Alan Moore: anarchist Watchmen creator to vote in first election in 40 years

from the independent

Alan Moore, the self-proclaimed “anarchist” who wrote the Watchmen comic books, has announced he will be voting for the first time in 40 years.

Ahead of the election in 2017, Moore threw his support behind Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, but said he was refusing to vote as he “prefers direct political action and comment without an elected intermediary”.

Moore has now said he will vote in the next election, which will take place on 12 December, and explained why in a Twitter statement posted by his daughters, Amber and Leah Moore.

“Here’s something you don’t see every day, an internet-averse anarchist announcing on social media that he’ll be voting Labour in the December elections,” he wrote.

“But these are unprecedented times. I’ve voted only once in my life, more than 40 years ago, being convinced that leaders are mostly of benefit to no one save themselves. That said, some leaders are so unbelievably malevolent and catastrophic that they must be strenuously opposed by any means available.”

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[Verse 1]
Now, your heroes have fallen
Championless, the seas are rising
So torch every banner, every hope of surviving
This storm is breaking, security has left you
Treading water
Now taste the fear
Taste the uncertainty!
What will you do? (what will you do?)
When there's nothing left for you to cling to
What will you do? (what will you do?)
With your (one, last, breath!)

Thrive in your emptiness

Burn all, you love
There's no hope for the weak
Your heroes, have died

No heart, no hope
Face to face, with the Abyss (with the Abyss)
One by one they fall away and won't be missed

[Verse 2]
Can you hear it?
Can you hear the sound?
As our broken Idols
Come crashing down
Now taste the fear
Now taste, the, fear

Burn all, you love
There's no hope for the weak
Your heroes, have died

Burn all you love
(There's no hope for the weak)
Burn all you love

where's the obligatory "ok boomer"?

OK boomer. Seriously do these civic minded morons not even apply an ounce of game theory calculation to these questions. The chances are well beyond winning the lottery that your little vote will tip the scales. Democracy is determined by who has the more motivated bloc and it is the the motive of democracy that is unanarchist and nonanarchic in itself.

Just. Stay. Home and rub the fuck off. You'll have something to show for it unlike voters.

Wish. You. Weren't. The. One. Saying. That.


But I'm disappointed in Alan too

I'm going to assume Alan is being subjected to the renewed pressures of socialist guilt. I'll admit to a conflict myself. Many anarchists in the UK come from within a socialist tradition to whom welfare is like a wank in alleviating an immediate sorrow. Who doesn't enjoy a wank?

There's also the fact Alan may also be feeling the pressure of his age "OK Boomer" I feel it's hard to accelerate when the knees are stiff. I imagine the doubt of knowing if your punches will still connect when your knuckles hurt from drawing.

With that, and picturing him accepting he will unlikely see his foot trample the leviathan's heart, I sense it's then hard to commit all those brand new, bright-eyed and righteous young socialistics toward a physical vanguard when they are so peaceably consumed with pity.

If I weren't so immediately consumed by fire and fight, I might think free internet in a couple of years time could be an answer to being lead into glugging my last in a perverted swamp of tepid zombie dribble.

heh! well he tried to convince them to rise up using comics and it didn't fly. maybe we can't publish our way out of this one?!

Anarchists should not be giving lapsed default support to welfare states(which have Fascistic militaristic foundations) for any reasons. In non radical times what anarchists should be doing is working on mutualist economic parallel mutual aid systems. You have things like bitcoin and blockchain which actually makes this stuff easier(which doesn’t mean you have to affirm and worship the currency and machinology). There is no reason to give even any preference to the welfare state even as an old man(look at Bonnano for fux sake).

You may guess by now that the SE troll has been fairly useful at giving a bad name to some otherwise valid povs, continuously enforcing divides between non-existent factions. Alan Moore is just another anarcho-liberal, nothing too surprising on his part. He was maybe a more interesting character back in his more creative days, but let's avoid comparing him to even Stuart Christie or something.

Also the valid POVs are valid on their own. It doesn't matter how you feel about the person making it. In my time here no one is able to successfully refute my POVs regarding the big beautiful @.

i believe it was Kropotkin who said something about when erstwhile anarchists turn to the dark side (foreshadowing his own slide into idiocy): "we've already had the best of them."

The same Kropotkin who had a Union Jack and an Irish tricolour on either side of his fireplace.
Not sure that detail is in any biography, an elderly comrade who used to visit him at home told me about it.

Uurrgh, you actually spoke with someone who had visited him in the past, and the two of you, upon meeting, didn't begin an uprising there and then? SHAME ON YOU!! What a lost opportunity to honor the ghost of Kropotkin!!

