Wolfi and White Supremacy? What Happened and What it Means

  • Posted on: 16 July 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From The Conjure House

“Germanhood does indeed divide itself into different peoples and tribes, i.e.beehives; but the individual who has the quality of being a German is still as powerless as the isolated bee. And yet only individuals can enter into union with each other, and all alliances and leagues of peoples are and remain mechanical compoundings, because those who come together, at least so far as the “peoples” are regarded as the ones that have come together, are destitute of will….

Now the Nationals are exerting themselves to set up the abstract, lifeless unity of beehood; but the self-owned are going to fight for the unity willed by their own will, for union. This is the token of all reactionary wishes, that they want to set up something general, abstract, an empty, lifeless concept, in distinction from which the self-owned aspire to relieve the robust, lively particular from the trashy burden of generalities. The reactionaries would be glad to smite a people, a nation, forth from the earth; the self-owned have before their eyes only themselves…How ridiculously sentimental when one German grasps another’s hand and presses it with sacred awe because ‘he too is a German!'” – Max Stirner, The Ego and Its Own

This is a story about lies, cheapness, and the destruction of a seven-year project in the blink of an eye. It’s about idiocy, sheer blindness, and a willfullness to ignorance that would make even the most Catholic among us blush. It is a tale of Wolfi Landstreicher associating an entire philosophy with the most putrid of politics for a few dollars in his bank account.

It is a warning to support the artists you like as well as a desperate example of how former idols can be found lacking.

But what need we for idols? Nothing sacred, wasn’t that the call? A cold and indifferent glance on anything that didn’t arise within us? A scandal is on the horizon comrades, can you not hear it? Let us turn our frosty eyes outwards comrades. Let us see the mess all of us have been dragged into.

The New Insurrectionists

Egoism, as a philosophy, was finally getting back on its feet after 100 years. The same ideas that once that inspired Ravachol to bomb class enemies and Marius Jacob to burglarize bosses, judges, soldiers, and the clergy seemed to be on the horizon once more. Across the web and across the globe the traditional Anarchism of street marches and charity work was giving way to a delightful thirst for bombs, fire, and riots.

There are many reasons for this, one being the fact that Anarchism had become far to close to liberalism for the tastes of many, becoming a “liberatory philosophy” with almost no class consciousness, no economic underpinning, and one that preferred battles over language to actual combat. These are the same people who claimed the Black Bloc was a “patriarchal” and “racist” form of protest simply because it was favored by Europeans; the same Anarchism that, with a straight face, considers who gets to wear dreadlocks as one of the defining questions of our generation.

To debate these people was less an exchange of ideas and more of an incoherent screeching where every argument you made would be ignored. Individualism, and those who espoused it, were written off as “a parade of angry white dudes mansplaining about ‘edgy’ books that almost no one has read and were written over a hundred years ago.”

To the many women, non-binary, and trans folks who saw within Egoism the liberation of their Unique this was a slap in the face, let alone the anti-colonialists. To anybody that was tired of being told they would only ever be a demographic in a culture they had no hand in shaping this was a very clear sign they were unwelcome. Individualists and Insurrectionists, the growing trend across the planet, couldn’t understand the strange echo chamber that Anarchism had become.

They cried for justice, we wanted revenge.

We persisted. We bought guns and watched the FAI tear ass across the planet. We knew the world might not be saved so we aimed to save ourselves, our interactions based on reciprocity, on comradeship, and above all voluntary interaction free from the spooks of Class, Race, or Gender. While the Left debated the politics of burritos in Portland we Egoists read Insurrection News with unhinged glee as IMF officials received letter bombs and banks got the torch. We felt on the cusp of something, something great, and felt as if our generation might finally make the leap from protest to actual Class Warfare. We saw the destruction of class society as not only beneficial but necessary to our own individuality:

“Insurrection begins with the desire of individuals to break out of constrained and controlled circumstances, the desire to reappropriate the capacity to create one’s own life as one sees fit. This requires that they overcome the separation between them and their conditions of existence. Where the few, the privileged, control the conditions of existence, it is not possible for most individuals to truly determine their existence on their terms. Individuality can only flourish where equality of access to the conditions of existence is the social reality.”

We wanted more, and then some, and to do so would require at least that people understand who we were as individuals. We wanted to be understood and to be pigeon-holed due to the misreading of a philosophy would serve none of us. Individually and in conversations together we gambled that a rise in individualists desiring to be free would increase the probability of a general revolt and with it our own freedom. We found both the slaver and the slave disgusting, and desired the oppressed to rise with us in armed joy not for the sake of a new master but for themselves.

