A dress rehearsal of subjugation of the population and a state-sponsored massacre

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Francesco Benozzo
A dress rehearsal of subjugation of the population and a state-sponsored massacre

For days now, like many people, I have been pondering the true meaning of the clowning which has taken place on a planetary scale in recent weeks. As a professor of philology, that is to say, as a scholar of communication systems, I have increasingly developed the idea that we are very simply facing general evidence of subjugation of populations.

As if this were not enough, precisely because I am a “scientist”, I cannot help but notice that this is evidence orchestrated by the new religion (monotheist, anti-dialogical, totalitarian) of the contemporary world: the one represented by the so-called “science”.

We have known for a long time that science is a narration, that progress in the various disciplines has been made through dialogue, refutations, debates. I am hence not talking about science, which in the meantime continues to practice its craft, consisting essentially of the art of doubting the truth and all truth, but about its grotesque distortion which instead holds that it is (or rather pretends to be) the bearer of the only truth.

Let’s look at the pathetic situation in Italy, without going any further: a particularly aggressive seasonal illness has brought our health system to its knees, since there are about 5,000 intensive care beds within the peninsula with 60.5 million inhabitants. The form of disclosure for dealing with this structural defect was not to claim that the country was broken because of its self-declared inefficiency, but instead, to declare, through the scientists who are the sole possessors of the truth, that this is a terrible epidemic.

Citizens were not asked to help the serious shortcomings of the country by admitting chronic and steadily worsening guilt, but, without even a mock parliamentary debate: house arrest was imposed on them, based on a strategy of terror which is giving rise to situations, the consequences of which cannot even be imagined.

Let us be clear: in 2020, in a state of 60.5 million inhabitants, there should be at least 60,000 intensive care places. The rest is nonsense, which naturally takes the form of dramatic images of overcrowded wards, nurses who are exhausted, if not dead, coffins without flowers, stacked outside hospitals and taken away by army vehicles and which takes the form of the pornographic daily bulletins with the numbers of infected, hospitalised, cured and dead people and all of this while the police are roaming the streets, while the Civil Defence orders people to barricade themselves in their homes using megaphones, while the balconies are filled with lobotomised citizens praising their homeland, and while the virological gurus, who have recently started talking about God (by contrast with His Holiness the Pope) warn, in the name of science, about the new deaths that we will have to count.

If we keep in mind that every day, even in these days of an emergency, while its prime minister appears on Facebook channels worried and pale in appearance, asking everyone to “fade away in cohorts”, the Italian government spends 70 million euros on the military (two billion a month), and that with only one day of this spending, i.e. with the 70 million spent every twenty-four hours, six new hospitals could be built and equipped, with the leftover change paying for 500 respirators, we can describe the current emergency, in no uncertain terms, as a state-sponsored massacre.

This epidemic is a fake epidemic. No one can say, of course, whether it is fake because it was created who knows where and with who knows what interests, about which a philologist, at least, is unable to comment.

But it’s fake because it hides the real problem.

It’s fake because it feeds on the terror created around it.

It’s fake because every day in Italy, from the beginning of December to the end of March, 350 people die of common or garden flu without ending up in a daily bulletin that keeps us all alerted.

It’s fake because every day in Italy about 500 people die from a tumour, 30% of them from lung cancer, without citizens being placed in lockdown in a police state to avoid breathing the air that makes them ill.

It’s fake because among the so-called “powers” that be there are no dissenting voices in the chorus, all of the members of which appear aligned in supporting a single narrative, according to all the strategies listed, for example, by Noam Chomsky to obtain the manipulation of the masses: 1. A strategy of distraction; 2. Creating problems and then offering solutions (they are all already waiting for the magical and elusive vaccine); 3. A gradually increasing and exponential strategy (the increasingly stringent limitations); 4. The strategy of deferral (presenting a solution as “painful and inevitable”); 5. Using emotional aspects more than argumentation (apocalyptic images, war bulletins); 6. Keeping people in ignorance and mediocrity (the virologist cannot be questioned, we are unable to do so); 7. Encouraging citizens to be complacent with mediocrity (flash mobs and other mass/herd manifestations); 8. Insinuation of a sense of guilt (we are all potential contaminants and anointers); 9. Knowing individuals better than they know themselves.

