Thoughts on what there is to come

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Thoughts on what there is to come

I'm generally pretty un-impressed by greta thunberg, i agree with her in terms of "you have not seen anything yet", but not the way she's using it. She's saying that the brave activists will overcome and march to create a better world, but the way I'm thinking of this is that that human civilization is going to be changed very dramatically by climate change, it probably won't wipe us out or make us extinct, but people are not going to be ready for it.

What are some future scenarios that you imagine happening in terms of climate change? There's hardly anything we can do to prepare for it, but there is a time and place for science fiction...

-- TaoistSlut

anon (not verified)
"Children of Men" is pretty

"Children of Men" is pretty much a documentary at this point.

TaoistSlut (not verified)
so you're thinking i post this

because i want to save you from disaster? Fat chance, i don't even know if i want to be saved from disaster, i guess it depends on what kind.

anon (not verified)
As bad as some central

As bad as some central business districts will be for panopticon surveilance, there will always be wild zones. So cheer up everyone, your future autonomy is what you train for now.

anon (not verified)
the warming trend seems

the warming trend seems undeniable. in the long run, who the fuck knows. but for the remaining few years of my life, i choose to be where water and nutrition persist in somewhat cold weather. as temps rise, it will be harder and harder to live closer to the equator, not just due to temperatures, but due to population concentration. as life migrates north and south away from the hottest places, i will already be where they are headed, though likely long dead.

Liminal D
Even for my black nihilistic soul optimism still wanes

I'm pretty sure colloquial moralism and conservatism among the most peace loving and conscientious organic back-to-the-lander will see me strung up and hanging by my neck. I don't believe I'm gonna make it to the dry aquifers, sterile soil and burning of fruit trees; although, I may get to see the washing machine powered by a bicycle before they kill me. Happy days!

Yep! Even if the West does panic-seed the atmosphere with salt, a pathetic eco-fascism and nativism still seem more likely spin-offs from the honed current in segregation and marginalisation of a contrary thought. Nevermind the conversation, disappointing deaths all round I think.

This sorrowful dog may just head for the equator.

senileoldtroll (not verified)
community defence

I was pleasantly surprised to see Bellamy list community self defence as an action item and completely agree. Without being limited to antifascism in the slightest, something approximating the best efforts of the more impressive antifascist collectives or land defence projects is where I think efforts might be worthwhile. Climate change is beyond us but the knock on effects will continue to trigger social tensions that you'd do well to be preparing for now, with people you trust.

Note that I'm not talking about running around LARPing in a tac vest or any of the other cringe shit. Don't mistake fetishized spectacle for learning how to defend yourself and your community.

TaoistSlut (not verified)
I've had similar thoughts

And shared them with a leftist/socially democratic friend of mine, but he just lives too far away for that to be practical.

seniletrolltrash (not verified)
don't worry, if there's truly

don't worry, if there's truly nobody in your local context, just wait another few years until the worst shit really gets cookin'

suddenly everyone's got angry opinions! hope I'm wrong but… yeah. probably not

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