So we did the long, long work of getting people to understand just what the fuck we were talking about, not out of a desire to win converts but because the spread of such ideas would make our own liberation that much easier, leading to an increase in the militant activity so absent from Anarchism and with it the destruction of the material existence that bound us.

I cannot stress enough these are people I know, friends and comrades. They are flesh and blood real beings who tirelessly slogged through inane ramblings to try to get the people to understand that the key to their freedom lies within them. Online and outside we sought to excite the people, to provoke them, to stir them up against the old world that owned them.

Into the tireless work of countless Egoists dropped a new translation of Stirner’s great work, written by what many believed to be a pinnacle of Post-Left authorship. Now armed with an updated and breathless translation we were sure the people would see what we’d seen, know what we knew, and give help us give birth to a new era of insurrectionary desire.

This can still be the case but not before we clean house. Some foul things are stirring and are keeping me awake. What shape is twisting in the darkness, and why is it taking pictures with Richard Spencer?

A Wolf In the Hen House

Wolfi Landstreicher deserves praise for translating many Egoist and insurrectionist texts, as well as incubating Insurrectionary Anarchism through the generally empty period of the 90’s. He is seen as a fantastic writer, a despooked individual, and above all someone legitimately concerned with the liberation of others.

Which is why many of us were uneasy when we saw who would be publishing his new translation.

Underworld Amusements, a small publishing outfit run by Kevin Slaughter, has published numerous Egoist works, but takes a significantly different view of what “liberation” means. The works of Stirner sit beside texts described as “UNABASHED NIETZSCHEAN ELITISM,” a weird home for a philosophy that we found devoid of any concept of hierarchy or race. We were all worried when, after many had finally received the new translation, exhalations to “learn more” at Slaughter’s sites were included in the book. For someone new to Stirner’s ideas this would be disastrous, the equivalent of handing someone a book on Marx and imploring them to “learn more” at the local Klan meeting. Rumblings, hints, and screenshots swirled among Egoists. I personally know of two individuals that sent letters to Wolfi expressing their concerns and have the emails to prove it. Still, we held out hope. Surely the great Wolfi Landstreicher would never put himself in the hands of what for all intents and purposes looked to be a rather shady individual.

We have a phrase here in the South: “trust ye no living thing and tread carefully around the Dead.”

The proverbial plane hit the mountain on the 16th of July. I was given a link by a comrade to a site of Slaughter’s, updated as late as May 2017, where he recounts with much glee his attendance at a conference for White Nationalists:

“The conference was great, but a long day. I know they’ll be posting videos of the conference, for a small fee if I’m not mistaken, at NPItv.com.

The titles of the talks from the website, I’ve added links to personal pages or most relavant, then a link to their book, if available:

Sam Dickson — The Idea and the Ideal of the Ethnostate
Alex Kurtagić — Masters of the Universe – Mister

Keith Preston — Mass Immigration and Totalitarian Humanism
Byron Roth — Multiculturalism and Ethnic Activism – The Perils of Diversity
Richard Spencer — Why HBD is Necessary
Tomislav Sunić — Prospects for a Real Nationalist Right in America – Against Democracy and Equality

James Edwards – Obama and the “R Word” – Racism Schmacism
Jared Taylor – White Identity: Why We Need It – White Identity

I had the best seat in the house, though I was only able to move once to get a different angle. Here are a few select photos from the NPI Conference…”

Kevin Slaughter had said his “own Egoism tends to a type of elitism, rather than communitarian ideals.” This wasn’t Egoism. No speakers talked about individualism, insurrection, or the fallacy of property rights. Nobody even talked about Anarchism. Instead Slaughter went down to chum it up with Richard Spencer and learn about founding a “white ethno-state.”

I sat there at my writing desk, visibly twitching and anxiously mixing beer with rum. A quick search of Slaughter’s other works on the site proved this was not a one-off excursion. The man advocated eugenics and segregation, did podcasts on how great the racist theory of the Bell Curve was, and even had his “comedy” featured on the website of notorious slime ball Jack Donovan.

This wasn’t mere “intellectual curiosity,” this was rubbing elbows with the same kind of people Stirner spat on and laughed at; he had taken a work that destroyed the ideas of race, nation, society, and gender and used it to line his own pockets WHILE AT THE SAME TIME writing about sterilizing black people and wanting to re-start Jim Crow.

None of this was hidden, and it was right out for anyone to see. I thought about all those comrades I knew that would now be stuck explaining how Stirner wasn’t racist, who hated prejudice and would now be seen as tainted with it; I thought about the nearly 8,000 people who had heard me talk about Stirner and decided they too should set their cause upon themselves, a great rattling of the probability dice towards the eventual liberation of all those I loved, and how they might feel after “learning more” on Slaughter’s garbage sites.

