Ultra-Left Autonomous Assembly

As the world slides deeper into climate catastrophe and as a tide of revolt against capitalism, the State, cis-hetero-patriarchy, anti-blackness & settler-colonialism re-emerges, we felt it necessary for those of us against the world as-it-is to gather and strategize here in so-called Los Angeles, Tovaangar. A gathering for those of us who bear no faith in electoral politics, reformism, representation or the possibility of a peaceful reconciliation with this world. We often find ourselves isolated & exist on the fringes of the so-called Left. This is not a call for a new organization, but a call to strengthen and extend our networks and create the projects we view as necessary in the world right now. Oppressive behavior of any kind will not be tolerated.

Date: February 16th, 2020
Time: To be determined
Location: To be determined

For updates & more: prolewave@pm.me


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"...cis-hetero-patriarchy, anti-blackness & settler-colonialism re-emerges..."

This sounds less ultra-left than West Coast protest ghetto, hermetically sealed in a ideological echo chamber, identity politics. Class against class politics, geared towards real people in the real world, is what we need

> Class against class politics, geared towards real people in the real world, is what we need

the irony is real people in the real world don't share your 19th century class reductionism at all, comrade.

The greater irony is that the vast majority of the fistful of "ultraleft" people in the real world still solidly, intransigently, reject identity politics and third-worldism and affirm the class perspective as the only possible revolutionary one. Yes, even the women, colored folks, sexual minorities, and those in/from developing countries.

While I ultimately go beyond class emphasis ultraleftism it's definitely the preferable discourse to shiddy turd worldist post-colonial ideology. That the better tendencies tried to re conceptualize 19th century radicals structures makes me sympathetic to them even though I don't ultimately go for them. What needs to happen is class and ID need to give way to elective affinity and association. Individualism not communism.

Is this Keating again?

While not in themselves a piece of critical theory on our world, they very sharply represent (and darkly satirize) the class dynamics in this society and how it's nearly fucking impossible to bring people around any unified cause, as we live through countless social strata where due to privilege and niche cultures we're led to wage war one against another, within and between even lower classes... so that before taking on the "rich", you'll have a dozen castes to go through. It also plays very well in the hands of the ultra-rich that the "little people" of all kinds are pitted in interstitial petty struggles to get more of the Power pie.

I do not doubt that a class consciousness may have been building up and converging in some social contexts, but let's get this straight: the people looking at this collective mirror image are only a portion of the total population, and hyper-localized in some neighborhoods, or at the least social settings (some poor suburbs).

I do think a revolutionary class consciousness is much needed in the less privileged milieus these days. It's either that, or just more decades of single-minded subservience to capital. But this consciousness has to translate into new ventures, tactics and infrastructures in the real world.

Also what if this class consciousness becomes something reactionary in the long run? A tribalist or racist thing?

It's really really about time revolutionaries like you read Jacques Camatte (esp On The Movement). And I mean, read it. It's not a complicated read...

What happened to my SSI direct deposit this month? Now I'ma really gonna go crazy!

seems like a nice meetup. hopefully they'll have an all-around good time, and some fun

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