Anews Podcast 152 – 2.14.20

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Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

TOTW: You Will Know The Truth, And The Truth Will Set You Free with Ariel and a Friend

sound editing by Greg

What’s New was written by Greg, and read by Chisel and Greg.

1. The Knife – Heartbeat
2. The Smiths – A Rush and a Push

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I didn’t expect you’d put out one of these this week...
...voice cracking and everything, hope it helped and you didn’t push yourselves too hard.
haha Greg pro-burnout anarchist.
Regarding the TOTW:
I don’t base my life in capital T truth, but debase it with capital D Doubt, Discomfort, Dissonance, Discord, Derision, Disassembly, and Destruction! This is not an accurate statement, just wordplay.

I enjoyed the pace of the discussion, it was very quick and the rhythm was different. I had a similar experience to what Ariel described while study another macro academic field. Yeah Claire, question the question, tear it apart and spit on it, that’s the spirit! The different focus that may inevitably arise or not, is welcome.

Yesterday I re-listened to the last Abang episode and I heard the whole crew, and they were all great. I’ll enjoy listening to either and each of them as long as the program is something you enjoy doing and not an obligation or a burden. Take care all.

it's nice to have you be a regular here.

and greg, awesome choice of music for his goodbye episode.

Good stuff.

All I'm thinking is that t:s, regardless of size, is necessary to have a sober look at, engage and/or embrace, regardless of my own position. I don't see that as some kind of post-modern relativization bonanza, just humble honesty.

Full support to Ariel for continuing on A!'s footsteps (don't worry in case you do... you definitely got the kicks for it). Or at least that's my understanding of it...

Honestly my heart kinda melted as I heard Chisel's voice at the start of the show, and I think I know how it may feel, so hope she'll grow strength soon.

The music selections are top notch, Greg.
Thanks for keeping on keeping on!

thanks to the whole anews podcast crew for putting this out in the middle of all the everything going on. the familiar things and the new things... all greatly appreciated

This episode was so bittersweet, yet it feels so right. Looking forward to you all continuing, and gladdened Ariel is taking up the conversation. I really could lay it on thick, but I won't. Thank you all.

Arial you did great, and you got your own brilliance. I can totally relate to the things you said about the study of economics. So too with Chisel. I would love to hear more of Chisel's thoughts (both on the what's new this week and the TOTW) as I know they are also from a place of intelligence, experience, and humility. I understand if you both are holding back so as to keep the peace between you and the groups you critique. Chisel was also great in the last ABang too, as again I found myself learning more interesting things whenever they spoke (but too quickly pushed on to the next topic). I know I'm just a spectator, but I too am going to miss Aragorn!, yet perhaps now is the time to hear more from these other participants. Good work!


was teary eyed hearing the 'cracked voices' and the high pitches/tones but thanks for doing this. moving forward seems to be the 'right' direction. and anews podcast have been a 'grounding' mornin listen to me for quite some time. so thank you from oceans apart. we few but we listen.

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