I thought about the money they might spend on this new translation going right into the coffers of a bigot and a fascist. I thought about what such information might turn into in the hands of someone who hadn’t a clue what “Egoism” meant.

I shuffled my cards and asked a simple question: “what would happen if I made this public?” My palms grew hot and I pulled one. The King of Spades, also known as the “cruel executioner” who mets out punishment without pity.

With that the War of All Against All was declared and I went public.

Say It Ain’t So

The response from the Egoist milieu was one of abject disgust, and word spread like wildfire. My notifications lit up like a Japanese nuclear power plant and everyone seemed aghast. Could it be true? Could Wolfi have really done this? Had he known? Kevin Slaughter frankly didn’t give a shit, and inbetween giving the most asinine excuses he pretty well admitted he had a good time.

Everyone admitted Slaughter was a piece of shit, but the question was what Wolfi knew. His defenders rushed in, filling my inbox with desperate pleas to pull everything down until a letter could be sent to Wolfi, everyone sure that he must have been totally unaware.

These hopes were quickly dashed when Aragorn! made it clear Wolfi knew and just didn’t care.

In a weird move Wolfi, or someone close to him, posted his own response. I’ve reprinted it in full here:

I heard rumors to that effect last August (2016). I had already been in contact with Kevin Slaughter through my friend Trevor Blake and had gone a long way in the publication process. So I wrote Slaughter a 4-page typewritten (about the equivalent of a 10-page handwritten in my hand-writing letter), questioning him about it and making clear what I think. His response (nearly as long as mine) made it very clear (in very plain language) that he is not a white nationalist or any sort of fascist. He is also not an anarchist, largely because most of the anarchists he has met (on the east coast) are judgmental moralists. Since I have met plenty of those, I understand where he’s coming from there. He is basically a darker more pessimistic version of Michael Hoy of Loompanics… My introduction to the translation makes my attitude on any sort of racialist bullshit clear, and if Kevin Slaughter was what certain leftist witch hunters are claiming, I doubt he would have wanted to publish that…. But witch hunters and inquisitors will be witch hunters and inquisitors. And since fascism is an inherently collectivist perspective (combining aspects of nationalism, socialism and syndicalism), I think the best response to those trying to connect egoism, individualism and a post-left anarchist perspective to it is contemptuous mockery combined with pointed exposes of what fascism actually is and its historical connections precisely to the authoritarian left…. But, of course, that involve making real arguments, not just throwing out accusations. As you probably know, I do not do social media, because I do not see any genuine communication happening there, just precisely the sort of thing that fits with witch-hunting (and advertising of one’s self as the “good guy”).

Presented with these responses and trying to make sense of it all I paced across my room, talking with my wife as if we were discussing a bank robbery in broad daylight.

“Possibility: Wolfi is an old man who may be going senile, because if you are so stupid to believe somebody can’t lie to you or at the very least check out who’s publishing your book you deserve everything you have coming. Wolfi is in his 60’s and in his ‘response’ ends up sounding like your kinda-racist grandfather assuring us that ‘cops don’t kill black people’ because ‘my neighbor’s son is a cop, and he said he’d never do that.'”

My wife chuckled. “Yeah it sounded kind of…I don’t know. Confused? Or just ignorant?”

“But anyone with a fucking pulse can look over Slaughter’s shit and see he’s a scumbag. Has he never heard of google?”

“What’s the response?”

“To this situation?” I grabbed another toothpick “Well if this is pure idiocy may I suggest Wolfi check into the nearest nursing home. He fucked up, and if that’s the case let the cards fall where they may. But why not just say you didn’t know? Why not just come up and admit it?”

“What’s another other possibility?”

“Well, if Wolfi knew as Aragorn says and just didn’t care then I can delightfully say ‘fuck him.'” I threw my hands in the air. “Why you would consort with such trash is beyond me, and at this point Wolfi is wearing a blue shirt in a blood neighborhood. He knew some of the proceeds were going to go to a white nationalist, or at least a vile racist, and decided he’d try his luck. But why? Did he think people wouldn’t find out? What could possibly be the motivation?”

A new message was in my inbox from a source that desired to remain anonymous, one who gave me Wolfi’s response right off of Paul Simon’s facebook page before he posted it publicly, Paul Simon being the same person that made Wolfi aware of the controversy. This is important because it means this source is close enough to Wolfi’s crowd to actually have access to this information.

And I’m definitely going to throw it in the “Wolfi is a shithead” category.

A book seven years in the making, a new translation that could have blossomed into a renaissance for Egoism, was published through an outfit run by a racist because the motherfuckers at Little Black Cart wouldn’t pay him. Wolfi had worked on a painstaking translation and, strapped for cash, sold it to a fascist without any hesitation because he’s an idiot who can’t use the internet or because helping people who believe in racial caste systems is totally fine with him.

