stage" Yes, a nice analogy for paradigm shift, for non-State autonomous individualist zones, I eould call "Arena of Creative Enlightenment" or the "Theatre of Self-Clarity"

jajajajaja... Away from the abrahamic weltanshauung n stuff. Or as my dear friend Saint Germain once said, "You're getting all too boringly predictable, LeWank."

heheheh "his admirers and followers", good one!

it's larpy af. anyone can see that.

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