New anarchist video platform: Kolektiva

Received via email from Kolectiva

Presenting Kolektiva - a new online platform for anarchist and anti-colonial videos

As of today, anarchists and anti-colonialists from all over the world have a new platform for sharing videos, and helping to make them available in multiple different languages. We're calling this project Kolektiva. Watch the video below to learn more about it, and how you can get involved.

You can find versions of the video in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek and Arabic on

Please share this call within your networks. We are still looking for anarchist & anti-colonial filmmakers, content producers and translators who are interested in helping to grow this project and help it meet its potential.

In Solidarity,
The crew @ Kolektiva

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Activism... Collectivism... Symmetric @ logos... Mastodon...

How more anti-individualist communard can it get?

Can't wait for MORE reports on mass movements! Uuuuuugh.. -_-

it says it's submedia + antimidia plus others

don't be so picky, what are you, an eco-fascist individualist?

"Symmetric @ logos"

Really? that is a problem and noteworthy? You like the hot topic ones better?

Oh, it's ok everyone; I saw an asymmetrical anarchy symbol in the video

Not a problem... just lame to look at. Looks flat and boring like bureaucracy... But maybe it's just my hatred of symmetry and picture-perfect "cleanliness" in general.

There doesn't appear to be any videos on PeerTube, the few videos I've watched so far are redirected to a site called TrooTube.

Let's see, umm, thecollective go all chic and Fellini-esque and start a project in the Bay Area and re-invent their media dept. Kolektiva run by a doper.

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