This whole thing could have been avoided if he just asked people to pay him directly, or even uploaded it online and asked for donations. In the end the very real material conditions of an anti-communist would push him into the arms of a profit-minded fascist.

It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic.

A Tarnished Legacy

Those few individuals who rushed to Wolfi’s defense were an odd sort, primarily Gen-Xer’s who refused to believe Wolfi could be as stupid as all the evidence made him out to be. He was a hero you see, and hero’s never seem to fall in shit quite like people do. In wild tangents they called the shock of Wolfi dealing with known racists as “moralistic” while at the same time begging for mercy and charity from his accusers; everyone who had a problem with Wolfi’s blasé attitude were told they were “the real fascists” and in between fits of no doubt literal tears we were all called a bunch of assholes who ruined everything and “weren’t being fair.”

Nihilists in effect were begging for sympathy. I couldn’t help but be reminded of a movie:

Nihilist #2: Iss not fair!

Either way you cut it the evidence shows Wolfi was associating with the kind of people who believe in “racial purity” and violence against minorities. He either played dumb or didn’t fucking care. Rather than admit his mistake, rather than open his eyes to what he’s done, he’s assured us that there was nothing to see and that we should just trust the guy espousing eugenics when he says he’s not a fascist.

That’s not good enough for me and I hope it isn’t for you.

Myself and many other comrades have found it disgusting and it is our great pleasure to expose this, to acknowledge it, and to show that Egoism has no place for the bootlickers who will trade individualism for a few coins in a racist’s pocket. I proudly display the dagger in my hand and hope Slaughter makes no more money off his rotten distro. I have used and will continue to use what literary might I might have to keep an entire field of Anarchist theory from falling into the hands of Jack Donovan fan-boys. Nothing brings me greater personal joy than to see them twist in the air either metaphorically or literally from a lamp post.

Fascists are not welcome here. Egoism is our property and so we make our attack to force such wretched vileness out of our ranks and back into the race-worshiping idiots it dripped from. Pleas for sympathy and understanding will fall on deaf ears, and every cancerous piece of shit that argues on the behalf of Slaughter should be put on full blast and exposed.

As for Wolfi I doubt he shares Slaughter’s views, but that’s too little too late. Wrong shirt in the wrong neighborhood, and in the end it doesn’t matter if you knew or not. Buy the ticket, take the ride, and if your number comes up that’s it. Wolfi gambled and in the end he lost. Welcome to 2017. Maybe next time he’ll think twice or do a little research when a strange man offers to fund his next book.

Stirner has nothing to do with racism or “ethno-nationalism” just the same as Anarchism has nothing to do with “Anarcho-Capitialism.” If Wolfi could overlook Slaughter’s views that’s his business, not mine, and means absolutely jack shit to me. I and all the wonderful comrades who use Stirner’s theories to invigorate the militant feelings of ourselves and those we love don’t want to spend every conversation having to explain how “we’re talking about individualism and spooks, but ya know, not in the racist way.” I am not about to have myself or any of my friends roped in with the kind of people we would rather see up against a wall than break bread with.

It is my firm desire, and indeed tied up with my own liberation, that the falsehoods of gender, race, society, and class be torn asunder and smashed to pieces.

If you agree, make no room for racist scum who desire to build gods from the color of their skin.

If you don’t, than I don’t give a shit about you anyway and recommend you drink ethylene glycol.

Want to support an Egoist author that DOESN’T work with white supremacists? Send me $4.99 a month to keep me alive or buy a book that advocates torching bigots rather than funding them.



egoism is attractive to nazis and wanna be ubermenchen leftist anime warriors equally. news at 11.

egoism has been garbage since white dudes starting losing the narrative a few years ago and wandering off into their own subjectivity too much and found egoism.

Hear hear! Egoist/nihilist tools are useful only for critique. They deserve credit for this! But once you tear everything down, you can rebuild a new ethical framework or leave it as a vacuum (like a fool) and all sort of awful things will rush in to that void while you're busy accusing everyone of being a "moralist".

Lots of interesting stuff in the void but don't be trusting it! Don't be trying to build things on nothing!

"We knew the world might not be saved so we aimed to save ourselves..."

Go commit suicide, worthless creeps and weenies. Fuck you and your loser melodramas.

