At 10:26pm on Thursday February 13 Aragorn! walked on. After a debilitating stroke he baffled his doctors by dying and self resuscitating twice, then finally passed peacefully in his sleep.

A memorial will be held at a date to be determined. Watch here for more information.
If you have photos we would like them. You can send them to

He requests that memes be made about his death.

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Holy shit. Rest in peace A! We may have had our grievances between beliefs and scene drama but myself and others wouldn't have been where we are today without the work he's done through little black cart. We lost a good one today


really difficult to process. i barely knew him, but his projects had a big impact on my way of looking at anarchy and individuals. I have an inkling of what he meant to the people around him. It would be difficult to imagine me having a life even remotely the way its panning out without the intellectual shove from LBC, Anews, Abang, and (very occasionaly) The Brilliant. The loss that's difficult to overstate is the way he tried hard to bridge the gap with anarchists of different generations on the level of ideas. To call Aragorn "old guard" seemed tongue-in-cheek when he was around as the bogeyman of the social anarchists, but if he's gone right damn now at the start of 2020? words are failing me...

anarchy forever



What a loss. A force to be reckoned with.

pretty inspirational intellectual for me, really hammers out ideas, has dry explanations and good questions. I was also kinda bothered by some of things he said, but naturally that's punk. Felt like a lot of things he said in regards to "race" and id-pol could have been said in a different way, but I don't have anything bad to say about what he was and what he did during his time alive.

I mean, i wouldn't have fucking gone to an anarchist bookfair and brought up uhhhh...that book. I've always wanted to get to know him better, but yeah he died young, didn't really seem to be afraid of a whole lot. Almost died pretty close to 2020 as well.

Rest in peace old friend. It was a pleasure knowing and collaborating with you.

Still processing this. To be honest I was in denial at first. I fb messaged him asking if he was just fucking around. Now that things have started to set in, I just wanted to say, despite the public spectacle of the few disagreements we had, privately our conversations were warm and friendly. As I mentioned in a podcast, LBC was one of the first distros I came across that challenged social anarchism. I barely knew him, but I enjoyed the pleasant conversations we had privately the last couple months. RIP dude...

i thought, "no, must be a fucking troll who said this", i just fucking made, i think a few days ago, a topic about him specifically on the forums. Damn. Just goes to show, to be a hippy idealist, it's all connected, it's all unbelievable.

Oh man, RIP big A.

I know we disagreed on a lot but we also agreed on a lot too and had lots of common preferences in art and aesthetics, etc.even if my bantering at you u never got and thought i was a cunt i still <3 u.. Im gon seriously miss you man. you were a boi and one of the few good fuckin yanks..

RIP. Feed those worms, brother.

a new trickster god rises to the heavens

may his contributions to the anarchist galaxy multiply after his passing

Rest in power friend.

I remember all the times he made me laugh, all the book recommendations, the way he challenged my ideas, the nights he and L let me crash at their house when I came through Berkeley, his snarky wit, his adorable pit-bulls, talking me through & giving me advice on scene drama I was going through, his massive "anti-organizationalist" library, the movie screenings at the Long Haul, introducing me to other amazing people, the talks he gave at events, when he tried (and failed) to teach me drupal, when he stopped my kids mom from getting arrested for shoplifting a crate of juice, all of his many contributions to the Beautiful Idea: this website, Ardent Press & LBC, the podcasts, Black Seed, Green Anarchy, AJODA, the BASTARD conference & so much more.

But above all, I'll remember the way he made me laugh. I'm so grateful for so much that he did in his time on Earth & I'll miss him. The sandbox just lost an important playmate.

-A friend from Olympia


Everyone do something! Aragorn would hate it.

but at the same time he was crazy active about the things he believed in, i almost feel someone should make a meme with that picture, "crazy nihilist", but yeah was always sarcastic, enough to write about the subject matter of hostility in black seed and completely mean it. I congratulated him personally on that one i think. Such obscure subject matters he brought up, sarcastic among his crazy moralitarian-hipster subculture, i can't even begin to even say what an influential guy he was to so many people.


Aragorn first reached my radar with his essays in Green Anarchy, and later I became more acquainted with his thinking when LBC was founded and took over AJODA. He's been hugely influential for me over the years. I only met him a handful of times and we never exchanged more than a few sentences, but somehow this feels like losing a friend.

I think my favorite writings of Aragorn's were his Stories of the Bear People and Stories of Raccoon People.

Oh my gosh! I will miss his challenging leadership

How old was he?

late 20s

He was in his late 20's in the 1990's, maybe. Honestly not even sure but I am 50 and he was definitely around my age when I met him a few years ago.....

Aragorn was 49

The lbc site and the brilliant page are also down. Sad to see his work disappear.

Are there people who are gonna keep LBC running or is it dying alongside him?

i can be sure that LBC has been changed by this, but i'd be very surprised if they dropped it, i have been buying their books for years.

however, dot has insinuated that he was one of the few people who read every single manuscript, so yeah they might decide to close shop. I guess i wonder if they are going to throw a black flag over his remains.

What was aragorn's preferred body disposal?? He probably didn't even talk to anyone about it, lol. I mean, maybe he wanted the mostly quickly dissoluble given that he was a green anarchist, but, yeah i'm just really curious...death is certainly a very interesting part of the human emotional psyche, i mean i only met this guy IRL once.

there are ppl like myself who are willing to volunteer to help keep the site up.

I've been making sure every episode of The Brilliant gets archived as they've been posted (other than the ones intentionally removed). Even if the site doesn't go back online for some reason, you can find every episode by starting at the latest[1] and hitting the "previous post" link until you find it, or by just putting the link directly into if you have it.


i'm listening to episode #57, the discussion with the jewish new yorker about exclusion politics, homosexuality, anarchism.

I have to say, it's strangely fitting that the last episode of The Brilliant was one of the rare episodes with A! and Bellamy, and the first episode of a new season.

give us a chance to catch up. chances are very high that both the brilliant and lbc will be back up.
if you think it's easy to deal with him dying, mourning, figuring out everything he was doing, and then how to keep it running, then... well, just don't think that.
also, lbc might take a break since the hospital will be getting all the money for a while.
one of the remaining LBC people

Precisely disss.. <3