Virginia Anarchist Arrested, Support Funds Needed

  • Posted on: 6 August 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Richmond, Virginia:

On Monday, July 27th, our friend and comrade, Stephen Loughman, was arrested and charged with “breach of peace” for his support the week before at an anti-KKK rally in Columbia, SC on July 18th, 2015. Local activists had called on folks from across the southern region to help South Carolina’s communities stand against the Klan and other hate groups, who like many groups were trying to use the Confederate flag debate as a recruitment tool.

We would like to bring attention to the many mistakes the media made while covering this story. Even though the chapters of the Ku Klux Klan and National Socialist Movement (a neo-Nazi group) were also from out of state, the media and the local sheriff’s office would have you believe that Stephen makes “a career” out of traveling around and causing trouble. This is blatantly untrue and is a tactic that has been historically used to undermine people’s movements struggling for liberation, particularly in the South. In addition, the skewed coverage by WISTV10 also fails to mention Stephen as an explicitly anti-racist protester, potentially putting his reputation and safety on the line. Stephen was also never contacted for his part of the story. While we understand that white power hate groups have a history of seeking retaliation against people who oppose them, including harassment, intimidation, and physical violence, we want to take this opportunity to clarify why Stephen was there because the media did not do so. This irresponsible coverage has the potential to put our friend in real danger in a multitude of ways.

The smear campaign that has begun against Stephen is an obvious attempt to distance South Carolina residents from any image of discontent and anger against both popular and institutional white supremacy. The KKK and the NSM are trying to defend and proliferate white supremacy at all costs. In the wake of righteous sadness and anger, fueled by Dylann Roof’s acts in Charleston, the state and the police still stand to protect these and other hate groups that inspired him. His political violence in the murder of 9 black people was a spark that lit the fire against institutions set up in South Carolina centuries ago. From the clandestine attacks on a dozen black churches, to the every day brutality of police departments and prisons across the country, we can be sure that white supremacy is alive and well in the U.S.

Although Stephen was in direct contact with the arresting officer the day of the protests, he was never arrested or told he had a warrant until he went back to South Carolina to retrieve his confiscated phone a week later. He was then taken to the deplorable Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, where he was held in unclean facilities. Steve has since had to see a doctor for a Staph infection he received in custody.

Don’t let the authorities and the media paint the events of July 18th as the work of a lone white anarchist. The communities that stood against white supremacists, the true “outside agitators,” that day did so on their terms, to defend their city. If that means calling friends for help, so be it.

Towards a world without white supremacy,
The Defend Steve Support Committee

to donate to Steve's support efforts:

A sample of the ludicrous coverage:



There were also a handful of other arrests, including one guy who is in for at least ten months due to a probation violation, who may need funding help. If that ends up being the case, people should keep their ear to the ground if theyre able to help out that person financially. (It will be posted). Im not saying this to say this person shouldnt also get any logistical support they need, but i wanted to put it out there.

Take up arms against the racist police state!

Listen, I hate cops. They tend to be dumb fucks and bullies. However, they are cogs in the system too. Fighting the cops or fighting a political fight will fail. It is technology that is to blame. It is technology we must seek to destroy. We would not be able to have a centralized police state without advanced technology. Cops are NOT taught to be racist or hot headed. Of course many are. I know from my own personal experiences how brutal and retarded the cops are. However, their behavior is a symptom of technology and civilization and how people put in these positions of power within a civilization go insane. The system does not want them to be brutal and racist. In fact, during police training they try and teach them to subdue suspects with as little force as possible and use manipulation rather than force. When a cop beats someone up it does NOT serve the system. People get it on video and get angry and cause trouble for them. The type of cop they want to create is a cool headed person who doesn't get easily angered or emotional. Having said this, I have no problem if you want to kill some cops. Although, I think that it would be better to put our efforts into destroying technology and focusing on restoring autonomy through going back to a more primitive way of life. It was no Garden of Eden but it beats this mess we're in. Fuck the police indeed but remember cops are just a symptom of a much more formidable enemy.

Other arrestees please get in touch with us! We have been in contact with another person, but weren't sure how to reach others. Since the harsh media attention we wanted to get something out there asap but we definitely want to make connections with others that were arrested during this action!

This is silly. The Klan no longer has any power. They are small group that most people, even conservatives deplore. They have a right to exist as long as they aren't harming anyone. By getting violent with them and trying to suppress them you are trying to deny their freedom of speech something people against fascism would not logically do. Racism is a problem when it is institutionalized. Racism in this day and age does NOT help support the system. The system relies on worker bees and cogs to be compliant and do their jobs. If everyone was having race wars at work this would not be conducive to what the system wants which is productivity. Leftists essentially fight for what the system wants. Basically, they are doing the system's job for it. I recommend reading Technological Slavery by Theodore Kaczynski. Before you call me a racist, fascist, blah blah blah...I'm not. I do not think race issues have any place in the fight against technology which is what controls us. I do not support racism but I leave people alone who have racist views because there are much bigger fish to fry.

Yes, I am certain you would love if the Antifa stopped messing with the KKK, fascists and others but it isn't going to happen. Racist groups like the KKK do not 'leave others alone', even if they use non-violent methods to spread their message, the message is an attempt to persuade society to commit extreme violence against minorities -- therefore violence is a perfectly acceptable way of countering this threat.

Nice try, however.

Yes, and its not the KKK or any other fascist club are the ones actually raping the earth with technology. Like you say, Leftists are henchman and dupes for those running the technological machine, the big fry. Right wing are little pawns in the big picture, like Nazis, most of them are mixed - up lost souls looking for attention.

What's interesting is that no amount of antifatarded organizing could stop the Donald Trump phenomena which is tied to a reactionary resurgence in recent years. That should make these idiots think for a while how inconsequential their ideological turf wars are in affecting these greater externalties that drive ideological ages into either radical or(currently) reactionary ages.

Ideologues of all kinds don't leave anyone alone.

I guess ideological ages go for approx 50yrs, varies depending on the average lifespan and generational transference, but highly variable depending on the strength of educational and authoritarian institutions. These days its as if the dominant capitalist power brokers are going for a self-perpetuating homogenized consumption social mechanism which will turn out money up to the point of extinction, like an expanding cancer cell requiring the least amount of enforcement, since that's the most costly overhead, controlling the radicals who are continually chipping away at the edifice of authority. Even Hitler by comparison looks like a choir boy, considering the 200 million killed in the underdeveloped regions by the Western allied exploitation.

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