NEW Anti-Civ forum welcomes new participants for discussion, community and sharing of projects

  • Posted on: 10 January 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

To all those interested in discussing anti-civ ideas:

Please come and join in the discussions at:

We'd love to see the online community grow and be a space where people can share ideas and projects freely!


Why does this site exist?
------------------------- was created because those wanting to discuss anti-civ ideas have found their selves and their views marginalized, ridiculed and even censored on other so-called ‘radical’ spaces online. Therefore, a place where undisturbed discussions can advance and really bear fruit seemed necessary.

Who is this site for?

Everyone. Or rather, everyone who wants to learn more about anti-civ thought, share their own perspective, and wants reasonable discussion. You don’t have to be anti-civ to join our discussions, and in fact, we hope that many newcomers to these questions will be persuaded towards anti-civ ideas partly through visiting this site and reading through the discussions. Even those wanting to argue in favor of civilization, or to criticize anti-civ thoughts, are welcome – provided their critiques are sincere, solicitous and sensible. There is much good that can fall out of proper debate. Trolls, however, are not welcome.

Is this an anarchist site?

No. Anarchism is just one of the many areas of social theory that has been suggested as overlapping with anti-civ thought, but there are many others. Some anarchists hold genuine anti-civ ideas, but most do not. Some people that used to call their selves ‘anarchist’ have dispensed with the label while maintaining a devotion to their anti-civ principles. Similarly, many of those with anti-civ positions do not associate their selves with anarchism at all.

isn’t it hypocritical to be online if you oppose civilization?

No. Most people who oppose civilization would gladly live without it if they could, but it’s hardly their fault that such an existence cannot be summoned into being at the click of a finger. Are people hypocritical if they oppose capitalism but are forced to use money while they try to find a way out? If they resent a paradigm based on ‘states’ but use terms like ‘American’ for short-hand? If they prefer face-to-face contact but have to make do with Skype when it’s better than no contact at all with their loved ones?



Thanks! A good complement to playing Skyrim every evening.

Srsly it is a much-needed platform for discussion. But just to point out that the web host's SSL certificate doesn't appear to be working?

I'm walking out in the woods just eating leaves and seeing which ones don't give me the shits. It's knowledge-formation of a nihilist-non-duality-Nietzschean-antipomo sort. Also i don't believe in rape culture or racial identity politics or the election.

"Similarly, many of those with anti-civ positions do not associate their selves with anarchism at all."

So they are authoritarian anti-civ people? Hmm.. sounds like a DGR forum.

I have better things to do than read long winded rambling posts from egoists.

I mean you don't actually have better things to do but I support you pretending you do because I agree that it's really tedious and joyless and ineffectual reading this crap

Sigh … you got me. Thanks for being so understanding

Eco-extremists claim parcel bomb injuring Codelco mining corp chairman

Santiago, Jan 14 (EFE).- An eco-terrorist group on Saturday said it was responsible for a parcel bomb that detonated at the home of the chairman of the board of Chilean state-owned mining giant Codelco, the world's biggest copper producer.

In an Internet blog site, the group known as Individualists Tending toward the Wild (ITS-Chile) posted a statement in which it claimed responsibility for Friday's attack as well as two images of what it said was the bomb sent to the 44-year-old Oscar Landerretche's home.

The parcel bomb was wrapped as a gift and delivered by a young woman to the residence, located in Santiago's La Reina neighborhood. A professor of mining engineering at the University of Chile was listed on the parcel as the sender.

Landerretche suffered superficial injuries to his extremities and chest when the bomb went off.

The group said the parcel would have arrived at the offices of the university professor if Landerretche had not received it first.

"The pretentious Landerretche deserved to die for his offenses against Earth," it said, adding that he "had been deserving of our explosive gift for being at the head of this megaproject devastating all the beauty of Earth."

They added that they were not anarchists and were seeking vengeance "for Earth's devastation."

That group has earlier claimed responsibility for other firebomb attacks or attempted attacks, including one targeting the University of Chile's Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences in May 2016.

Landerretche called the attack "very violent" and "cowardly" after being treated for his injuries at a clinic on Saturday morning.

He told reporters that he and his family were fortunate, adding that his daughter and a domestic worker were in the house at the time but that his injuries were the most serious.

"If someone believes that with something like this the board of Codelco, the top administration of Codelco or I are going to act differently than what we've been doing with respect to establishing good practices, probity, controls within the company, which belongs to all Chileans, they are deeply mistaken," the chairman said.

Chile's government said Saturday that it was confident it would track down those responsible for the parcel bomb.

"I'm sure that very quickly we'll be on the trail of the perpetrators of this incident," Interior Minister Mario Fernandez said after heading a meeting of the country's security agencies.

Fernandez said that as part of their investigation authorities would probe the possible role of ITS-Chile in the attack.

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