Denver: August 21st: All in the Streets Against the Police

  • Posted on: 14 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">Colorado Indymedia</a>

Tuesday August 21st 6:00pm
La Alma Park (13th and Mariposa)

Justice for Kevin Ryberg!
End Denver police terror!
Free Amelia Nicol!
Solidarity with those resisting state repression in the Northwest!

On July 31st, metro area police murdered yet another unarmed person. 22 year old Kevin Ryberg was shot multiple times while being held in the back of a Denver police cruiser while it was en route to the District 2 police station in Northeast Denver.

Ryberg is alleged to have assaulted the officer driving the car. Police claim he was able to slip out of his handcuffs and somehow get through a metal and plexiglass security wall that specifically exists to protect a police officer from a passenger attacking them. A second police vehicle came up alongside the car. It is unclear which officer shot the suspect, and how the events transpired.</td><td><img title="Free Amelia. Give her wings!" src=""></td></tr...

At least one of the officers involved in the shooting, Randall Krouse, has a history of lying about suspects assaulting officers, not to mention using racially inspired epithets against suspects. According to the Denver Post, “In January 2006, Krouse used a Taser on the neck of a handcuffed drunk, Kenneth Rodriguez, 46, who ended up serving four days in jail after Krouse filed a report falsely accusing the suspect of assaulting another officer. A videotape of the incident showed Krouse asking, "Understando Taser?" before using the Taser while escorting the belligerent but unarmed Rodriguez into a holding cell.”

The dust has barely settled on this most recent shooting, but already it is hard not to think of the various incidents in recent history where Denver area law enforcement have killed unarmed suspects. The names of Alonzo Ashley, Oleg Gidenko, Marvin Booker, and Emily Rice are but a few that most in Denver might be familiar with.

Some of us may have thought that after two years that saw unarmed suspects die at the hands of local police in the month of July (Marvin Booker in July 2010, Alonzo Ashley in July 2011), there might be a reprieve this year. But we were proven tragically wrong.

The unfortunate reality is that although nothing much has changed with the Denver metro area's reign of police terror, the movement that had grown and evolved to counter act it has laid dormant for some time now. While elements of that movement and some of the spirit of that movement could be seen in various actions in Denver over the last 8 months, including Occupy Denver, the militant and confrontational anti-police movement that existed from 2010 until late 2011 has been sorely absent.

We are calling for all those enraged and sickened by local law enforcement terrorism to assemble on the night of Tuesday August 21st at 6:00pm at La Alma Park (13th and Mariposa) to show that the movement may have been dormant, but it is far from gone.

The date of August 21st is an important one for those of us who have been active with the anti-police terror movement, as it is the trial date for Amelia Nicol, a young woman who was originally arrested during a demonstration against police violence in May of 2011 and was facing double attempted murder of a police officer charges for her actions during the demonstration. While she was later completely cleared in that case, in October of 2011, just months after being released from jail for her previous charges, she was again arrested in the raid of an alleged squat in Northwest Denver. Amelia has been jailed since December. Some 8 months after being kidnapped from her community, she will finally face trial.

On the night after the opening date of her trial in this most recent case, we will show she is not forgotten, and that her spirit of defiance lives on in the streets of Denver!

Our voices and fists will also be raised in solidarity with rebels in the Northwest who now find themselves the targets of FBI raids and grand juries. On Tuesday August 21st the night and streets will belong to those of us who dream of a world where the terrorism of the police, FBI, grand juries, ICE, and all the tools of state and white supremacist repression no longer exist. Our dreams cannot be contained by ballot boxes or petition gathering and false promises of hope and change. We know that our dreams will only come from struggle against those who enforce, protect, and profit from parasitic social, economic, and political relationships.

See you in the streets!

Sources/further information (these links are for informational purposes only, and their listing does not indicate an endorsement of this march or this call by the parties linked below):

Denver cops named who were involved in fatal shooting of suspect - The Denver Post




those are some sweet side burns

What are Nicol's charges? What was her bail? Did she not want to be bailed out again?

Felony 2nd degree burglary. One of her co-defendants (an occupy denver piece of shit) rolled on her and named her the "ringleader" and likely split town. Amelia did not attend a hearing where other co-defendants had their charges reduced to misdemeanor trespassing and was subsequently arrested in Loveland, CO during an attempted blockade of a WalMart distribution center for failure to appear. For quite some time she has been ineligible for bond, and once the Loveland case was cleared her bond has been upwards of $50,000, probably because the prosecutor considers her a flight risk.

Occupy Denver piece of shit? the person was a participant in their events but far as I know Occupy Denver has until a month ago been the only people doing any sort of solidarity work for the eight or so months she's been in jail.

Please define what you mean by "solidarity work" other than kinda listing her on your website and sending her occasional letters... Did y'all pony up a lawyer? Or raise her initial bond? Or anything else? At all? Funny stuff coming from the remnants of Occupy these days...

People involved in the occupation actually did help pay her (and her fellow arrestees) initial bond in October, through some pass the hat at a GA, though on the lawyer front its true that she hasn't gotten one from OD or individual occupiers.
Aside from that, though, when she was arrested in December and held for a good six months, in solitary for much of that, as far as I know, the only organization listing her as a prisoner, reporting on her arrest, and providing an address and the ability to deposit commisary funds was Occupy Denver. In addition, some people at least as involved in the occupation as the snitch piece of shit you mentioned went to where she was held an hour out of town to visit her. It may not be much, but for those months it was the only support she got and it's not be dismissed. People make mistakes, and remedy them, which is why it's great to see her getting organized anarcho support again but I object to seeing those that took part in an occupation that was her only (disjointed and often informal) support for several months lumped in the same category as snitching piles of shit to satisfy some agenda or grudge.
-Someone who doesn't even like occupy that much, jesus christ!

OK, that's all well and fine aside from just simply being untrue.

The Occupy Denver website has significantly less info about Amelia on it than websites belonging to a certain other organization in Denver who also happened to do notably more support for her.

Nice dodge. The organization in question might have more info on her now, but what was in question isn't right now, it's the fact that she had zero official support from December 2011 to June or July (forget when) of 2012 from any organization but Occupy Denver. You can spin it however you want but that's a fucking fact. In fact if we're refering to the same organization I believe they spread a year end review back in December that easily made it sound like Amelia was free and good when she was in fact facing serious charges, in solitary and on hunger strike. The fact that OD was the only organization supporting her for six-seven months of her imprisonment was my original claim, and instead you just dodged. It's cool that other groups have come around, but unlike those other groups, occupy has maintained consistent support for her and to insult them for funzies cause you want the world to know your grudges is just childish.

More like: solitary for amelia and death for marvin booker

Solidarity from the bay - keep that shit resonating. FTP!

More bay solidarity! I love you all, keep it up and keep it strong. Amelia- your the best. Can't wait to see you in the streets again someday, comrade.

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