Tampa police prepare for anarchist attacks at Republican National Convention

  • Posted on: 29 November 2011
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://www.tampabay.com/news/humaninterest/tampa-police-prepare-for-anar.... Jessica Vander Velde. Nov 27:

TAMPA — Up to 15,000 protesters are expected to descend on Tampa next summer for the Republican National Convention. Many will wave signs and march peacefully.

Then there are the anarchists.

Authorities are preparing for hundreds of well-organized lawbreakers whose sole intent will be to shut down the convention.

If it’s anything like the last Republican convention, in St. Paul, Minn., they’ll come with gas masks, slingshots and bolt cutters. They’ll throw rocks, block intersections and break windows. They’ll use water guns to spray urine at police.</td><td><img title="We spray with our urethra's. Try taking those away copper!" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2011/slingshot_pocket_2012.jpg">...

Discard the stereotypes of disorganized punks running amok. In St. Paul, authorities found an anarchist command center downtown with state-of-the-art communications equipment.

“They’ll assault law enforcement officers, and they’ll attack businesses that represent capitalism,” said Marc Hamlin, an assistant Tampa police chief.

To Hamlin, “anarchist” is just a word. He divides protesters into two categories: those who follow the law and those who don’t.

Protecting the peaceful is important, he said. Police want to encourage the exercise of First Amendment rights and avoid the bad publicity of unwarranted arrests. But if they’re up against hundreds whose goal is to shut down the convention, targeted arrests will be necessary, he said.

So will collaboration with other law enforcement agencies and lots of planning, said Mary Vukelich, who was part of a commission that reviewed law enforcement actions leading up to and during the 2008 Republican convention.

“And being prepared for the unknown,” she said. “You just don’t know what’s going to happen.”

In St. Paul, law enforcement agencies started planning months in advance. They held about 200 community meetings and infiltrated an anarchist group.

Their investigation led them to three Minneapolis homes, where they seized bombs, machetes, fireworks, knives, slingshots and marbles.

They knew that the first day of the convention — Sept. 1, 2008 — would likely bring the most violence. But they were still surprised by the “organization, tenacity and aggressiveness” of the anarchists.

They blocked intersections, threw rocks at police, and rocked the cars of employees trying to get to work.

Some said St. Paul looked like a police state. But the law enforcement response was fairly ineffective at first, according to the review commission’s report.

It was a game of “cat and mouse,” the report states. By the time police got to the site of violence and destruction, the anarchists would flee and go elsewhere.

“These were not unruly or wayward students,” the report states. “They were well organized, sophisticated and tenacious.”

Tampa police are being trained to tell the difference between peaceful protesters and lawbreakers.

It’ll be easy to point out someone lobbing a rock at police, Hamlin said. But from there it gets tougher.

Anarchists will likely disguise themselves as lawful demonstrators.

In St. Paul, a video showed anarchists dressed in black with bandannas over their faces disappear behind buildings and then reappear “looking like students and waving peace signs.”

“It’s definitely going to be tricky,” Hamlin said.

Tampa police won’t divulge their tactics. They figure lawbreakers read the news.

They also plan to carefully evaluate every arrest, Hamlin said.

Just because people are taken into custody doesn’t mean they’ll be charged, he said. Once they’re with law enforcement, police supervisors and attorneys will examine the facts.

Hamlin said he couldn’t say if this will happen at the jail or at temporary stations set up downtown.

“We don’t want to give away secrets,” he said. “But prosecutors and legal advisers will be embedded to the point where they will be weighing in on all the arrests.”



it became a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy on behalf of the police.

"anarchists throw urine and feces at police at these things, mr. reporter. those people are crazy!"

"we've never done anything of the sort. perhaps now we will."

speaks louder than words

So should we begin the conversation now? is it worth mobilizing the @ team this go round?

i'm not one to poo poo summit crashing but i don't feel any particular urge to give a damn about repubs or dems this coming election cycle. clearly my opinion is not very nuanced yet but this article is the first time i gave it any thought.


Well, it's also Florida, it was hard getting a lot of the A-Team down there in 2003 during the F.T.A.A. in Miami, and that was when the A-Team was still rocking strong (they are now again too, but there was that lull between the green scare arrests and the last RNC when there didn't seem to be as much activity).
St. Paul was awesome, but it was also closer to my house than Florida, maybe I'll go again...
Tempt me, A-Team...


alright, bro...which one of you is Brandon Darby? Anyone?


