New Zine Available from the NC Piece Corps: The Lowry Wars

  • Posted on: 8 November 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href-"">NC Piece Corps</a>

Hey y’all,

Just in time for the 3rd Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair, we’re excited to announce that the NC Piece Corps has published a new zine. The Lowry Wars: attacking North Carolina’s plantation society in the age of Reconstruction surveys the turbulent eight years of struggle against White supremacy and the plantation system in Robeson County, NC after the Civil War. The passive resistance of Black and Lumbee communities of the time gave way to an aggressive campaign of attack against the White establishment of the time, all the while exposing the hypocrisy, limitations, and true function of the Republican Party’s Reconstruction efforts as it abandoned its efforts at racial reconciliation to subdue and repress the popular uprising. From the text:</td><td><img title="race" src=""></td></tr><...

“On December 21st, 1864, a wealthy slaveholder and minor official of the Confederacy named James P. Barnes was ambushed on his way to the Post Office in RobesonCounty, North Carolina. After being initially cut down by a shotgun blast, Barnes was shot at point blank range in the head…Thus began a period of roughly eight years of almost uninterrupted, multiracial attacks on plantation society in southeastern North Carolina. Dozens of sheriffs and White supremacist militia were murdered, plantations and White-owned stores expropriated, and five different successful prison breaks carried out, in what to this day represents a period of marked pride and dignity for North Carolina’s Lumbees.”

This piece is a draft version of a much larger writing project that friends here are working on, focusing on a broad history of different uprisings and insurrectionary moments across the last 300 years of Southern history. We hope to get feedback from folks on this and other pieces we’re working on. Feel free to print and distribute this at your liesure, and let us know what you think!

The text is available at


Is there a link to the zine? Looks great!

Oh fuck yeah! I got introduced to the Lowry gang in a History Channel documentary about Reconstruction and loved the story, so the same told by anarchists is very exciting.

yah its some cool stuff....word on the street is that the next section released will be on the ogeechee insurrection of 1868, in georgia-- a several months long insurrection where former slaves kicked out all the plantation owners, communized all the crops and harvest etc. and had some weird crazy manifesto that banned "unnecesary" work and shit....

Damn, Crimethinc is off on tour and Carrboro Chapel Hill still rocks book fairs, action camps on hella zine releases all in a month! You folks never sleep!

Bourbon and coke my friend. Bourbon. and. Coke. Its got what you need, and what you want. But thanks. I wish we were going harder. always. but if we cant roll as hard as wed like, at least our drinks can. oh dear.

Whatevs, I heard that even though a lot of y'all don't claim anymore that place is still basically an anarcho-straightedge mecca where parties revolve around food, games, dancing or lively conversation and not booze and being visibly intoxicated is considered tacky instead of reasonable. That's probably one of a few reasons why y'all get so much awesome stuff done.

its true, too much is not so good for getting shit done. but just a little at the right moment is good for what ails ya.

yeah, that shit sucks. Let's take it back to the dayz of the P.O PUUUNNXXX. amiright?

2 stars to anyone who gets my joke

ya know i miss em. but then i remember that one of them called me a sand nigger lover after 9 11 for opposing the war in afghanistan. and then i miss em less.

I actually get this joke, but don't technically live in chapelthrill

Whatever. My town's got a giant fucking acorn.

And I heard the Really Really Free Market was awesome this month. Mad people turned out, the puppet troop haters love to hate did an awesome show that all the young kids loved it and I saw photos of a ballot box pinata and a badass "No matter who wins, we lose" banner right across from a 100 person line of people waiting to early vote. And then on top of everything there was a 50 person unpermitted street march that left from the market and had a rally at the apartment complex that's getting gentrified with speakers who live there but are getting kicked out of their homes. They got harassed by the pigs and didn't give a fuck. Y'all fuckin' rule, hold it down!

hey friends, fyi, as per some folks requests we ll try to get a text, easy to read version of this piece up on the nc piece corps website asap, so folks who dont want to flip back and forth between pdf pages from the zine or print it can still read and use the text if they wish. apologies that we aint more text savvy with some shit.

Lol, damn, I actually read it the hard way...its like going to the movies a week before its released to video.

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