Video from the Clashes in the Center of Athens During the Passing of the Junta Law Tactics

Athens, Greece: July 9, 2020: video from the clashes in the center of Athens during the passing of the junta law tactics designed to break up gatherings from the greek government..

via: act for freedom now!

Ashes to Aspiring Oligarchies, Tuesday 8 /7 & Thursday 9/7

The fate of democracy has always been sealed. States and the conservative needs of society require, from time to time, shutting the door on even the most basic freedoms. A law is just a signal to the masses that security, has arrived.

We know what is coming. We have experienced direct preparation with new policing tactics designed to break up gatherings. For the young people who will be flooding the streets these years let’s be humble. For them, it is new. And whether the historical memory includes similar or not, it’s best to speak to an audience and not ourselves.

The government has lowered the bar, admitting that they are in such a weak position that any “disruption of commerce” is unnacceptable.

Anarchists too, are in a difficult position. Changing times necessitate abandonment of some strategies. For our own ability to keep fighting and the furtherance of anarchy. 2020 is not the time of strict ideological approach, which is hopefully very obvious.

We are encouraged by neighborhood based activity such as consistent breaking of former occupations.

We know that small planned activities will be repressed greatly. As for the center, the importance of large scale “economic harassment” is declared by the state themselves. Abandonment is not an option. The ball is in our court on how to move forth.

Tuesday and Thursday, a meeting in the streets regarding our future.



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This stuff kept happening every 2-3 years over there, with somewhat varying levels of intensity. I don't see where this is all going...

Uprisings got bigger in the US lately anyways, even if they didn't had too good optics (the filthy rich are still resting easy in their palaces, who cares?). Riots are interesting moments of blur, tho behind them if often hidden the capitalist creep. The revolted youth selling off after a few months or years, to a gently rectified, upgraded normal. Are mass uprisings just ways for a new generation to climb up the ladder, or break it apart? Gotta ask yourself...

Maybe the whole game is always about trying to keep a lid on the uprisings? Maybe the weird part is that they aren't constant and maybe that's mostly about a recent, decadent complacency that is very, very temporary in the grand scheme of things?

The most "decadent complacency" is within the shallow morals behind comformity and resignation.

Maybe you haven't seen enough student or office parties where decadence is the dominant pathos.

My greatest point of contention with authoritarianism (the general authoritarianism we got in this society) is this decadent morality... where the Law becomes the only moral compass, and people accept any new order just "because they say so".

The whole Covid tragedy has made this pattern bold and clear to everyone. If they suddenly decide to restrict the use of a public beach, or keep a campus shut down even as cases have reached a bottom level, and this goes all unopposed, that's pure authoritarianism right there.

"Maybe the whole game is always about trying to keep a lid on the uprisings?"

What do you mean here... Riots as pressure release valves? In that sense, maybe...

Look, lol, I understand the meaning of "communication". You likely aren't getting it as much as I do.

Like when writing sentences for unknowns to read over the internet, you try to make sure people won't get at least 2-3 different, and contradictory meanings. In other words "clarity", you know... or lack thereof.

- when you talk of "decadent complacency that is very, very temporary" as if referring to rioting, you don't seem to be including the decadence that is already present in the daily life, but an assumption -OFTEN EXPRESSED BY REACTIONARIES- that the decadence is of those sudden bursts of revolt, while in fact revolts tend to be, on the contrary, moments of bold and sharp moral polarizing, or affirmation, even if maybe one-dimensional in character.

- Who's "they"? Who's playing the "game of putting the lid", or what are you alluding to here? The US rioters or Greek rioters? The pigs? Soros NGOs?

So I can see different parties taking part into such a "game", but they aren't necessarily doing it on purpose, like from the start, in order to tackle a rise of anger among oppressed people.

It totally can be some multi-faceted scheme where everyone's playing their part without really realizing what's happening... and that'd be overrating the competence of the cops (or other managers, whoever they may be), Like are they paying sociologists a million a year for cautiously observing the factors of disorder and opposition and calculating their breaking point in advance?

Or are you assuming the rioters are managing their own uprising, and putting a lid on it?

What does this all works in the real world?

- How is this "decadent complacency" recent, or what makes it so new? Or is that the complacency of... Black people?