"Myself and many other comrades have found it disgusting and it is our great pleasure to expose this, to acknowledge it, and to show that Egoism has no place for the bootlickers who will trade individualism for a few coins in a racist’s pocket." Especially when social capital is so hard to come by. Also buy my book! Check out my site! I'm a big egotist I mean egoist, except when I'm fronting Stalin I mean Marx.

yall, we're all just dreaming. no way Wolfi is exposed as working for white nationalists by an "egoist" in a soviet scarf.

a commie trying to work us up with this hand wringing is not worth our time. somehow he got enough inside information to twist this in the worst looking way, which winds up being inaccurate.

Hey guise!

Wuts goin on? I heard everyone is getting all bent out of shape because I was trying to bury Wolfi before he's even dead. Come on guise! Give me a hand with the shovel and we'll knock this 70 year old fascist out and then the World Socialist Party will truly understand that my egoism comes from my heart, which beats red, red, red, red, everyday. I want to be like Marx taking down Bakunin, that damned Russian Spy is a anti-Semite! Proudon is a racist. Do I win any points? Who can I take down next to get me the kind of fame that will make me Dr. Anarchy, King of the Boners. I know, I'll toss my own grandmother down the stairs. Fuck her not walking shit. Bunch of spooks. Get up grandma! You're only lying to yourself. Huh. What do you expect from old people?Waste of air. I hate racism.

This “controversy” is mostly annoying because Dr. Bones is making a huge deal out of something that’s simply not, all fire, brimstone, and arrogant impatience. He has no patience to let people speak at their own pace, or pause to try to understand. Instead rumours and speculation are more than enough to fuel the Doctors self-righteous vitriol.

Over the course of like 24 hours he turns some troubling information tangentially connected to Wolfi’s project and jumps to the wildest of conclusions about Wolfi and the publishing house involve.

Instead of taking a breath, he instead demands everyone he deems to be involved to answer to him at his whim and to his satisfaction lest they be branded a fascist. “Wolfi’s associating with people I deem bad, and unless you call him mean names with me, I’ll call you a bad person too!”
Simply childish.

It’s just more manufactured outrage and puritanical posturing. One gets the impression Dr. Bones wants to be seen as the sole *true* advocate for the Egoist Cause.

Pretty funny that this non-story has blown up because Dr. Bones randomly drew the “cause-a-shitstorm” card out of his tarot deck.

Not to mention the tastelessness of his shameless self-advertising

Hey, I watched your video and I wanted to explain myself: Go fuck yourself. I'm old and I got to pay for my goddamn bills. You want to come by and hold my dick while I pee? No? Then maybe let me make some $cash$ before I xxxcrokexxx? You hate Nazis? That's neat. You winning? They on the run? Did pissing all over my legacy help the cause?

About the old people swings: Look, when I was a young Feral Faun I loved to dance and sing through the forest. I spent my best years writing beautiful poetry while also bringing other passions to bear. In "Against the Logic of Submission" I handle much of this nonsense, this little kid wants to be in with the red anarchists while still fronting egoism? Everything about this moment reminds me of all the anarchists that became Marxist Leninists when I was younger. They had this sense of urgency, that if they didn't do anything the Leviathan would keep marching onward. Well it did and they didn't stop anything. They sure as hell tore down everyone around them just for kudo points, thinking their little parties were relevant. Meanwhile America watched the Cosby Show and Roseanne and didn't give two shits about these little agents of change other than to think they were pawns to some communist puppet.

The world hasn't changed much, the puppet masters are no longer those who worship the soviet union, but rather some even more boring, the scene. I know it is hard to find real enemies, being on the internet or at protests surrounded by allies, but if you passions are true, why aren't you burning molotovs everyday, loading your weapons and firing them into whatever enemies you think you have?

I think it has much to do with the story you tell yourself. You mind is eating candy bars and getting fat and satisfied without ever actually attacking and destroying a real enemy, be it predator or prey. I might be getting a bit of a tummy but you must weigh 120 soaking wet, so you best watch yourself or you might slip on your own little ego and while you are bent over, someone with more than a spook might pay you a visit and give you the stuff that nightmares are made of.

Listen old man, you work for the Nazis now. There is no way you didn't know what you were signing up for by turning your back on LBC. I want to shoot your head with a shotgun and use intestines to hang up your publisher! Don't tell me how to get insurectionary when I'm the one cleaning up egoism.

Say what you will about Dr. Bones, he's cultivating an online persona with enough élan to indicate that he's a bit of an arrogant douche, it's true. BUT this slippery slope of egoism towards the cryptofascism is a real problem and if you don't smell it, you're either willfully nose-blind or part of the problem. Not that there's a solution but this is a case study in the inherent dangers of vehement anti-moralism.

A deconstruction/negation of morality shouldn't be about feeling superior to everyone who espouses any form of ethics, you're not an amoral snowflake, that's boring. The negation of morality is about inoculating yourself against unconscious biases that were spoonfed to us by society.

