Immediatism 99: Manual for Revolutionary Leaders



People in the US, including revolutionaries here, suffer from a lack of historical and international perspective, which would deepen and make more relevant their actions, alliances, and understandings. Originally published in the 70s but still relevant today, presented in the Manual for Revolutionary Leaders are a series of quotations, expository writings, and vignettes that will clarify many of the issues plaguing today's committed radicals.

This Manual is available from, published by Ardent Press, and was originally done by Black and Red Press; the updated version includes all the footnotes (a significant part of the text).

In this episode of Immediatism, I introduce the Manual. With this book, and with tongue in cheek, one can check one's own ideas against those of Hitler, Pol Pot, Trotsky, Mao, and others with plenty to say about leadership and revolution! Enjoy!

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