5 Dark Green Anarchy: Smokin' &Talkin' with Rambler

From Dark Green Anarchy


Wombat visits Rambler for a smoke and chat. They talk about a recent discussion between John Zerzan and Bellamy Fitzpatrick, among other random topics.

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JZ is a freakin crypto-nihilist provocateur, No buts about it,
That was the elusive descriptive term we all were trying to pinpoiñt about JZ. We would think --" Ok, this guy hates civilization, hòt showers, cooking food, eating meat, vaccinations, all things which bring pleasure, and calls it "primitivism," . But,,,,,that's complex denial, its something else, all this negation ,,,"
We would think this, and all the time it was staring us in the face, but because JZ would always say something like "damn nihilists" ,,"urgh I'm tired of nihilists" " some lost nihilists without a clue "" etc, we didn't realise that HE was infact THE nihilist. ACRYPTO-NIHILIST.

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