Immediatism 91, 92, & 93: Defiance

Defiance: Anarchist Statements Before Judge & Jury


Join Cory in appreciating the anarchist statements made before judge & jury of three individuals convicted in 1916, 1984, and 2016. Now, read for you as Immediatism podcast episodes, 91-93.

91 Enrique Flores Magon, 1916
92 Ann Hansen, 1984
93 Eric King, 2016

From the book, which is filled with photos and contains 27 brief case studies and anarchist statements:

"Actions may speak louder than words. But occasionally, someone's words come in a very close second, and the combination of actions and words can't be beat. The words in this book belong to those who chose to act, and when repercussions were brought by the system of judges, prosecutors, and juries, these people chose to stand defiant. Every one of these statements is imperfect, none of these people were/are heroes. Fortunately, we don't find inspiration in perfection, or heroics. We find inspiration in defiance."

The book is published by Detritus Books and available through
2019, 249 p.

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