Anews episode 2 - 3/13/2017

  • Posted on: 12 March 2017
  • By: aragorn

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This is the second episode of the podcast for Anarchist News dot org. This is a topical news project emphasizing one of the strengths of Anarchist News, a single source to see (and hear!) what is happening in the anarchist space.

This episode covers content from March 4th to March 11th. This is the March 12th episode.

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interesting 'green anarchist critique' of science but it's still in the Western mold of seeing scientific thinking man a an 'independent being', the mainstream scientific man being one who sees the world through lenses that break everything to pieces and reassembles them without the co-determinative connections and the hunter-gatherer anarchist scientific man being one who uses intuition and other 'unscientific' influences to see the world and to make decisions.

a critique of science by an indigenous anarchist would be very different from this green anarchist critique, as it would not preserve the Euclidian notion of man as an independent decision-maker.

rather than by a reified system of East/West or Left/Right, that the unique, aboriginal life-form experiences the evolutionary process -unto death- in accord with all the waves and spiraling direction; inward, toward the individuate self and outward, toward the communal world; each, simultaneously seasoning in preparation for the other…
the tendency which would institutionalize Thing(s) for profit, -i think- can be appropriately called fascism and i would like to quit doing it. difficulty is, the conditional terrain of my habit has been so compromised by the imposition of fascistic processes and their accompanying ethical structures…

where is anarchyland, the anarchist space?

i agree with you, anon 10:08, that anarchist space is elusive. yet if we are far from Western society, we are in anarchist space, as was the case with the Pirahã, pre-contact. Something profound happened on 'contact'; i.e. the indigenous anarchist Pirahã become curiosities, lesser, primitive peoples who have not yet 'progressed', come out of the darkness and become 'civilized'.

This 'view' is effectively the 'dominant view' in 'our culture' but it is not the view of the Pirahã who call themselves 'straight heads' and white people 'crooked heads'.

So, on contact, it is only in the crooked head reality that the Pirahã are 'curiousities' and a 'lesser, inferior culture'.

So the thing that happened on 'contact' was that the Pirahã were given a place within our 'crooked head' reality which is a 'semantic reality', sustained by language and global media, educational system, schoolbooks etc.

As anarchists, we are immersed in a sea of people promoting a reality that is not our 'reality of choice'. How elusive will the anarchist space of a Pirahã be if one moves New York city into the jungle so that his tribal village is now in the middle of Times Square?

The people around the Pirahã will be like Anon 09:50, believing that reality comes from a crooked head being-based noun-and-verb language. When they try to communicate their understanding of timeless in-the-now transformation, because the crooked heads will tell them;

"You have no idea what you are talking about because talking about anything at all requires the law of noncontradiction." .

That is, the crooked-heads believe that 'things' are in a primacy over 'relations'. They do not understand, as the Pirahã do, that 'relations are all there is' while 'things' are 'schaumkommen' concretized by the crooked-head noun-and-verb Indo-European/scientific language-and-grammar, for those that take it literally that is, since as Derrida and others have pointed out, the concrete meaning that the being-based [law of non-contraction-compliant] logical elements depend on is an 'indefinitely deferred matrix of relational 'differences'.

For those of us who want to find 'anarchist space' in the midst of the cacaphony of crooked-head reality-babble, it is necessary to 'stop listening' or at least to 'stop treating this reality-babble seriously' so as to remove oneself from the twisted reality of the crooked heads'. Sure, one must respond to 'stop or I'll shoot', to be able to continue on since crooked heads take their twisted semantic reality very seriously. But as we know when we are in a group of people who all speak different languages and are without a common language to construct a common 'semantic reality', we have to go back to reliance on raw experience, in which case the Gods and bosses that figure in the thing-believing crooked-head twisted reality undergo melt-down, slumping from their great heights in spite of their "Don't you know who I am?" protests [which are like dog-barks to a crowd that doesn't speak 'dog'], onto the common ground where relational patterns, grunts, gestures (smiles and frowns, winks, nods and nudges) and other non-discursive signals inductively orchestrate the social dynamic.