Alan Moore isn't an anarchist to begin with. The media dictates to you that he is. Hook, line and sinker. It's cool to read you sillies getting your knickers in a twist over the guy voting. Please... Nothing to see here. Get back to rubbing one out to Lost Girls and Captain Britain

Moore has called himself an anarchist publicly on numerous occasions. His understanding of anarchism may be somewhat skewed by his avocation as a storyteller rather than an activist or theoretician or historian. So what? Plenty of long-time self-identified anarchists have an imperfect understanding of the Beautiful Idea. Get over it.

He's basically a Cindy Millstein type anarchist who is also of those things you listed though unlike her Moore has at least left something useful for passing the time. He like Cindy has the stink of the 20th century, a century that defeated the libertarian aspirations of the previous century. He's an anarchist that has been touched by the welfare state and it's belly satiating functions and he can't let it go.

I was listening to Michael Malice on Tom Woods talk about and recite the quotes of Emma Goldman the other day and OH GAWD did she represent a superior time and structure of thought. An anarchism not structured by the welfare state or shitty chic nationalism. The only anarchists worth a damn in the 20th century are those who came out of the acute ultra left a tendency that, while communist marxist structurally flawed, still had a connection to the superior libertarian 19th century. These are the only anarchists that are really worth a damn. The ones who came out of the sits and Camatte and others like them and went beyond their marxist commie structured flaws(along with perennial individualist/Stirnerian anarchism of course).

His comic book legacy is still appreciated however. He could become a serial killer and it would not undo it's value.

NO KAZ!! I call out BS, especially when there is a claim to having anarchist desires!
I will not rest until all fakes are exposed!


(we're probably all aware this isn't a serious topic)

Moore is unable to cleanse his Bildungsroman tendencies, and remnants of the Marxist zeitgeist cannot help but taint the plots of his various compositions.

neonazi troll as usual had to use a German term for one that exists in English already, either to look astute or/and because DEM JOOO ANTIDEUSTCH ANGLOS, and *brain fart* oops!

You, like Moore, have no comprehension of the Western psychosomatic eschatological grandnarrative do you?

"I'm an anarchist", says Alan Moore. Focusing on Moore is a distraction to what's currently going on with anarchists in the British Isles. From doing a lot of sounding out it seems most of the anarchists I have talked with on the elections, most intend to vote. Several have joined Labour and are currently canvassing door-to-door on their party's behalf. This is quite astonishing as it spans across age groups and from a broad spectrum of reasons. I even know an anarchist in their late 70's who has not only never voted before and previously been critical of those who did.
The polling carried out by the more serious polling researchers have been saying almost throughout this campaign season say the Tories have been fairly consistent throughout, with that blonde-haired ur-fascist having a 10-point lead.
Ftr: I'm not voting.

All that means is that the welfare statists are going to be mad. It's actually high time that anarchists refind their 19th century energy and learn how to operate without that partial fascistic creation. Also Boris is no more a fascist then Corbyn is a communist. In fact there are people that are close to Corbyn that you should be very hostile towards. I'm talking people who think the fall of the USSR was a disaster(it wasn't). If you are an arch anti-statist(which is part of being a fucking anarchist and it seems its only the ancaps ironically along with the post-leftists and more acute niche anarchists) you should be undermining Corbyn AS MUCH as you are undermining Johnson. It's basically sub state capitalist progressive nationalization vs capital financialization. The honest anarchist sabotages both.

This is called shooting the messenger. Presumably SirEinzige's feeling vulnerable. The item SE's responding to in no way supports Corbyn, it's merely relaying on a distinct trend with anarchists in the UK.
Johnson has a steady 10 point lead in the reliable polls which in terms of the UK electoral system should provide a multiplier effect in the number of seats for the winning party in the House of Commons -like which occurred under Thatcher and Blair, thereby giving them giving them an unassailable majority
Consequently SE's suggestion of opposing Corbyn will merely increase Jonson's majority as PM. Frankly I cant see any benefit of helping or opposing any of the parties.
The point regarding a Corbyn aide is either lazy whataboutery or plain denial, because every movement has them. Just look at the fuckups who have caused chaos at the various bookfairs. Or those who have tried to undermine the people in and around LBC. Who needs the state or their infiltrators when you have c*nts like them?

The original text says ur-fascist, not fascist.

As for those anarchists who are now supporting Corbyn, my money is on most of them leaving the anarchist milieu proper when Labour lose. Granted it's possible it could trigger some rioting but that seems doubtful. Anarchyland as Aragorn said in one of the early episodes of The Brilliant, Occupy drained anarchist of most of their energy and has never recovered. And in a few days time is going to become infinitely smaller.

