Anews Podcast 158 – 3.27.20

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Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast is on anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

sound editing by Greg

Reading by Chisel of Rethinking the Apocalypse: an anti-futurist manifesto from Indigenous Action

No TOTW conversation this week

What’s New was written and read by Chisel and Greg

1. MARIE MADELEINE – The Nihilist Song

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the best podcast, the only podcast, we’re not worthy, put it behind a paywall (a compliment, a hyperbole, not unsolicited business advice)

Thanks for keeping on!

Rethinking the Apocalypse was the best of the virus pieces, and Chisel thanks for your reading of it.
When I read it I was heartened by it. I wanted to comment on the post but what to say? It really doesn't need my commentary, it speaks for itself.

Wonderful podcast, am very happy to hear the anti-futurist manifesto which shares many views I’ve held but find tough to find agreement with. I found your site bc of no no no on yt promoting underdark, from a search on afropessimism. I’m stoked to find a resource like this, thank you for what you’re doing, for what we need to do.

In their bedrooms online posting memes behaving like every one else. And do the Marxists still believe that the masses will rise they will do as they're told....stay home. Yes, this global power shift has revealed there really is hardly any counter energy out there.... it was zine, podcast bravado. live and learn. come on flower bomb, where are you now with your nihilism ha ha ha stuck indoors, that's where you are. Come on, the rev is on....let's mobilise.... ha ha ha

Several ppl, including your favorite normies, have been enjoying the weather outside. If you weren't that sheepishly isolated you'd know...

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