That's pretty smart. I like this comment and you made me think. Keep up the good work!

In addition, to steal someone else’s point, if anything this sketchy association would be anti-fascist entryism into the cultural territory of those who may lean fascist. Could you imagine being some edgy teen who has a hardon for National Socialism cause it gives their little shit self self esteem but they order Unique One and realize how weak National Socialism is and embrace Egoism and despooking themselves?

LBC wouldn't pay him? Maybe if their books didn't fall apart right after you buy them theyd be able to afford to.

Lol so true, I was happy to hear that it was someone other than LBC that was publishing The Unique, for exactly that reason.

dr. bones has always been a boring hack repping leftist struggle in egoist clothing - as if the fucking hammer and sickle on hunter s. thompson jr.'s face wasn't a big red flag already. hopefully for those who didn't already know this this controversy is where he jumps the shark

Yeah too bad lbc couldn't pay wolfi for the translation. It's all our fault because we conned Aragorn into giving it to us, and we wasted it all on blow and wild parties where we did lines off the posteriors of 10k per night call girls. I knew Dr. Bones was butthurt about not getting invited but I didn't know it was this bad. Anyway we still ballin out of control wish you were here.

Jk we rob banks lulz

Sorry...I'm very sorry but I just can't understand anything you say over the gargling sound from the ITS balls in your mouth? It's frustrating.

Stop slut shaming me, shitlord!

That's MR. Shitlord! And don't be ashamed ;)

I love the hammer and sickle douchebag ranting about a "PR disaster for egosim". Lol....

This is so funny.

Commies, egoists, nihilists, are all such idiotic shitheads.

I see a whole lot of ad hominems at this dr. Bones who I could give a fuck about, and a whole lot of nothing about why it should be ok for certain anarcho-celebrities to be in business with nazis.

Ironically when @news started I was so into it, into validating insurrectionist/egoist/postleft stuff against leftist moralism (a la infoshop news). Seeing the trajectory of this site over time really gives me pause. We could agree to hate Michael Schmidt, was that because he'd been a leftist? Wolfi is now two degrees away from Richard Spencer and his explanation is fucking weak - at least Schmidt had the brain cells to plead insanity and apologize. That @news seems to have no time for antifascism today is another ominous sign.

>ominous sign

yeah dude, what's wrong with the kids on @news today? staying up late listening to black metal and reading atassa - next thing you know they're turning their back on antifa, that gold standard of being a Good Anarchist. That's now how we raised them damnit!

The gold standard is sustained, goal-oriented anarchist activity beyond publishing and masturbation. Certainly doesn't have to be AntiFa, that's just one of the easier ways to pull a crew together and manifest a street presence these days. Also pretty damned relevant!

Wolfi's explanation sure is, well... spooky in itself. Evasively dishonest. Especially for somebody who's built up a reputation for himself as a writer, I don't see where LBC was any relevant for him to be published. There's plenty of other publishing houses, from radicals to more mainstream, who could have printed him. But he has chosen one from the house of neofascists.

There's a chance that some ugly beast is starting its ugly head with this news, in conjunction with the Michael Schmidt case. This is something I've been hanging over the horizon keep a critical distance from it, but with this, we went a few giant steps closer.

This beast is called the Order of the Nine Angles. Do a search on them.

Ok ... I just journeyed down the rabbit-hole as requested and as fun as all those satanic cults are, it's just a very elaborate form of teen angst. I ate shrooms and summoned evil spirits while cutting myself like any normal teenager but come on ... I'm pretty sure the "a casual realm" actually exists too! Like I say, tons of fun!

But true politics is about guns and bombs and groups of people willing to use them. That's the only real "black magick".

Where is Wolfi's explanation?

That LBC refused to pay him with royalties over his publication, whereas that neofascist douche has paid him? I assume that's what's presented here as evidence.

Hell Bob Black still hasn't gotten payment from autonomedia. It seems that leftists can't really be trusted with money in many of these instances.

What about that getting jumped by fringe lunatics for being a douche? Can't he take that to the bank?

I say this as someone who was never a big fan of his writing egoist and all. He's simply doing means/ends business to get his book published. Publishing has never been an ideal scenario for various radical writers. He is hardly 'doing business' with fascists.

Also leftistards quite with this silly post left fascist creep nonsense. Fascism was partially birthed from degenerative decadent leftism not the individualist anarchist Stirner stuff. Where those shades and DEAL WITH IT.

Also Bones, I like some of your writing but as others have said this is faux outrage. Also that hammer and sickle communist joiner to egoism stopped being reasonable at the end of the 1970s when people like Bob Black finished that phase of ultra leftism.