" if we are far from Western society, we are in anarchist space,"

and that, my friends, is the definition of dogmatic ideology. when all you have is a hammer... in a relational dynamic, of course.

you spend a lot of time speaking for indigenous folx. I doubt they have the same nihilistic materialist position. I also think it is incredibly uncharitable to suppose that their metaphysics necessarily denies the law of noncontradiction. I suspect they would have no idea what you are talking about because talking about anything at all requires the law of noncontradiction. To speak of an object (even if it is less than numerical) means to affirm its identity. I don't know what's worse: seeing the law of noncontradiction as an imposition, or imposing its denial.

I'm an anarchist that happens to be of native ancestry, not that it matters and I've wasted hours trying to talk to emile about his asinine gibberish and noble savage fallacies. It's a wall, there's absolutely no point. He's created this pedantic little narrative that orbits around a stupid reification he calls "indigenous anarchism" and his head is too far up his own ass to hear anything anyone else says to him. Oh well ...

maybe it's a more like mirror than a wall?

Nope … There's a sad little hermit behind the curtain, much as they'd like you to believe in the great and powerful oz, I'm a bit too cynical for children's stories

there's no fixed Self.

one doesn't need belief, one doesn't need an 'oz' (the primary directive organizing influence is not the man at the podium, but the people in the room) for nonduality.

ageist post is ageist, as well as full of shit. children often already are little taoist-anarchist poohs, not yet limited to Thought, Ideology, Rationalism, Truth, Morality, and other semantically constructed fictions taken as operative reality. if this doesn't hit you, read your Vaneigem and quit suppressing your inner child in so-called adulthood!

.. Are you still talking? Statistically you should have said something interesting by now

fascism is a form of organizing based on controlling what goes on within a common space; i.e. where the aim is to purify the contents of the common space by purging what those questing for control are proposing (imposing) as core ideas and values. fascism is currently on the rise around the world today. The fascists see those who are 'not the same as us'; i.e. who 'do not think like us', as 'the problem' rather than acknowledging that the bigger problem is the quest for control and purification (herd-think).

actually, a group with a diversity of ways of thinking is only a problem in collectives that are committed to hierarchical and herd-behaviour based organizational approaches. as the ecosystems in nature attest, participants with a diversity of values and behavior patterns are the 'right stuff' for organizing 'mutual support' webs rather than having to compete for 'openings' to become 'parts' in one giant machine-hierarchy.

in any case, individuals or groups who feel they are making progress in pulling people together on the basis of 'thinking the same way', ... tend to react negatively [get their purificationist-ethic chain jerked] on encountering anyone whose ideas conflict with those ideas that have been showing up well as having good herd-gathering potential.

anarchist ideas pull us up onto to a common ground of 'uncoerced understanding'.

fascist ideas push us down under a common yoke of 'obligatory undertaking'.

With this post , you have culled the best of your ideas and expressed them wisely.
The focus on relations, the emphasis on collaboration instead of blind "agreement"
and your focus on issues related to mutable aid
show forth. Relations have no need for
Identifying Subjecties is all kinds. The
Emphasis is one of seeing ourselves
and our movement as always already
Expressed by indications, explorations;
Conceiving of Creative concepts;
encountering and promoting paths and Zones
Of autonomy; and providing for mutual aid based
On mutual Respect. Wherever these journeys
take us , whenever they occur, whatever
they imply: they reflect the determination
and the joy that our commitment to freedom,
Mutual well-be-ing and appreciation of the mysteries In each we partake. We need the
Hope that we can believe-again in our
Ability to fashion a taste for the new futures,
The new worlds and the new peoples
That await us. Certainly, good enough for me. And you all out there?

I came here to find out the indigenous perspective on science and all I got was this lousy like of differing opinions! It's almost like there is no one perspective that people have who are of the same ethinicity, race, or tribe. Weird.