This fake epidemic is a general dress rehearsal of
subjugation of populations, a pantomime based on a scientocracy which, unfortunately, can only be described, through its dramatic results, as a state-sponsored massacre.

Francesco Benozzo
Professor of Philology at the University of Bologna

KafkianNihilist (not verified)
thanks for the info on Italy

a lot of people in the U.S. are using Italy's rapid increase in COVID-19 cases as an argument for draconian forms of isolation and fear. And if states were actually created for public benefit, they wouldn't be wasting so much money on military infrastructure...well...it's not wasting, it's being used against the people within/without the nation states...Really that's the reason the U.S. is also freaking out, they're actually being obliged to use their enormous coffers of resources to help the sick, which is catastrophic since the system is so used to being as a tool for exploitation and control.

anon (not verified)
Official Italian Quarantine song
anon (not verified)
i like the general message.

i like the general message.

but this is a stretch...

"It’s fake because every day in Italy about 500 people die from a tumour, 30% of them from lung cancer, without citizens being placed in lockdown in a police state to avoid breathing the air that makes them ill."

... because a) much lung cancer is from smoking cigarettes, and b) since when would a lockdown keep people from breathing air? as if every home has an antiviral air filter?

anon (not verified)

Not a stretch IMO. If we're playing MUH SAVE LIVES AT ANY COST then they could ban cigarettes and cars. I'm not advocating it, but they could. They could save lives every flu season just by shutting the schools for a few weeks. Maybe thousands of lives.

prisoner (not verified)
any narrative about "collective good" is bound

to be messy, especially when it comes from glorified slavers.

Take the word overseer, like a sample
Repeat it very quickly in a crew, for example
Overseer, overseer, overseer, overseer
Officer, officer, officer, officer
Yeah, officer from overseer
You need a little clarity? Check the similarity!

anon (not verified)
War on Death

I don't know where I first saw it posted, it thought it was on anews, but it must have been on twitter:

I didn't get much out of the article, but the obvious connection really got me thinking.
That connection being: War on Communism-> War on Drugs->War on Terror->War on Death

I listened to that The Brilliant episode where A! mentions that big anarchist meeting they all had after 9/11

And then just while I was chewing on that, to really hammer it on that this is the timeline we're on:


Fauvenoir (not verified)
Article was fun read,

Article was fun read, refreshing for a leftie activist-leaning site, but no it didn't really got to the point of tanks in the streets in the US, afaik. I like the spirit of this writer who's being a lot more anti-government as today's anarchos would be expected to be, and this is where "we", imo, have failed to grap a moment, and instead, that other "anti-establishment" crowd, the Far Right zombies, have sadly become the most recognizable opposition to the Covid State.

On your 9/11 comparison... We even had meetings between liberal academic students on the wake of 9/11, so anarchists meeting too was obvious.

But here, back in March, meetings didn't happen afaik because people weren't really sure what to expect... then (mostly) everyone got scared and went in isolation. I think some well-connected people were talking very seriously this maybe 1-2 weeks in advance but that's it. Like I remember catching a student group and a community food bank in the middle of some tense privy meeting, a few days before the full State drama exploded, but nothing more public.

So yeah, there was no writing on the wall or any other major event... just a fake promise that everything would go back to normal in like 2 weeks after the Ides of March, and we all know what happened, now.

anon (not verified)
i see the writer's use of the

i see the writer's use of the word "fake" as horribly coercive. their basic point about authoritarian capitalization on the current situation is spot on, but calling the severity of this situation with the new coronavirus "fake" is pathetically political.

Karl (not verified)


“If it can’t be proven false, it isn’t scientific.”

This- the standard measure of “doing science” vs a cattle call of absurd models projecting endless mayhem for the underprivileged.

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