(I posted this with errors under the wrong comment...)

Wolfi's explanation sure is, well... spooky in itself. Evasively dishonest. Especially for somebody who's built up a reputation for himself as a writer, I don't see where LBC was any relevant for him to be published. There's plenty of other publishing houses, from radical to more mainstream, who could have printed him. But he has chosen a house for neofascists.

There's a chance that some ugly beast is starting to rear its ugly head with this news, in conjunction with the Michael Schmidt case. This is something I've been hanging over the horizon keep a critical distance from it, but with this, we went a few giant steps closer.

This beast is called the Order of the Nine Angles. Do a search on them.

I'm not an egoist and don't feel particular affinity for either Stirner or Wolfi's work, but this denunciation seems very shoddy and strange, and based on scene drama and rumors.

First, the strain of idol worship and ressentiment is strong. There's a taste of Judas here, which reflects badly on Dr. Bones and an entire scene (including Wolfi) that would tolerate such cringing sentiments, whether positive or critical.

Second, unless I'm missing something, the only evidence presented that Wolfi went with KS due to money was from Aragorn. Aragorn seems to have good reason to feel pique that Wolfi would slight LBC. So without impugning Aragorn's reliability, it seems reasonable to demand a higher standard of evidence than "guy who just got insulted by Wolfi said that the insult was for a shitty reason."

The only quote from me in this mess is that Wolfi knew that KS had sketchy politics/interests.

agree with 6:40. i don't know what a! said or did not say, but i know wolfi did struggle with the publishing decision. he had quite the back and forth with kevin slaughter, and was convinced that kevin's delvings into neo-nazi/fascist/whatever scenes is part and parcel of his cynical approach to everything. i doubt ak or pm would publish anything for wolfi, but he surely would not choose them to publish his work. instead, he chose someone that would give him full control, regardless of the flailing accusations that have abounded about kevin for quite some time. wolfi did his due diligence (to his satisfaction), and he made his choice. anyone that actually knows wolfi (i happen to know him quite well) wouldn't even waste their time with this insipid stupidity.

to be explicit: first: LBC has absolutely no hard feelings about wolfi choosing different publishers when he decides that's a good idea. We are small in the world, and there are a variety of reasons for working with more than one publisher. We want good content in the world, and it's fun for us when we get to work on content we like, but we're not trying to own it or own the authors who have worked with us.
second: Wofli is a friend, as well as someone we want to promote. he made a decision we would not have made, and we tried to alert him to some of the consequences, but people make mistakes.
third: anyone who thinks that money is a determining factor for anyone in anarchist publishing doesn't know anything about it and apparently has a limited imagination.
anyone who knows the people at LBC knows that it's not hard to get aggravated with us. for many, we do enough to offset that. we have accepted these things about ourselves.

we did have books that fell apart when we started and were figuring things out. and we replace them when they're mailed back to us. thanks for your patience with anarchist projects.

I was "6:40." To LBC, I'm sorry I got mixed up in all the innuendo. It was Paul Simon who allegedly said that money was the issue, alongside this remarkable, herd-ish sentence from DB:

"A book seven years in the making, a new translation that could have blossomed into a renaissance for Egoism, was published through an outfit run by a racist because the motherfuckers at Little Black Cart wouldn’t pay him."

Regardless, thank you for doing what you do, LBC.

I would never mention money as Wolfi's motivation as he never mentioned it to me. Bones is the person who raised the issue first and in the first paragraph, in bold, of his article. Bones should hope he's right, because if not he's stepped dangerously close to libel.

ha! "anarchists" suing each other for libel. good one!

over and above the law, libel is a way that journalists (or even the intelligent) can judge the relative integrity and veracity of each other's work. As you fit into neither of those categories, I guess i shouldn't expect you to even have a glimmer of understanding, et alone comprehension.

Aren't you a snarly little thing! Guess you don't see the humour? You writers do take yourselves awful serious!

no. your books still fall apart. but yes, you will replace them.

Nothing happened and it doesn’t mean anything.

"Nothing happened and it doesn’t mean anything."

The entire US anarchist subculture stinkers scene in a nutshell...

Crowd-source the funds, print on demand, handful of distros / "accomplices"....really this was a no brainer for an old-skool DIY egoist....

it wags for thee, wolf-ee.

Politic-mixing for these folks is identical to the race-mixing taboo of their purported enemies. The divisions and reactions to mixing (ostracizing, threats, moralizing, insults, humiliation, etc.), are the same. Same behaviors, different memes plugged in.

Yeah … behaviours without context are like, totally the same! You're so clever!

Much different than breathing while holding communist ideals.