Are just that. A better way of looking at
Issues is differing "takes"
On things. Opinions imply a fit of commonly held positions. The emphasis is on
Persuasion for one side or another.
One is then either "right or wrong. Those
Who are on my "side" is right, your side is wrong. This is not what we here are about.
We have different points of view, different
Perspectives. Often many takes can be
Good due to an indication as to what is
Deemed to be important. Conclusions
Do not have to be right or wrong but instead
Can describe an emphasis, an indication,
an appearance of new concepts or new
paths that need exploring. In this sense, there issue is the value of an idea that can open up
Further discussion and exploration. This can lead to a tool-kit of effective practices.
It is not about whose position is right.
It is more about how to proceed, where to go with something, when to experiment with an "action", and where and when and how to do next. This leads to collaboration of Disparate
Concepts, projects, tastes, Styles,
sensibilities and intuitions. These
are "radical " signs, inscriptions ,traces,
Maps ,if you will, to create autonomous spaces,
times, and various innovative assemblages
Of co/operations. In a word, this is anarchy: freedom and collaborations.
Theory melded to Praxis. This is not
Ideological posturing, but genuine expression
Of freedom. It is eternal, episodic, untimely,
a prescient. In short it is that thing that we do here and "out-there", whenever and wherever,
Starting from the middle and pressing to the outside( the "event Horizon) "immanent, and Relentless .
and spurred on by Desire and our productive
capacity, which is itself, End-less. Inspiring,
Without resentment , with hope and feelings of
Joy. Transformative with new worlds ahead and new be-comings for us.
Exciting, enough. Good , enough. OK?!

Ooh ooh ooh I want to speak for/about a whole group of people!

We, -here- are not about group-think or taking sides. We have infinitely different perspectives. We are non-sectarian, here; this is an-archy

'taking sides' is an 'othering' process that is used to exclude and at the same time, to marginalize;

"the condition of Otherness is a person's non-conformity to and with the social norms of society; and Otherness is the condition of disenfranchisement (political exclusion), effected either by the State or by the social institutions (e.g. the professions) invested with the corresponding socio-political power. Therefore, the imposition of Otherness alienates the labelled person from the centre of society, and places him or her at the margins of society, for being the Other." -- Wikipedia

the restorative justice of indigenous anarchism does not involve 'taking sides' as Western moral judgement based retributive justice does, since there is no assumption of 'local causal agency' as the source of conflict. relational tensions are seen as the ailment and relational detensioning, the remedy.

Contrast that with moral judgement based marginalization practiced in Western society ["civilization"] wherein people 'take sides' to determine who is right, who wrong and which way the lot of them must go [herd behaviour based on creating a 'central norm'].

the people through whom disturbing 'difference' manifests are not the source of the disturbance difference; ... that comes from the collective and merely manifests through a person or people. it is a mistake to assume that the disturbance jumpstarts from the disturber. that mistake comes from the assumption that humans are 'beings' that people with noun-and-verb language and grammar build into their language-and-grammar.

'othering' by 'taking sides' aka 'marginalizing' does not merely divide into 'us' and 'them', it puts 'us' in the centre as the 'normal' and banishes 'them' to the abnormal.

central authority based on marginalization is the built-in symmetry in this approach which is passed off as 'democracy'.

Used in conversation, means
Any-one of us. It is not a reference to
Any concordance of opinion by the participants.
When I or others on this Site say we- hear
We are not referring to a consensus of opinion, nor a structure of membership in a Group.
This site is populated by unique individuals,
each one-of-whom is incomparable in their
Essence or haecceity ( "this-ness") to any one,
Before or since. Being all different, we interact, confer, engage and en-
Act at times with others as ansommblages.
This is our strength . This is our advantage, if we are agreeable to do so.
Our potentials are power-full. Our possibilities are endless. And I truly
Believe in the long run , unstoppable as autonomia.

is most certainly a spook.

I came here for the intellectual waters

" What intellectual waters!? We're in the middle of an intellectual desert! "

I was misinformed

The first time I came across any contemporary anarchist media refer to the eating of meat within an anarchist milieu.

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