Anarchy Bang: Introducing Episode 48 – Conflict

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This is the end. Not the end of talking, of course, but the end of this particular project of trying to talk at and with people. Especially about anarchism. Especially with phones. But mostly the project exceeded the format and the audience and excitement build as much as we could have reasonable expected given how niche our project was. This was particularly funny when we got callers who had no idea what anarchism is.

This week we are going to discuss conflict. It seems all anarchists would be into conflict but interpersonal, gut wrenching, gnarly self-abnegation doesn't seem to be every persons favorite. Why is that? And for those who seem to be cheerleaders for conflict, what has it done for you? Has it cleared your acne? or just you address book? What is the difference between conflict and #attack or insurrection or the fucking revolution as you see fit?

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we suffer because we desire, we desire because we are people. conflict is a product of this paradox. the better you get at it, the more you understand yourself. understanding yourself, you can begin to understand all the myriad things, discovering quickly that one doesn't know anything.

Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg… and my arm… even my fingers. The body I’ve lost… the comrades I’ve lost… won’t stop hurting… It’s like they’re all still there. You feel it, too, don’t you?

The relationship just vanished. You blew it up! They blew it up!!! Not just "the State"! We're all responsible!

Because you guise neither understood solidarity, like what that means, in a context of conflict where the conflict was never really torn open. When your anarchy's just about gay circles or post-academic circles of mindfuckers or even subculture LARPers, you know where it's gonna get. i.e. back to the sys, bro!

conflict is the compost from which real anarchists grow. comfortably consuming the spectacle cannot produce the genuine phenomena imo

trolling is the shitpost from which real spectators grow. comfortably consuming anarchism cannot produce the genuine phenomena imo

take 1: conflict is just bouncy balls

take 2: popular corny self-defense youtube channels and martial arts classes tell you to learn to avoid (types of) conflict, while avoidant behavior (it can become excessive) as a coping mechanism is pathologized.
you must engage in conflict, it's required of you.

take 3: it's a dog eat dog world maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

take 4: we need fewer criminals and more crimes. less boys and girls who like to play soldiers, and more well-aimed shots at tastefully acquired targets.

take 5: conflict resolution, group therapy, non-violent communication

take: a chill pill maaaaaaaaaan (p.420)

take 69: wu wei be like water or something

taaaaaake ooooooon meeeeeeee: take ON me. taaaaaaaake meeeeeee ooooooooooon

take 666: the world is a struggle between GOOD and EVIL! Which side are you on?!!!!! Are you on the right side of history?!!!

I would love their to be two worlds: one for the conflict lovers and one for the peace lovers. Let's see how long it would take before conflict lovers started knocking at the door of the peace guess not long. Conflict is energy sapping and is typically reserved for young white males who have to continue proving that white is might is right. Most people in the world have their energy sapped by the white is might is right on a daily basis or maybe we choose our servitude as Perlman, Kanye West, De La Boetie and Stirner claim? No doubt Plast will be calling in again to dominate (how passive aggressive of me, maybe I'm into conflict too... who knew!

lol who dis?

faithful listener and plast hater? XD

so uh, what you describe is an interesting premise for a sci-fi story...
let's call it "birth of civ" and it's about how the conflict lovers come knocking at the peace lovers' door and take over then it's civ and it's the world we live in. so uh..peace lovers live unhappily ever after...unless..

we're hunting for l o v e
killing for PLEEEEEEEEEEAsuree
lost in a concrete jungle

the solution is to send whichever group is fewer and weighs less to MAARS!!!!!!!!!
big rockets and there's no conflict in star trek.

conflict lovers.....peace lovers......lovers.......maybe people should love each other instead of ideas and abstractions......NOW I'M THE HIPPIE

jokes aside, the origin of conflict is not love of conflict, nor is it what perpetuates all kinds of conflict.
but whaaaat iiiiiss iit? bouncy balls living in perfect harmony, and by perfect i mean what's that animal with horns that bumps head with each other (it takes two to tango)? they are peacefully cooperating to bump heads with each other until one is tired, harmed or dead, i don't know how it goes, i'm not a hornologist. states and armies require a lot of cooperating and getting along too. they like peace and order among their flies and ranks. well, that was a bit forced, kinda like dividing all people into two groups and placing them worlds apart.

dynamics, flows, vectors, ABSTRACTIONS. ever just stare at a peace in your room while you pet a conflict?

