Topic of the Week: What's Your Pending (or not) Marginal Project?

  • Posted on: 20 March 2017
  • By: thecollective

I just had an idea over the weekend that, had it been put into practice, would've freaked most anews readers right out. It would have been a fine project, perfectly reasonable, but given the context it would've signaled something entirely opposite from what it intended.
What's your most interesting project that you wish someone would do, or that you'd like to do, but don't have the right situation for? Are you working towards getting the right situation for it, or is it too daunting?

FOR EXAMPLE ONLY (aka please don't respond to this idea, it's only here to demonstrate what i'm talking about)
There are things happening in the world of ancaps, and it seems reasonable to keep track of them for a variety of reasons: to understand the different tendencies, some of which are not nefarious; to learn their dog whistles; to monitor how they can/are confusing others about what anarchist thinking is; to remind any neophytes who want to know that there are other options, etc. I don't want to start that project, but I would probably visit a site that I trusted that was doing that work.



A collective of second generation anarcho-transhumanists that prowl the streets of PDX and make fun of PARC collective members fixing roads by reading left market anarchist texts at them via Talking Tom Cat app.

Unfortunately I've been the only human to pass the required IQ test I've back burnered it.

We're all starting up antifascist gangs now, get with the times fools! Stirner is out, leftist goonsquads from the 80s are IN.

I've been requesting help taking out the Ancap trash for years now. Where are the anarchist reinforcements!?
This is is nothing more than Randite moron, Rothbardian SCUM trying to STEAL OUR GOOD NAME!
It would not be such a problem were the anarchic net & crypto-currencies not so important, but it is a problem & its only getting worse so long as its left to fester.
Neo-Nazi ' anarchists' like Timothy C.May & Cody Fucking Wilson need to be stopped dead in their tracks BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!
They LIE about anarchy - they DIE!
We mean it MA-AAAN!
Professor rat

i think one idea for a really intriguing anarchist project that has been thrown around for years now is an anarchist review of current events. like a brief daily or every other day or perhaps weekly review of world events from an anarchist critique. i think this exists in some ways within each of the current counter-information projects, but i'd imagine it on an even wider scope, like brief commentary and reviews of striking world events that happen outside of the anarchist space.

i'd also like to see an international anarchist translation project organized via the Internet. perhaps contra-info is a great example of this, although i'm far from expert as to their work flow, but what about openly organizing translations of texts and working collaboratively with others or a place to inquire openly if anyone has undertaken work of translation yet, as to not waste time and effort that spans the entire world and not limited to specific languages or regions (for anarchists).

I love both of these project ideas.

Regarding the second one, this list here can be used as a guide for prioritizing which languages to get anarchist literature translated into. Out of the top ten languages, I have never heard of anarchist material in Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali or Punjabi:

This was an idea i've been interested in for a while now, but the only problem is that the news and "current events" is the same garbage over and over again, a lot of it being completely useless information. I was thinking today that anarchists could somehow track the purposes for what the news media does, as a more omniscient source for what the powers that be are doing. This idea is certainly worth pondering and discussing more.

Because we believe in building solutions to the issues we face, outside of the state.
Because society portrays anarchists as only fixing windows, clearing traffic, and filling potholes.
Because when faced with statism as a political theory, anarchists often ask "But who will destroy the roads?"
Because the anarchists of Portland refuse to adequately destroy roads in a timely manner.

We are Portland Anarchist Road Destruction. We believe in direct action. We believe the state cares more about expanding and repairing industrial infrastructure to promote commuting and capitalism than tearing shit up and walking on stones and dirt.

The city of Portland has shown unexpected gross competence in its inadequate preventative care through this winter's storms, and through its slow repair of potholes as weather has improved. Daily, this competence is an active danger to hyper-civilized cyclists and causes damage to people's automobiles, and an increased risk of collision and bodily injury.

Portland Anarchist Road Destruction aims to mobilize crews throughout our city, in our hoods, to destroy our streets, build community, and continue to find solutions to state problems outside of the state.

Join us for this open meeting and infoshare where we plan to discuss:

Who we are and why we do it.
What the future holds for us, including future actions.
What you can do to help.
How to make potholes, and other actions you can take, to help make the roads more dangerous for everyone.
How to remain safe while destroying potholes.
Our asphault-razing model.

As well as hear thoughts and ideas from you.

