NYC: Solidarity Action for Northwest Anarchist Fighters

  • Posted on: 3 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>In the early morning hours of August 2nd, we dropped two large banners from the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City facing traffic. One read "SOLIDARITY WITH NORTHWEST ANARCHISTS" while the other read "FUCK GRAND JURIES." We did this as a gesture of solidarity with the Anarchist fighters of the northwest, currently facing down the investigative apparatus of the state. Strength, comrades! Whether on the street, in a courthouse, or in a cell, our passion for freedom is stronger than their prisons.

Northwest revolutionary forces, you have inspired many of us while instilling fear in the hearts of politicians and police in your region. You have consistently shown nothing but love for your comrades in struggle and nothing but hatred for the reactionary forces of law and order. Repression does not mean you have done something wrong, it means you have done something right.

We would also like to take this opportunity to send revolutionary greetings to the Cleveland 4 and the Tinley Park 5. Your struggle is our struggle.

LONG LIVE ANARCHY</td><td><img title="The epitaph read: Love & Struggle." src=""></td></tr></t...




you're a pretty cool charles manson groupie.

there is no hope. seriously. why bother with such trivial and sad actions?

let's all commit mass suicide on the mall in DC to show our profound contempt and sadness at what they have done to our peoples and our world.


not sure how "there is no hope." gave you the impression i have hope. plus i've read all of that, a while ago. i'm am your future perspective. hello. life sucks.

Jaded anarchists, making everyone even more sad than we already were.

Hey jump up woop depression can be fun! Love tackling problems, woop woop, I'm depressed, woop, it's a challenge, woop woop, haha, laughing in the street out loud, woop woop,, they want to lock me away,, woop woop, laughing idiots are unprisonable woop woop!!!

Awesome. Solidarity. Fuck the trolls. Banner dropping in NYC is a big deal. I love it. More More More.
From one Brooklyn @ to another. Respect.

What's the deal with this new trend of being a "Brooklyn anarchist?" Back in the day, even when we all lived in Brooklyn, we were still "NYC anarchists."

Is this all because there was an Occupy Brooklyn?
Can we get any Queens anarchists up in here?!

I guess I just said that cause that's where I live. If I lived in Queens or the Bronx I would have said otherwise. Maybe because NYC is so big it's easier for me to break it down into the smaller boroughs. Occupy Brooklyn was short lived in my view, but there is still stuff happening in Sunset park.
Big ups to all NYC anarchists! (is that better?)

its not a new trend. my italian immigrant grandparents always referred to being from queens, long island city, or the specific names of their neighborhoods, never just new york city.

Regardless of their impact, banner drops will always be rad. (And like someone said, on an NYC bridge..even better)
Fuck the trolls.
Solidarity always.

Nice work!

Are there photos anywhere?

<3 from seattle

"Northwest revolutionary forces"

Thanks and mad love from the grey coast. Banner drops in capital's city will always be appreciated.

pics or it didn't happen

This thread delivers. Blurry, barely discernible, photographic proof.

that cabbie is likely now an anarchist.
just sayin.

or an @news troll.

Yup, see a banner and you're an anarchist, B@NG just like that.
Like when I joined a group of maoists in my youth by touching one of their pamphlets.

i don't really get why people do stuff like this. is it worth the trouble even if no one really reads/understands/cares about the banners, or is it jut for anarcho scene cred and to feel like they're "doing something"...?

You don't really get it then. What do you care? Some one IS doing so
Something, some one is trying to inspire people to spread the word. It's about a million times better than someone just commenting to a post on the Internet. The fact is people did SOMETHING, in the real world, to show solidarity. So... STFU or do something better yourself besides commenting.

We must always ask if something was done for the advantage of a sectarian approach. It is considerate it request people identify actions as not just from a general position, perhaps done instead so people can see the advancement of our small groups into the world. We must always ask: But sects? Let the reply always be: Yes!

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