There was a call for revolution, and no one showed up.

Actually, that would be awesome. The PD spend a billion dollars to fight... and no one shows up!

Fighting cops is so 2001-2010:


We need to take over a building instead. Squat power!



no but seriously, this shit again? *every* damn summit, *every* damn convention, there's folks running around screaming this shit.

but it's true, the argument that we waste far too many resources in legal battles connected to throwing ourselves into arrestable positions at mass mobilizations is not without validity, and perhaps many tactics merit contextual review, and perhaps other tactics should be contextually deployed. it is also true that after the last RNC, we can expect the hammer to come down hard upon those nails that stick out.

regardless, i think the most appropriate response is to honestly talk about the risks and dangers as well as the potential gains, and allow individuals and affinity groups to make their own decisions about whether to go to something like the RNC or not, and it what capacity, rather than declaring what people should and should not do, in all caps, which is the internet equivalent of yelling.

I'm not of the mind to put myself into an arrestable position to push for some vague liberal agenda, which normally seems to be what gets attributed to the protests at conventions, and especially the GOP convention. I'm not really sure what the point is. Plus, there seems to be plenty to do at home with all the squatting going on. Does any one want to give me a good reason people should show up to this thing?

To Hannibal, “policeman” is just a word. He divides police into two categories: those who follow the law and those who do. Those who follow the law beat and pepper spray and assault protesters, violent or not. Those police who do follow the law shoot unarmed and handcuffed individuals in the back. It is important to keep this distinction in mind--the law abiding police as distinct from those who abide by the law--before jumping to any conclusions about proper police responses to protesters in Tampa.

let the shitheads play in their shithole. i ain't going to fucking tampa, and i live in the south. fuck no!

15,000 protesters? There hasnt even been a call to protest.

It's just an excuse to militarize the police force and rip off their city even more. They're playing to those holding their purse strings. They are full of shit.

and to justify ridiculous careers in "counter-terrorism" or JTTF squads of retards stumbling around looking for someone to entrap so they can keep their government paychecks.

well this is the worst promoted call to mobilize ever. for real how haven't we heard about this yet?

I heard about this when it came out. Whether anyone has heard about it since is another question.

I do think TBAG is funny.

TBAG? are you shitting me?

this seems like a moot conversation. i love rioting and summit hopping, but i don't know anyone in tampa, don't know anyone who knows anyone in tampa, haven't heard of a legit hardass group or crew, haven't read any papers or calls or anything of the sort. this is dumb. i'm not going.

it seems like putting a lot of effort into this thing wouldn't be very strategic. obama is going to vastly outspend the republicans in the coming elections and he's a wartime president, which together means the odds for reelection are extremely in his favor. if folks go to the rnc in order to stave off the republicans for another presidency than this one's basically already been decided for them. in this case it would be rather senseless to take on the burdens that come with a convention mobilization.


Isn't marilyn manson from tampa?

"They figure lawbreakers read the news." LOL

Naw, they read anarchist news only.

"We don’t want to give away secrets."

We have sekrets! We shall crack your e-mails! We shall not forget!

some copious video and post game analysis should reveal their sekrits.

Wow I wish we really were as bad-ass as they made us all out to sound.

I like the part where they're like "some people called us a police state, but we weren't even that effective. next time we'll have to be a lot meaner and do better."
The fucking NATIONAL GUARD was on the ground. The ACLU discovered illegal cooperation between the pentagon and the St. Paul Police... people were getting arrested off the sidewalks for being visibly from out-of-town... what else does there need to be for it to have been a police state?

It's also funny that they called the Tin Can Communications office an "anarchist command center"... lol

Snipers on the rooftops, natl. guard escorts out of jail for minor infractions!

he chhicago police and fbi are allowing crimmals to tortur you with electronics. they record you and play it back to you to drive

you crazy and say you have to go through somkind of neighbor hood board to make it stop ..but it's all illegal. and they also try

to make you believe that you will ahve to play along and that chicagops and fbi agents are being forced into pling the torture

game.. they try to make you fight people and they want help you because they over her you report them

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