1-Memorial website for those who go hogwild on the piggies: Micah Johnson, Christopher Dorner, etc etc type website that explains the tactic of the BB. The what, how, why, who, history, news, BB prisoners/arrest support info, etc....

Anyone inspired? Please go for it.

My project is to start a bourgeois revolution because the advanced potential of the proletariat has wanged. It is obvious at this point that only a section of the petite bourgeois is necessary to drive the proletariat towards whatever goals they want to succeed. I fully support embracing ancaps and making powerful networks that back the new bourgeois revolution! Doom to the corporatist order!

Infiltrate the ranks of corporations and turn them against themselves. Focus on the enemy that matters most and make them disappear.

My other project is to endlessly talk about myself and call everyone that isn't a left market ancap, like myself, an edge lord. Some people think I'm smug or narcissistic but they're just haters. I was there when anarchy was invented on internet forums in the early 00s. The goal is to throw enough words at young, impressionable kids so they let us into their pants. Did I ever tell you about the time I single handedly and famously tore apart the PDX Student Activist Alliance after folks turned to organizing a "radical prom" for ourselves? I am a second generation anarchist after all. The Multnomah County Library cancelled my account from lack of activity while I lived in the Bay and now I am a ronin, bereft of all ties.

> The goal is to throw enough words at young, impressionable kids so they let us into their pants

This is totally what I do. I'm a lothario social capitalist cult leader using empty edgy words as flak to seduce kids.

This seems too well structured to be a lazy bot, but like there's so many better narratives you could have gone with if you hate-follow me on social media for instances where you feel like I sound full of myself + outgroupy. Anews folk used to hate on me because someone here got it in their head I was sex-negative. Why not go back to spinning a narrative where I'm a loser friendless crazy moralist trying to take the fun out of anarchy? I mean literally the biggest sexual drama of my last few years was turning down someone's advances because I don't feel comfortable with even a smidgen of a power dynamic over someone else. I miss being attacked as one of the crazy bitches / portland feminazis that was destroying anarchism by taking the sex out of it... you're really failing me anews haters.

I sit with the old timers ranting about "why won't the damn kids listen to our experience", and I both passionately agree... and feel gross.

There's another gross thing about being highly connected: triaging your attention to folks. When you're an upstart you can engage forever.

But as you get popular it's really easy to wax insulting/aggro on adversaries who are clearly wasting your time just to make them go away.

Take it from me. I am a second generation anarchist after all.

Everybody knows this.

So this project is the definition of radical, but might not seem very "radical". Wage war on invasive, non native plants. A kind of ecological version of the saying "For America to live, Europe must die". Ivy, scotch broom, bind weed, etc. must be destroyed. I do this sometimes with a child helping me, which is a great way to spend time outside and play while also passing on a respect for nature and having a direct impact on the life of the trees we save is cool to see. I know it's not much, but it is motivated by the anti-colonialist and anti civilization principles I've held onto throughout these last four years of ecological study and it's something I deeply enjoy.

Jesus, you're like the Donald Trump of botany. Who says where a plant that grows naturally upon this earth is or is not supposed to grow?

Both of y'all are wacky.

Second anon, if you actually paid attention to the world around you, you might have some sense of what ecological balance might be.

First anon, there's probably no rolling back the clock. The chestnuts are gone, the passenger pigeons are gone, the great lakes salmon are gone -- the ailanthus, starlings, and carp are here to stay. Let's take as the base of our ecological practice a careful observation of how things manage to thrive in this fucked up world and seek to gently intervene in favour of more richness and diversity. Remember that even the abandoned lot overgrown with burduck and garlic mustard is a thousand times more promising than what civilization produces

My pet project (and I've worked on it intermittently for 2 years) is to establish a citywide autonomous SMS service in the town (about 500 000 inhabitants, somewhere in Eastern Europe) where I live.

It requires hardware and software, and lots of testing. Nothing daunting. Radio modems: found a company in South China (oh the irony) supplying cheap and reliable ones with lots and lots of range. :D Terminal device? Well, I currently I think Raspberry Pi v3 will manage. The main requirement is to compress audio from the USB sound card into a 1.2 kbit stream without major delay (not in real time). User interface? Audio and buttons, to be specific, an USB sound card with buttons (tested: I can listen for button presses from "/dev/hidraw0" while an audio file is playing).

