8th Annual Anarchist Bookfair in Mexico City: May 27th and 28th

  • Posted on: 17 May 2017
  • By: thecollective

from IGD

Dear colleagues! It is a pleasure to invite you to 8th annual Anarchist Books and Publications Fair. It will be held on the 27th and 28th of May, at the Libertas Social Center Ricardo Flores Magon, located on Donceles street n. 10 1st floor, Col Centro, Mexico City


11:00 Inauguration: welcome to the participants (exhibition of posters of past book fairs and anarchist publications)

11:30 Video- Talk book presentation: “Sabaté the guerrilla anarchist,” with the participation of Ricard de Vargas.

12:00 Tribute Editions Torch: sowing the anarchist ideal.

12:30 Presentation of Fanzine

13:10 Presentation anarcho-syndicalist propaganda project from Monterrey

13:40 Presentation of Fanzine

14:10 Presentation of Project

14:40 Presentation of Fanzine

15:10 Talk: Working Conditions in Mexico

15:40 Video – Talk about the Editorial Project Anarchist Conscience of El Salvador- FACC

16:10 Talk: Anarchism: politics and organization

17:00 Video – Talk KRAS-AIT “The anarchist flags of Néstor Makhno” With Vadim, militant of KRAS-AIT RUBÉN.

17:40 In solidarity with the revolt of the people of Venezuela : Reading letters and video projection of El Libertario de Venezuela by FAM .

18:30 Catharsis and libertarian poetic outburst

19:00 Conversation The centenary of the unknown revolution: 100 years of the Russian Revolution. With the participation of:

Pablo Gaitán: “The eye of the memory, the Soviet cinema of Dziga Vertov to the libertarian video”.

Otto Quiroz: vanguards in art after the Russian revolution.

Alfredo Velarde: the anarchists warned.

From 8:20: Sound Boombaaa .
SUNDAY MAY 28 2017

12:00 Presentation of the book : The anarchist morality of Kropotkin in charge of Subtermal Knowledge of Moterrey.

13:00 Cinema and anarchism: Editorial Tierra y Libertad (Oaxaca)

14:00 Poetry recital , Satriani Durán (Guadalajara)

15:00 Closing .



Sounds like a very organized conference, on a very strict schedule!

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