Impotence of anarchists in post-industrial politics

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Impotence of anarchists in post-industrial politics

We can now see that people who used to indentify with the working class and socialism aren’t doing so any longer...but anarchism has no politics to offer in this absence, for whatever reason. In this scenario, disillusioned by the Left, in rejection of globalism and in some cases democractic politics, the masses are turning right. What’s the endgame? Are anti-political or anti-social anarchists, who aren’t Reds, cutting off their noses to spite their faces? Do we play politics or not? What’s the path forward, especially given the constraints of climate change?

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I don't play politics. I want

I don't play politics. I want to play "chat in the new topic in the forum section".
What are your proposals or ideas about this topic you put forth?

I'll give you my proposal/idea

Mind you it's more of a second hand approach on my part because I do not intend to practice politics but for those that do...

Consider returning to some pre-ww1 elective positions and proposed solutions. The right is basically taking on what are now old and played out 20th century positions on things like national protectionism and national production side economics. I say break out some Benjamin R Tucker and Pierre J Proudhon and re-conceptualize some of their polyecon positions for a 21st century exist strategy. I say exit strategy in the context of Albert O. Hirschman's ideas on exit, voice, and loyalty. Libertarian and anarchist ideology has to be exit based if it is to be anything. You have things like blockchain machinology and cryptocurrency that can make this much more attainable then you could in Pierre and Benjy's time(though the scientific managed statist infrastructure REALLY makes things hard as compared to the 19th and early 20th century).

These are things that can be done. One of the few good things about the IDpol neolib libleft is their sudden embrace of open borders and anti-protection. This COULD be a good thing if you re-conceptualize it in neoclassical libertarian ways.

Those are my thoughts for some preferable general ideological positions regarding things like stealthy secession and exit.

anon (not verified)
but who puts this into place?

but who puts this into place?
mind you, i know what politics entails and i will not participate in them.
but those who will and want to push this proposal, if they don't have the big bucks, they're not gonna be able to push it.

What you have to do...

is get those disaffected liberals, conservatives and other ideologues who have sympathies with arch libertarian and anarchist ideas to implement these things in some type of position of power. The ultimate example of this would be the classical persian story of Mazdak and King Kavadh. Even though the relationship eventually went south it is an example of a supreme head of state being influenced by what was a libertarian equivalent classical theology. There are more intermediate ways of going about this but you do have to find Machiavellian power players that are game to your parallel existence.

What has to be given up on is the voice based class war strategy. That's arguably partially gotten us to where we are now.

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I'm in complete disagreement

I'm in complete disagreement with the title of that premise.
Anarchists are not impotent, their potency is just not within politics.
In this post-industrial context, their potency can even be much greater than before.
It's not about herding masses, it's about finding the opportunities to do what we want and be ourselves.
thinking of these masses just makes you into a camouflage that's not anarchist colored or flavored, and the gooey filling is not anarchist pulp either, so why bother.

anon (not verified)
Where or how do you find

Where or how do you find these opportunities in this social climate? Are you advocating lifestylism (not meant in the prejorative sense)? These kind of answers like the one given above seem to idealist, no?

Rejecting the materialist conception of history

That kinda has to happen this century. Anarchism and anarchy is best as a psychist based theory which is essentially a synthesis of idealism and materialism.

It's not just about so-called lifestylism as much as it's about parallel existing power lines of exit and escape from society for there can never be such a thing as a free society only a freer one relatively speaking.

anon (not verified)
Trouble is, most "anarchists"

Trouble is, most "anarchists" don't even understand "idealism and materialism' as it is applied holistically to the Western cultural pursuit, and it is actually an atypical and apolitical unknown minority made up of diverse individual dispersed and living quietly within the State hegemonies who actually live closer to the idea of anarchy.
This idealism and materialism is related to the evolution of the Abrahamic eschatological mercantile tradition .

anon (not verified)
“Where or how do you find

“Where or how do you find these opportunities in this social climate?”

It depends what you want to do. The opportunities and interventions are more micro (person scaled) than a conception social climate.

“Are you advocating lifestylism (not meant in the pejorative sense)?”

Advocating for a lifeway, or an attack, or both.

“These kind of answers like the one given above seem to idealist, no?”

The farthest from that. It’s not about grand schemes, it’s about what you can actually do today to break away or attack. It’ll never be an utopia, the most you can aspire to is keeping the tension while you’re able.

anon (not verified)
What about the argument that

What about the argument that only macro-level change can alter the course of the stateist cyberized nightmare of technocapital that is todays society?

anon (not verified)
"The opportunities and

"The opportunities and interventions are more micro (person scaled) than a conception social climate."

So in a nutshell... same old liberalism of individual consum-action as answer to mass-scale problems? Been biking and using eco household products for years and I ain't seeing improvements in the crumbling global ecosystems.