Basically, it would be something you carry in your pocket, which is battery powered, which has a range of maybe 2 km in a city environment (up to 8 km in countryside), and which encrypts its messages using one time pad (meaning: you must meet and generate key material to talk with anyone), and which lets you browse contacts using two buttons, while the third button is "push to talk".

The history? The motication? Well, you can't do even basic illegal things if you can't keep your communications secure. These days, too many communications devices are highly insecure. So I wanted a device into which there is only one remote channel of entry - a serial line. A serial line managed by a highly paranoid application which only trusts material it can fully decrypt.

It was supposed to have a visual (AWT) user interface first, but I realized that we need to have something for people who get into fast-developing situations, so priority no. 1 became an audio user interface.

The added bonus is that you can crush microSD cards with your ordinary teeth before the cops get them. :P

P.S. Start an autonomous social center that is neither squatted nor rented. The problem in my eyes is that rented and squatted centers often face eviction at the worst possible moment. Solution? I want to buy one, create a foundation to run it, and see what happens. Unfortunately, my current resources only suffice to buy "bomb crater" class real estate. :P Maybe later. :P

Cool story bro.

Yep. Not much else to say about it. There should be non-bourgeois, at least, and preferably explicitly anarchist spaces, where clothing-optionality is real and established. Not too much of that these days.

Preferably this would exist outside the confines of rented space too.

See: Germans. They love nudist stuff. Comes from weird health ideas from long ago.

Kinda racist to be generalizing about a whole country like that, dontcha think? Many Germans come from Middle-Eastern backgrounds & practice more conservative forms of Islam which would not permit that sort of behavior.

… You don't even understand how racism works, even though it's mostly an illusion anyway. To recap, you're misusing a term that was already mostly bullshit in the first place. Good job!

Why Germans specifically? You go to the northern Black Sea beaches andsoem parts pf Scandinavia and the Spanish coast and you'll be having a lot of nudity there. People not doing a fuss about it.

Ah! I got worried but that last sentence made everything better.

I also hate the facts that the only known clothing-optional beach near you is predominantly if not exclusively a gay beach. Which is okay for you pwrosnally, I guess but that helps nothing at smashing issues of male-to-female sexism. Perhaps even helping it. Like, I can understand the insecurity felt by many women to go naked in a gender-diversified place, yet it still ain't doing any good against patterns of rape and sexism. One of the goals of naturalism is to fight sexism.

Regular anarchist love-match spaces would be my dream project. Attached to no physical space in particular but rather rotating to any spot held by those willing to make it available for a weekend. With a love seat and more private rooms for those desiring intimacy. Clothing-optional too. Openly gender-plural and cross-generational, based on intent and desire. Kinda like what some secret societies have been doing, yet waved off from their typically strict hierarchical relations.

People are using distractions and cultural/political interests to put the sex thing under the rug... forever postponing Reich's sexual revolution therefore making fascism and other authoritarian forms always possible. Doesn't exclude from political/cultural interests from NOT being leitmotivs to intercourses, tho.

I've see a few people doing that kind of practices in their rented privates spaces, so of course you get that it won't go beyond peer-related exchanges, and remain behind closed doors. For how hard it is to even be interacting with people sitting on their balconies, just think how hard it is to invite yourself in a place you don't even know it exists...

Im working on establishing an ask a tankie panel. We'd tour anarchist bookfairs and people could ask them questions about why kronstadt was justifiable or why its ok to for the modern russian state to bomb things in syria.

the bolshies & soviets did all that work to establish the largest safe-space in history, and you want to defend the people that didn't honor the group agreements?

Invisible RCP all over the place in the milieu! Like tankies? You'll just LOVE playing live werewolf with crypto-tankies in the midst!

Well for what its worth, though I know I will bear the brunt of trolls and mocked by the activists for this project at the back of my mind, I would have liked to gather a group of individuals and squat on a parcel of wilderness and live similarly like the Amish as far as food production and the use of simple animal driven farming implements (the animals would be well looked after and only have to do a 40 hr week, not that I believe in unionism and worker control even for beasts of burden ;) )
I would allow 12 volt solar/wind power generation for lighting and operating analog electronic devices like vinyl record turntable systems and valve/transistor radio and amplification, and some refrigeration. It depends on the size of the Gang of Individualists, the name I will give the group, (and I would franchise out the basic set-up to other folk interested for a small fee as exchange for my intellectual property, which is anti-capital based)
The individualists will commit themselves to 10hrs per week work/play at collective chores like growing/harvesting food and barn/shelter building activities, and the rest of the time they are free to do what they want as long as they don't mess with the harmony and psychic space of other individuals. My role, and I'm careful to rein in any authoritarian tendencies, my role is to ensure the upholding of this one basic precept, DON"T MESS WITH THE HARMONY OF OTHER FOLK, 3 STRIKES AND YOU"RE OUT.
A team of dynamic health care, skill trainers and psychic meditation councillors will always be available. There is no money and all exchange is by bartering or favors.

