Anarchist Comrades Report on November Uprising and Complete Disarmament of Riot Police in Iran

  • Posted on: 27 November 2019
  • By: thecollective
Anarchist Comrades Report on November Uprising and Complete Disarmament of Riot Police in Iran

From AMW English

Anarchist comrades report on the November Uprising in Behbahan, Gachsaran and Shiraz, as well as the complete disarmament of dozens of riot police.

November 25 Daily News


Just two nights ago, all the people in Gachsaran attacked oppressive forces. We have two dead and many injured, but the riot police and guards suffered the brunt of the violence. We crushed them.

A group of twenty-seven or twenty eight police were stripped next to the Lebanese neighborhood after they passed near the people. Several kalashnikovs, a riot gun, a bandolier of seven gas canisters, and batons fell into the hands of the people. A similar situation has not occurred in Gachsaran, even during the ‘79 Iranian revolution. The children of the 2000s are fighting.

Our only injuries were due to poor combat experience, though it wasn’t very obvious.

There has never been a time that the system was so desperate. Until you see it, you can’t believe it—but it was brutal.


In Shiraz, our lungs burned and our eyes bled when we swallowed gas. My hands blistered when I picked up gas canisters to throw back at them and my body is bruised from stones and ceramic shot.


There was a fierce attack in Behbahan, yet the people did not suffer any injuries or deaths at all.



is this real life? so much stuff going on...
who's awake in this dream?

Masses of idiots still lining up on that last Black Friday. Some might be critical of a few first-level woke kids going Extinction Rebellion, yet this ain't even a fraction of the scope and volume of the commodity cult.

Years ago there were also some greek police that were stripped naked. Happens in Mexico too sometimes I think. It's truly a great thing to behold.

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