Anarchy Bang: Introducing Episode 45 – Creativity

When we discussed music a few weeks ago a lot of tension built up around the sound of an anarchist chord. Where does content end and the something else that makes music music begin. This week we discuss the broader case. Our cohost is a working artist who also has done a lot of the visual work for LBC. What makes creative work anarchist or not? What is creative and what is not.

Join us! This is the first of our final four episodes!

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My idea of creativity has departed from the clichèd "work of art" and come to include all those things which are fun and produce laughter. It can be anything. All the so-called crap made be elitist wealthy narcissists should be burned, its miserable and depressing. Those statues and portraits of celebrities, historical events, religious and cultural heroes are monstrose pieces of propaganda are disgusting.
Create a satirical rant, a plasticine joke, a film that causes hysterical belly laughs, becausè all other things are dead and ugly.

I agree, doing fun things without rules is creative artistic anarchy. Like kids throwing and spraying paint on a wall is true art, the mona lisa is fake authoritarian art.

that people just naturally do, it being turned into a fetish completely ruins it in my opinion. If i decide to put a piece of cheese between two tomatoes instead of bread, that is CREATIVITY! WOW! The liberation of creativity is analogous to the destruction of art in my opinion, fuck all this turning shit into a business scheme.

Oh yep sure, like a reverse knuckle sandwich, and I can get all surreal and Dali-esque, and call the work " Ass on a Fist"
A masterpiece worth nothing!

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