But also what is "climate change" and why do you think the current fast tilting of the magnetic poles is being taken out of that equation?

anon (not verified)
No, I don't think there is

No, I don't think there is any impotence in the act of waiting for some sort of delusionary prophesy To occur! For a start, WHAT IS THE PROPOSITION?! Existence is about creating the most pleasure and happiness for oneself and those around you, and if everyone can grasp this simple Epicurean idea and do the minimum amount of work to maintain this pleasurable environment, Presto, one waits and it is done, without potent activity.

anon (not verified)
playing politics makes me ill

playing politics makes me ill

rego (not verified)
trade secrets new family

trade secrets new family orenation university became more desirable and imposed socail pressures
even the labour force iself changed into a new school of push fitters and among other competitors but quality still exists. hopefully the idea is that things get some what easier(tho we shouldnt be at the disposalal of machines and the reward is owed to the prosperous and the prospered ) and as much as work is never over things ticking over is a good thing. Also the work force are also a bunchof massive pykes whit all there querks and traditons and as they get older things change and things may be harder to find.its a huge blow and defintly massive regression but alot of the dare i say massters are still alive and tho many could be bastards there pretty fine. Work wont dry up and if it does we can make work and have fun licences wont close and tickets can still be made.

Globalism now in its current translation is very unrully and ignorant and in alot of ways greedy and irresponsible theres no real cultural impression or engagement from our goverment anyway or really from anybody but obviusly its profitable and people like to keep them green keep them keen but this is damagable and un ethical genrally
Labour has been sabotaged and driven into the ground and other people think there moneys better with the tories that and it was rigged that and weve been splintered and cut off also small buisness owners and corperations alike are theives

there is another way and it works outside and within the current political systems and i think it lies within guilds and licencing ect along with many other procedures and mechanics. Units that can work with small buisnesses and larger orginazations in the same ilk.

climite change and control is nothing to be sniffed at and it will take production to oppose the lazy and convient production that has led us here but alot of it is markets that can be harnessed and id like to have that for ethical reasons and for the greater benefit and right of allpeople

but yes the people are here and are worth alot more then we give them credit for desolved by greed and fear and fear and greed the only option and the solution I believe is to create a new option within and outside the outside world what i am doing whats good to know that is a reassuringly better and securingly favourable to any good person .


Just focus on solving

Just focus on solving problems with community-based institutions, from the bottom up. It will get easier once more people become anarchists, right now there still aren't enough to do really big things yet.

anon (not verified)
Yes its an holistic

Yes its an holistic incremental process.

anon (not verified)
"holistic incremental process"

Is 21st century repackaging of the socialist transitional model. Gtfo reformist.

anon (not verified)
NooOoo, rapid mass prole

NooOoo, rapid mass prole revolutionary upheaval is the SOCIALIST model. As repugnant as the learning experience would be, I recommend you read Marx's The Communist Manifesto (or whatever that heap of shit literary essay is called) and read the chapter about the transitional prole dictatorship.IT'S DISGUSTINGLY IGNORANT WITH ITS IMMEDIACY AND LACK OF NUANCED UNDERSTANDING OF incremental individual desire and compassion.

anon (not verified)
Ambiguous trolling is

Ambiguous trolling is becoming passé and not very funny anymore.

Stay in the '10s and wash away like the sands of time, as you now belong to the past.

anon (not verified)
"Passé" is my critique, GET

"Passé" is my critique, GET YOUR OWN!

anon (not verified)
the idea of doing "really big

the idea of doing "really big things" is a huge part of the problem, imo. not to mention that institutions of any kind are not anything i care to have in my life.

thinking smaller scale, at every level of existence, is the only way i think humans will survive as a species. the current approach of large-mass-everything leads to... this. is any more evidence needed? and tweaking the mass mindset with greener technologies is clearly no solution.

but i have little doubt that the lessons which appear so obvious to me, have been lost on most, especially those with the power and drive to keep the wheels of this monstrosity turning.

anon (not verified)
8 billion Stirnerians would

8 billion Stirnerians would solve the problems and expel Leviathan.

anon (not verified)
You may have fun playing

You may have fun playing politics if you enjoy the game and/or it gets you a paycheck. After all, it's a bit better than most wage slavery out there. I kinda had a more fun time being paid to do nothing in a student union over "administrative tasks" than being a bike courier, even if the latte pays better and keeps me in shape.

The thing is that many people into politics are social losers and that's why they play this game. I would only like that they'd be all honest about what they're doing, like in China or Russia. Seems like the more you go West, the more the power players make up bullshit to cover their game, and believe in it. The huge present of weirdo cults for the rich on the West coast is a good sign of this.

The great spiritual awakening of consciousness in the West will come -if it ever does- when politicians become real and businessmen become litterate, lol.

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