Just as well the show ended as I fear Plast would have been a weekly bane to my ears and mind. Still, with such naivety, he needs to be aware that Aragorn! and Co are not the last word on anarchy/how to relate anarchistically (new word?). The presenters appeared to be informing Plast how to be an anarchist. I wouldn't describe Aragorn! and Co as anarchists but they insist they all are. I would offer Plast some comfort: don't rush, it isn't a race, you will who you will be as you will it to be regardless of whether you move place or not. Don't be fooled by hanging out with self-described anarchists means you are actually hanging out with anarchists and, by association this makes you an anarchist: it makes you a self-described anarchist and/or an anarchist as defined by self-described anarchists. The doing is what it is about not the labeling. If you self-determine your own path then what does it matter what it is called? Being an anarchist is role playing. Being a self-determined you is being you. Indeed, Aragorn! and Co hang out together to mutually reinforce their self-appointed label of being an anarchist both self-described and described by each other.

plast did not indeed dominate, stayed quiet for a long while after calling. there were various callers, 4 in total, and various co-hosts which all spoke.
plast is unruly enough to disregard all advice; yours and theirs.

what is your "actual anarchist"? someone who riots? someone who organizes?
"The doing is what it is about not the labeling. If you self-determine your own path then what does it matter what it is called?" is what at least two of the "self-described anarchists" encouraged Plast to do, also.
if this post is anything other htan a p oorly thought out name-calling of Aragorn! "and co" ('cause no one else is significant other than the Big Man, i guess?), then use your words.
and maybe a little punctuation too...

> neonazi etc

I've never heard anyone say that. I've heard him called a stalker tho, because that's exactly what he is. He joins the chat EVERY DAY to send death threats, flood the channel, crash the bot etc etc etc. He's kept this up for over a year now. He even harasses new people who know nothing about the original drama. You're really not doing yourself any favours defending that weirdo.

I know. Z wrote that, not me. Mods keep removing my posts where I point this out, perhaps to make a cute point about the topic?

PS the give away is where "senileoldtroll" refers to Z's writing as "interesting". spoiler: it's not.

Z likes to pretend he's other people and cry when others don't pay attention to him or let him stalk and harass and rape threat and death threat like the big boy he really really is. Anarchists and the filthy oogle crews should just be nicer to him. But it's their loss. He's found great new friends with online neo-nazis that accept him as the wild feral insurgent military genius electrical transformer assassin that he really is. Jealous?

I am conflicted and conflictual. It seems almost everything on this planet has an innate sense for some superposition of relationship and spirit which is impoverished by a materialist bias.

It's gnarly an individual would allow a cultural bias to impoverish their relationships. It is gut-wrenching individuals are brutalised into sacrificing their relationships with a multitude for chance, for taboo, for jeopardy, for love.

I am in conflict with the peaceable. I defy allowing myself becoming atomised toward loneliness because those around me disallow themselves from accepting the ghosts of their parameters. Fight! I resist constraining my dreams toward monogamy out of fear of alienation. Cheat! I will not subsume myself into being rebuffed, negated, and excluded merely for the crumbs of "How are you?" "I'm okay." "Same time tomorrow?" Weirdo!

I am in conflict because I refuse to let my spirit starve. I am attacking because I am unaccepting. Acne never had a chance. The insurrection is implicit. My address book is full of poetry. The fucking revolution can eat my fucking arse.


now i wanna hear you sing this... : )

i had not replied thinking a low effort comment would be deleted, but seeing all the other replies, i’ll just say i really appreciate the thought and intention, thanks

But you could use less linguistic bias, too! ;) Claptrap poetry and edgy hipster sarcasm is also more things in the way of spiritually-rich interactions.

U know, big goofy sentences such as...

"those around me disallow themselves from accepting the ghosts of their parameters"

"I am attacking because I am unaccepting. Acne never had a chance." (lol)

n such n such?

I guess that at least those things elicit humor from readers... which HAS spiritual value. But ppl also gotta get or like the jokes, riiiight?

those are references to the prompt.
Liminal D’s comment was perfect.
if you don’t like it, look away!

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