The difference between a predator and someone who just wants to exist without being harassed or having to go hungry. Predators are obviously part of nature too but it's not like they should expect sympathy from the prey. The magic of context!

Bones said: " I and all the wonderful comrades who use Stirner’s theories to invigorate the militant feelings of ourselves and those we love don’t want to spend every conversation having to explain how “we’re talking about individualism and spooks, but ya know, not in the racist way.” I am not about to have myself or any of my friends roped in with the kind of people we would rather see up against a wall than break bread with."

So this is fundamentally about how you are perceived by the moralistic elements of anti-racism? You have more loyalty, then, to religious anarchists - not egoists - than to one who has made incredible contributions to egoist thought? I do not hold Wolfi as an idol by any means at all, but to disavow him over what looks to be a trifle is ridiculous. All of the identitarian, "walk-on-eggshells-anarchists", functionally liberals par excellence, hold so much sway on you that you'd let yourself become infected with their Maoist rigidity and sclerotic worldview over and against individuals who are decidedly closer to your niche?

Or is it your niche, Dr. Bones? Are you here to bring "callout culture" to those of us who deserted the world of privilege-checking and moral accounting? This appears to be what you are doing. There are a myriad of ways in which the situation could be interpreted that do not point toward condemnation (though I know condemning things and people can provide quite an adrenaline high) that you simply refuse to see, and I wonder what your angle is. I turn every missionary away from my door, especially those who act as vanguards for the cancerous "callout culture" that has infected anarchism - and sadly, though I've loved your writings since I found them, it seems you are one such missionary.

For example, if this press is in fact frequented by NS and white nationalist types, what of the fact that a national socialist's reading of Stirner may cause them to abandon the idiotic nationalism they once held dear? The book's presence in their webstore may be meaningful in inducing young and rightfully angry fascist kids to draw nearer to egoism and the anarchism that is inherent therein.
Or, another possibility: I know nothing of Kevin Slaughter myself, but can say that his attendance of an NS event is hardly more contemptible than your attendance of a Trump rally, by your logic. Were I to think as you do here, and hear of your attendance of this rally seeking the ire you seek, I would similarly reject you completely for the simple fact that you did a "bad thing" out of curiosity and essentially "for the lulz". I myself have seen various alt-right thinkers speak merely to understand my enemy. I have even known some individuals who have infiltrated white supremacist organizations in order to gain intel. Will you seriously allow a few sparing notes on an individual - who has existed for many years, and experienced many things - reduce him to one act? And further, allow the association between Wolfi - who is aging and must secure resources for his old age - to tarnish his image? Truly idiotic.

If your problems were genuine, and you were not merely the very wolf-in-the-henhouse you claim Wolfi is, you would do two things: First, you would approach him directly and with a sense of respect, and aim to understand his motives and determine what he knew before you reacted - this with an aim to gently address a perceived wrong on his part in the interest of strengthening our tiny community. Second, as he himself points out in his comment, you would provide direct aid to him to transition into old age, thus relieving him of any financial pressure that caused him to turn to this publisher (who may genuinely be terrible). All of this would draw on a *communistic* sense of fraternity with a fellow egoist anarchist instead of a witch-hunt style SJW freakshow.

And thus, I must say to you Dr. Bones, in the interest of remaining consistent with all I just said: While I continue to support your struggle from afar, and appreciate greatly your contributions to the egoist world - you may do well to rethink this one. That is, providing you actually have the best interests of the community at heart.

Hey windbag, you're still playing catchup. Wolf I already crawled out from under his rock and admitted he accidentally fell in with the alt right.

The horseshoe problem is real, your old egoist patriarch is fallible. Deal with it.

You told that guy. Wolfi really is just some old hippie that is used to publishing around other marginal and didn't care. I found his explanation to be easily punchable and torn to pieces, he probably shouldn't of even had an offensive. As a fan, I wanted to like it, but he gave away information that only proves he is out of touch and makes him look stupid. Dr. Bones didn't do a service for anyone either, just reminded us that someone is getting old and can be easily mocked with just a little bit of effort. This is where I think Wolfi is correct. Dr. Bones did bully an old man that does not play internet troll fights to get that sharp "I'll tear down your fucking life you little bitch" edge that these edgelords like to think they got. This guy wants to be public. He'll get tore down without much assistance. He's a weirdo and he decided he'd swing at one of the few people that could've validated his weirdness.

UA is not a crappy publisher. why are people just accepting that? a quick glance at their profile of websites and books show that they have more egoist material on offer, on archive, and in the pipeline than anywhere else i know of!!! that's is pretty amazing and they keep excavating lost writings of this marginal tendency making it's sources quite numerous and dynamic. holy hell, that's a feat. ...sale's pitch is over now.

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