Enbridge valve and pipeline sabotaged

  • Posted on: 6 January 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From MTL Counter-info

What better way to start a new year than by shutting down some fucking oil pipelines?

Sometime in the night of January 3rd, 2016 individuals stole into the dark near so-called Cambridge and used a manual pipeline valve to restrict the flow of Enbridge’s Line 7. We then applied our own locking devices to delay response time.

Line 7 is another recently-expanded tarsands pipeline operated by Enbridge, running parallel to Line 9 & flowing 180,000 bpd of tarsands crude.

This action was undertaken to show our ever lasting love and support to the brave folks who’ve taken similar actions in the traditional territories of the Huron-Wendat, Mohawk, and Anishinaabek people.

Further, we take action to counter the new narrative of the state; to swing back at the grossly inflated charges those in Sarnia received, and show that we will not be cowed.

We fight for the land and water; and we fight for our lives.

We will always fight back, whether it’s with the sun warming our faces, or the moonlight to guide us.

Join us.

No tarsands, no pipelines.


Oléoduc et saupape Enbridge sabotés

Comment mieux fêter le nouvel an qu’en coupant quelques putains d’oléoducs?

Pendant la nuit du 3 janvier, 2016, des individus se sont profités-es du noir non loin du soi-disant Cambridge et ont tourné une soupape manuelle pour contraindre l’écoulement de la Ligne 7 d’Enbridge. Nous avons ensuite attaché un dispositif de verrouillage pour empêcher leur réponse.

La Ligne 7 est encore une oléoducte transportant l’huile des sables bitumineuses qui a récemment subi une augmentation de sa capacité. Elle suit en parallèle la ligne 9 et transporte 180 000 barils de pétrole brut par jour.

On a entrepris cette action pour faire preuve de notre amour éternel pour les courageux-euses qui se sont engagés-es dans des actions semblables dans les territoires traditionnelles des peuples Huron-Wendat, Mohawk et Anishnaabek.

Et de plus, nous passons à l’action pour combattre le nouveau discours de l’état, pour lutter contre les accusations absurdes et exagérées portées contre ceux-celles arrêtés-es à Sarnia et pour montrer que nous ne serons pas intimidés .

Nous luttons pour l’eau et pour la terre, et nous luttons pour nos vies.

Nous résisterons toujours, soit par la soleil qui nous chauffe les visages, soit par la lune qui nous guide.


Non aux sables bitumineuses, non aux oléoducs.



A question: The original communique had capitalization and little punctuation. Some sources chose to reproduce a more standard English when publishing it (like this source), while others left it as is. Interestingly, while MTL counter-info made these changes, they left a typo in the title of the french version: "saupape" instead of "soupape". The translation, posted first on reddit, it seems, wrote with standard French syntax.

Presumably, the purpose of the non-standard English structure was to make writing styles harder to trace? Is that not part of the content of the communique that should be understood by folks reading it who might attempt a similar action against this long and undefendable piece of infrastructure?

Immortal questions...

Hmm... perhaps. I've seen a better French version here published before this one, and wonder why MTL-Counterinfo discarded it:

Maybe it's just the circumstances.

Anyways the action stays the same behind the wording.

Probably MTL counterinfo just posted what was submitted to them. Probably someone just submitted the text and the translation from this reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/AnarchistNews/comments/3zf0et/enbridge_valve_pi...

Probably, whoever submitted it made a typo in the title, since the title of the translation on the reddit has no title. Probably...

If you're correct, then subsequent editing would only help with that and it should definitely be standard practice

It's really nice of those artsy people for doing those fancy version of communiques for being printed and spread. Anarchy with style is always better anarchy (even if style doesn't give it more value in itself, it's just more appealing to the eyes).

So friggin good

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