PS Actually why destroy a pristine wilderness? Rather, I would purchase at a low price some depleted arable land, as one poster mentioned, why get evicted from a rent or squat after putting so much work into it? Also it would be a plus to refertilize and reinvigorate waste land and make it productive again in a bohemian sense..

I did that and it was boring.

Where do you think folk, blues and country music came from? The boredom of labor on the countryside. People learning to sing and dance through work on the land. Read also: peasant culture in Europe, up until WW1.

There's also some hermits who appear to be enjoying life alone in the wild. Not everybody's like that of course. Takes one hell of an authentic solipsist.

Where do you think folk, blues and country music came from? The boredom of labor on the countryside. People learning to sing and dance through work on the land. Read also: peasant culture in Europe, up until WW1.

There's also some hermits who appear to be enjoying life alone in the wild. Not everybody's like that of course. Takes one hell of an authentic solipsist.

You are a philistine! 12 volt sound systems are loud, one can get a band together and jam, or do social satire theater for entertainment rather than the TV, there's hunting and target practice for the Rambo type (is that you?), or Roman-Greco wrestling if you are kinky, or philosophical debating. There's always endless sex if you are that way inclined. Wake up your desires there are a plethora of fun activities to indulge oneself in to make the simple country life more edgy and urban in content.

im actually a philistine
can we stop using arabic loan woards like this
- the mid east

Okaaay, I can see how the intense local historicity upsets you, though I used it in a different context regarding aesthetics and not race, however this is the 2nd time people have complained and I'll stop.

just as anarchists are a small minority in most public 'samplings' so that, in general assemblies, anarchist dialogue is suffocated by liberal etc. dialogue, and anarchists must then find some assembly space allowing a stronger anarchist concentration, ... so it is with non-dualist anarchists within an anarchist population.

this is not talking about a 'separatist movement' but instead, about overcoming the dilution of non-dualist anarchist views within anarchist discussion forums since the participants are mostly dualists or are coming at things from the standard dualist perspective. what non-dualist anarchists can flesh out in healthy dialogue if they are not damped out by dualist participants, may contribute generally to anarchy.

dualist anarchists are mostly blind to non-dualist anarchist views. this is because dualists buy into the same logic-based 'semantic reality' as liberals and fascists and leftists and 'scientifically-thinking people' buy into. that is, 'dualist thinking' is the norm in Western society.

dualist thinkers agree on all of the binary protocols, together with police and politicians, such as moral judgement based retributive justice. non-dualists view things in a 'beyond good and evil' way and embrace 'restorative justice' [they bypass trying to work out 'who is causally responsible' and move directly to actions to restore balance and harmony].

more generally, non-dualists do not 'buy in' to 'being-based semantic reality'. if there are no 'beings', there cannot be any 'guilty beings' or 'innocent beings', or 'superior beings' or 'inferior beings' or 'female beings' or 'male beings' [i.e. 'identity politics don't happen in non-dualist reality']. there are only 'relational activities'.

non-dualism exposes the bankruptcy of 'scientific certainty'. scientific certainty is where science can be certain that its drone will take out a 'Saddam' but hasn't a clue whether that action will breed a half dozen more, worse than the first. That's because science models things in simplistic logical 'semantic reality space' and executes in the far more relationally complex physical reality of our actual experience. incoherence that plagues dualist interventions is avoided by non-dualism which sees the 'Saddam' as a figurehead in an epigenetically induced centre of relational activity while the dualist sees the 'Saddam' as a local jumpstart fountainhead of actions.

Whatever a forum with a concentration of non-dualist anarchists would deliver, it would be more than is possible in forums in which non-dualists are too dilute to get some jammin going [dualists can have a 'lead rods in the reactor' impact on non-dualist attempts to reach critical mass in forum discussion].

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