BASTARD Conference 2019

For nearly twenty years participants in the Berkeley Anarchist Study Group have been organizing the BASTARD Conference: afternoons of presentations & conversations about the beautiful idea of anarchy. This year our presenters are:

- Wolfi Landstreicher (Apio Ludd)
- Big Katt
- Jason McQuinn
- Nev Ferox
- John Henri Nolette

Saturday December 7th
The Long Haul
3124 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
Free, though donations for The Long Haul are GREATLY appreciated

No meal break this year, instead we’re hoping to do a potlatch! bring something tasty to share in case folks get hungry.

Come join us for an afternoon of cursed theory, delirious rants, and degenerate discourse with the wild-eyed wretches of the study group. Any questions, email

BASG meets every Tuesday from 7-9pm (note the new time!) at The Long Haul. Readings and other info at

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Will it be audio recorded? I wish I could make it but I can't. I'd love to hear or read about what is said tho!

first we have to discuss it amongst the presenters and see how everyone feels about recording audio of their presentation, and the discussions after each talk will almost certainly not be recorded, but there very well may be audio this year for those who can’t make it.

regardless of what happens with the audio, we will assemble print versions of the talks for the BASTARD Chronicles as always, and it will be available through LBC once finished.

there are also tentative plans to record a FRR podcast with Wolfi, Jason, and others in the days surrounding the conference, and one or more presenters may also join us at the Berkeley Anarchist Study Group that following tuesday 12/10, so if you can’t make it saturday consider going to that, if possible.

Oh that would be really great if those plans work! I'm out of state so I can't make any in person events. But I'd love to hear a FRR discussion with wofi, jason and more! Also it would be nice to get another episode of The Brilliant, especially if it focuses around these events and topics.

we’re going to try and do it like we usually have in the past next year; on the sunday of the bookfair weekend. the only issue is that since the bookfair has been moved from the fall to april 25, we’ll only have four months or so to put another one together, so it will really come down to if we have folks who want to present and what the energy is like. short answer is “we hope so”.

Naaa, but they'll probably advertise that he's coming anyway. If he does come, however, the oogles will be lined up to pepperspray him and then tweet about it.

these troll are that same ones that under a different moniker discourage people from anarchist stuff. we got dedicated malicious troll 24/7

I've been informed by one of the speakers -- who shall remain unnamed here -- that one of the things that will be discussed is the irrelevance of the anarchist scene in the context of ever more rapidly unfolding events in the US, possible remedies to this, and whether anything can be done here.

more interviews as I admire Wolfi's stance on 'anarchy' applied to everyday life. Does Wolfi work, I hope not? Too many people get sucked into role playing or ideology worship. Will Wolfi's presentation be audio recorded?

Wolfi has been on SSI for a number of good reasons for many decades.

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