Postproletariat Podcast Ep. 1 – Anti-fascism, Spanish Civil War, Berkeley Street Fights

  • Posted on: 20 April 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

The first episode of a "rant-cast", on the weakness of the theory of current movements, living isolated from other anarchists and leftists, etc.

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too long! just syin'
aside from that, is there some way to get ahold of the journal you read from (belan?)

Oh great, another podcast! One more until the revolution?

Ha Ha Ha Excellent comment. I would also add 'Yet another book before the revolution.' So many 'anarchists' love to talk and write, so it seems to me. More coffee and biscuits anyone? "Get your Che tee-shirts here, roll up roll up."

Yay! may a thousand flowers BOOM!

What? It's from that same idiot who wrote this drivel on how RR was not enough anti-antifascist for him?

'Video format or MME type is not supported.'

Can't see or listen to the podcast.

"you know all the identity politics stuuuuff, the death of the old worker's movement...yeah. I'm just ranting now. the point I was trying to make is that instead of uhhhh, putting on your thinking cap on and sitting there and freakinnnnn squeezin your eyebrows together and fuckin...really just thinkin, man, just sitting there and thinkin and thinkin and thinkin about something and thinkin about it and thinkin about it some more until it starts makin sense to you or, you know, if it's old stuff, instead of new stuff, rather than having something start making sense to you for the first time, have something that has made sense for you for ten years, have that become something new when you start to look at it from a different perspective, when you start to go beyond your own bias and open your mind up and--I mean, you don't want to do too much, you don't want to just capitulate and just be lost in space when it comes to political theory and philosophy and these kinds of ideas, but it's really good to ...sort of like, do like a stress test, and when, when you think you're like--because me personally, whenever I find a new...thing, or a new idea, that I'm like (yawning) really really attached to,'s only a matter of time before, you know, I start finding things that I actually don't like about it...."

That's about two minutes of this 80 minute recording of this guy talking to himself.

lol, I think he's great!

Flash robs!!

First 15 min are a bit rough. Just the first ep though

More rioting please.

God this was horrible, especially the belching into the mic.

U bourgeois, burps rule

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