Anarchy Radio 06-09-2020

Anarchy Radio 06-09-2020

From Anarchy Radio

Kathan co-hosts. Glories of the anti-racism groundswell. Militarization, scapegoating of anarchists nothing new.Spontaneous, leaderless explosion. Protestors may be moving past voting (NYT, June 7). Warmest May in history, highest CO2 levels in history. Massive diesel spill in Arctic Russia, national emergency. Gulf of Mexico 'Dead Zone' grows. Mass killing sprees. Failure of remote learning, more against 5G. Resistance briefs.

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He goes on and on and on and on about the lame Left yet he will use the same lame Left who claim CO2 causes temperature to increase.... week after week he throws this into his dogma. And he rants about mainstream media ONLY to quote it when msm agrees with his dogma. And likewise with governments when the IPCC fits his dogma. JZ, there is plenty of evidence out there which has thoroughly discredited CO2. Yes, there is plenty of nasty shit going on such as MONEY or more importantly the control of money: some uber rich banking families who control foundations who control the media including the selections for the elections. So, let's have critique of the who controls the most fundamental mechanism of exchange: money and more importantly, its control.

I'm a nihilo-anarch who believes higher CO2 actually produce a cooling effect. John D Hamaker's the Survival of Civilization explains why, also a good section on compound interest banking, population and the monopolization of wealth. Basic primal scientific data and emperical analysis non-politicized.

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