And a return of theoretical and practicing quality or quantity. I look forward to it.

No matter how Boris is despised, a low-grade moron and also a complete traitor to his own State, people support him because Corbyn is an antisemitic socio-capitalist who's way too close to Strasser for comfort. Same problem for when Democrats picked up HIllary instead of a far more popular candidate. Of course, British anarcho-liberals can't tell water from gasoline, as usual...

But that acceleretionist argument that "get Boris in charge so we'll finally get the Revolution!" is equally dumb or misguided. Is this what happened with Trump? No. Ocasio-Cortez and the impeachment hearings, is what happened... yet we don't even know if any of these tricks gonna work since the fucking political system is rigged, and even if you convince some people not to vote, IT WON'T CHANGE A FUCKING THING.

Yup, voting won't change a thing,
No Siree,
When Thatcher became leader of the Conservative Party nothing changed at all,
Nothing whatsoever,
When Bush and Blair became leaders the invasion of Iraq never occurred,
Nobody died.
Not one single Iraqi.
Because voting has no effect on anyone whatsoever.

because peace and happiness reigned supreme under clinton and obama? XD
there are not anti-war options or anti-border options in any ballot.

↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑
This is the only individual here who has any interest in Clinton or Obama. Move on and stop creating straw men.


Thatcher was product of historical tensions beyond her agency. The rise of and the need to control inflation(See Mark Blyth) as well as the greater determinate of fossil fuel contraction and decline which was the real driver of the neoliberalism boogyman(most of whom use that word are just offended welfare statists who got turfed by the times). These were power and historical dynamics beyond voting and there was a good chance that some labour party loser would have gone this route as well albeit slower cooked.

The Bush/Blair point is retarded for the simple fact that one of those two comes from the party that Alan Moore is voting for. In other words the anti-war/imperialist option IS NOT an option throughout most of that corpse ridden party and even IF JC gets in he will be overwhelmed by leviathanic pressures to keep the engine going.

So yeah, voting doesn't change anything. It's even more confirmed now then when Emma G said it more then a saeculum ago.

Yeah and how long has the antiwar/imperialist binary loop been returning votes to the structure which is under the same state/slave umbrella I ask you?

SirEinzige yet again elides the original points. None of them could have got in without elections.
So yes, for better or worse election have for better or worse have an effect.

Noo, another anon here, eludes is your proper spelling duh, these points would arise without sheepish elections to find a new shepherd!

my anarchisties...
elide: transitive verb
1a : to suppress or alter (something, such as a vowel or syllable) by elision
b : to strike out (something, such as a written word)
2a : to leave out of consideration : omit

i gotcher back 23:11

At most there are marginal differences between the candidates when you look at the underlying greater structures. Again, a labour party person other then Thatcher would have done what she did slower cooked.

The underlying problem with electioneering and all democracy is that it is driven by mass psychology not rational calculated individuated decisions. Election winners are determined by who has the bigger more motivated voting bloc and it's precisely the motivation and organized vote getting that is the problem. It's a reified collective form based process completely alien to anything libertarian or anarchic.

My money is on Ian Bone voting for Corbyn. Word is many involved with the most recent iteration of Class War were advising their mates to vote Brexit.

and you will hear the voices of twee middle White Englanders... you know the Emma Thompson types (who apologises for flying but continues to do so anyway!)... all concerned about the atmosphere (because it is something that even they have to breathe in; not just he poor). No mention of capitalism being a problem except, briefly, by George Monbiot. No mention of the overall corruption inherent in representative democracy. No mention of the horrendous 'meat' industry (apparently cows, pigs, chickens don't count as sentient) but how WE MUST think of the near-extinct species!!! All hail to Greta Thunberg who hasn't got a clue about the world around her; how could she, at a mere years old from a privileged White background?

No doubt, they will be all willing good ol' Jezza on while avoiding tax as they do so!

which means they're for continued extraction, for contusing exploitation and yet, there are millions of people supporting it!

but like … aren't anarchists either cowering under their rocks or pushing the XR narrative to somewhere more interesting tho?

supported by The State to sell 'green' capitalism to the global masses. Anarchists are not interested in mixing with XR or maybe I'm wrong, sadly?

Doesn't anyone immediately see that Halo Jones is an Angela Jackson Marxist stereotype.
Its sooOo obvious!

And then there's just waste of time for an ill fated political fool. On nights like last night one should just pornhub and rub.

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