I guess I again sounded bitchy beyond necessity (or maybe out of it), but there's just a lot of blur in your comment, so you can't stultify people around for their "reading comprehension", over sentences that lack clarity.

Like will some of you ever fucking realize this is the internet; that the readers don't live inside your head, or echo-chamber. All we got is the words you're uploading.

sigh … no. What I said was … when there ISN'T widespread rioting, THAT would be the decadent complacency of the last few decades, which I consider to be the last gasp of neoliberalism's reign, which is really starting to crumble now … but why am I still typing? I doubt you'll read this either.

You know … you've been seeing me around for many years and still haven't clocked that I pretty much always think rioting is generally fukin awesome because I despise society, wouldn't criticize rioters, see no point in passing moral judgements about it … ya know … like as if I'm an anarchist or something, ya know? So basically, we've been agreeing this whole time … YOU BUTTHEAD.

because f's (main?) point now is that your writing is unclear. you're just responding that you're an anarchist and riots are cool, and f should know that about you. that doesn't address the question of (internet) writing being frequently sloppy and vague.
at least that's what i got out of this exchange.
also your name calling isn't clever or funny. afaict.

you're entitled to yours of course. I tend to place the burden of asking for clarity on the person who's interested in understanding. what you'll frequently see instead is the assumption of conflict which is actually just confusion, which is a shame imo but oh well

Bulletpoints FACTS:

- "when there ISN'T widespread rioting, THAT would be the decadent complacency of the last few decades, which I consider to be the last gasp of neoliberalism's reign, which is really starting to crumble now … but why am I still typing."

Go guess why! As this is totally not what you wrote at 07:34, dood.

- Anyone's got bad reading comprehension when you churn out any sort of vague, blurry crap. Duh.

- A walk in a forest will always be good for your mental well-being and come closer to be at peace with yourself!!!

*facepalm* this isn't even the first time you've pulled this crap either … lol

I know that lumpen troll says vague and wierd stuff, but i defend his right to say it!

hey, I get it. fauve can't ever back down from the keyboard, oh well

Riots are nice, are a disruption in everything that many can enjoy, especially if you are poor and black, a crack in the surface. They are not "good" or "bad" tho, and weve seen again and again they dont do much to change the status quo.

Been having fun with anarchist news, thanks for putting up with my sillyness.

It seems like the pandemic just keeps contributing to my insanity little by getting out there a little but seems like things on the outside are dominated by stress, so not always worth it.

Was only asking on the more long-term aims or purpose of rioting, or their relationship with their own aftermaths (that aren't always joyful).

Riots are for sure creating a situation that can trigger a shift of relations, even a deep shift.

The uprising must begin within the rioter's psyche, they must revolt against their herd moralities and emotional immaturities. They must confront their own egos and grant it its own sovereignty. Alas, they must cease to be rioters and begin to be loved again, by themselves.

your mom.
again with the rioters and the stirner shoehorning?

My only issue with "loving yourselves" has always been the same one and only problem: it is totally mutually-inclusive to being a narcissist, alpha douchebag and other types of assholes.

So do you mean "loving yourself" as a self-respect, or as a kind of self-infatuation? The first, in my experience, is totally compatible with rioters, as rioting often also comes from a standpoint of imposing respect to those that got *no respect for us in the first place* (the cops, bureaucrats, media, corporations, landlords, etc), in asymmetric relations of authority that are in themselves a spook.

Good question. As I've done many times to answer this before, I point out the distinction between the psychoanalytic self-infatuation of the egotist's fixation and the other metaphysical concept of self-awareness which the egoist studies and lives according to a self-willingness to do so.
Sooo, yes, loving my own self-awared woken self, humbly.

i've seen this in people who i've known are really arrogant. They impose strict standards on themselves, which they barely fallow, and their interactions with other people mostly consist of judging/controlling based on those same mind hobgoblins. This all consists of autonomously created thought structures which are not ideologies in the strictest sense of the word, but are grandiose conceptions of "self" (often based on celebrities and "values"). Kanye West and Donald Trump are typical examples of this.

Self love is inclusive towards all kinds of self-love, including the shittiest and most manipulative varieties. Egotism is the love of the ideal of a projected self, whereas egoism can mean that, AND it means a necessary and at times a little douschey selfishness.

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