Bonobo: The Lovemaking, Anarchist Ape

  • Posted on: 15 July 2017
  • By: thecollective

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Bonobos are great apes of central Africa. Their home sits in densely lush, swampy areas of the Congo jungle. They are said to be the most peaceful apes on the planet and exhibit little to no violence. They may be the only "anarchist apes" in existence. In this context, anarchist refers to a species that rejects violent domination or ruler-centric hierarchies.

Bonobo Details and Relationship to Humans

Scientifically, bonobos are classified as pan paniscus. They are closely linked to chimpanzees or Pan troglodytes. Bonobos were identified as early as 1933, and used to be referred to as "pygmy chimpanzees." Some primatologists think they're the nearest relative to homo sapiens (humans). claims bonobos are "prototype" humans, and go on to say, "while this controversy is unresolved, it has been established through molecular genetic analysis that the chimpanzee genus, Pan, is the most closely related to humans and shares approximately 98.7% genetic identity" (4). Other scientists find this data inadequate and think that further research is necessary. Wikipedia states this about the bonobo-human relationship: "an alternative philosophy suggests that the term homo sapiens is the misnomer rather, and that humans should be reclassified as pan sapiens" (6).

Jared Diamond elaborated on the aforesaid concept in his book, The Third Chimpanzee. He argued persuasively that humans share a close relationship with these magnificent apes. His arguments kindled a debate in scientific circles, with some professionals suggesting Bonobo's are indeed humanity's closest kindred spirit.

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Bonobos are Considered a Sexually Active, Anarchist Apes

Bonobos are an endangered species, though. They are poor swimmers. Their native habitat sits near the Congo river. This explains the lack of disbursement among the species. But the most interesting thing about bonobos are their social peculiarities.

Sexuality plays a key role in the their "social culture." They settle disputes through sexual acts rather than violence, and have a matriarchal or linked hierarchy or social setup. this has led many to call them "Hippie apes," "love monkeys," "anarchy apes," and other such names. An Emory site, "OurInnerApe," makes this claim clear:

"Some scientists try to keep bonobos on the sidelines, since they fail to fit certain "macho" scenarios of human evolution (which emphasize violence, hunting, and the like), yet bonobos are equally close to us as chimps hence equally relevant" (5).

This is a video of them in action. It gives many insights about these fascinating creatures, including the notion that they walk upright, make a lot of love, and are peacemaking creatures.

Bonobos Could be Statist Apes? Their Appetite for Violence is Absent

However, not all scientists believe that their perfectly peaceful creatures. Some would say they look more like violent statists. Primatologist De Waal warns people not to overly-romanticize the bonobo. Some have noted seeing the bonobos hunt rogue males, kill them, and share the remains (more evidence needed).

Bonobos main food source is plants and fruit, but they also eat small insects. Sometimes, they hunt and kill small mammals and distribute the flesh peacefully among themselves, although the evidence of this is scattered and pending research. Here's two separate claims about possible violent behavior:

"Several bonobos gathered around the possessor of the meat and showed interest in the meat on all occasions. Begging behavior was noted on one of the two occasions, but the possessor of the meat ignored it. No sharing of meat was seen on either occasion"


"Males and females hunt together, and females tended to share their spoils which included the young of two species of monkeys. The discovery casts doubt on claims that social aggression and hunting go hand in hand, Hohmann says. Some anthropologists suggest that in the million or so years that separate bonobos from chimps, bonobos lost their appetite for violence."

Sue Savage-Rubaugh and Bonobo Intelligence

Studies of Bonobo intelligence have been exemplified through the work of primatologist Sue Savage-Rumbaugh. She has successfully taught one Bonobo named Kanzi several "tricks," including language acquisition and toolmaking. Watch in awe as Kanzi creates a tool to acheive food. Then, although bonobos don't have a larynx and can't speak, they can react to symbolic language.

Though this seems fascinating, ape language abilities have taken heavy criticism, most notably from cognitive scientist Steven Pinker, and famous linguist Noam Chomsky.

Wikipedia provides information on their arguments: "Among the reasons for skepticism are the differences in ease with which human beings and apes can learn language, questions as to whether there is a clear beginning and end to the signed gestures, and whether the apes actually understand language or are simply doing a clever trick for a reward"(3).

Conclusion: The Anarchist Ape

The activities of bonobos are human-like. The way bonobos behave may have been similar to early human society, especially considering the genetic evidence. In this regard, early human society would have been more anarchistic. It would have involved more lovemaking, peacemaking, and goddess worship.

The evidence is not 100% clear, but it does suggest that Bonobo's are animals of love who resolve disputes with sex and intimacy instead of violence. These are creatures that have evolved without a propensity for aggression when compared to other great apes. These are animals that humans can ultimately learn from, because they provide the realization of the anarchist dream: that society is possible with little initiatory aggression and more compassionate lovemaking.


anarchy and love


The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal (P.S.) By Jared Diamond

Kanzi: The Ape at the Brink of the Human Mind By Sue Savage-Rumbaugh



The shittiest article about anarchism in the history of apekind. And what is the site that it's even posted on – another insipid techie site? Gag me with a spoon.

Sex is not love is not intimacy. Sex is a site of power and violent domination.

I fapped tho, so not so bad.

when it's presented to them.
the article is funnier than 99% of the anews trolls, i'll tell you what.

Volcanoes and apes? whats next anarchist bacteria?

More the same old instrumentalzing other animal species to legitimate some aspects of human behavior. Proto-Nazis used to do it for much worse reasons, but even at that this is still trapping people within mediocre naturalistic ethics. That it's cool to do it because "Bonobos".

NEWFLASH: Apes have been confirmed to be apes. Cats are also just cats. Ants are ants... We are NOT, in any way, related to them, save than through a several hundreds of years old evolutionary process.

But sure, feel free to go live with an autonomous collective of Bonobos.

Or let's go easier... just have sex with whoever you feel good about, in a way that makes you and the other(s) feel alright about it. You don't need apes to tell you what you can do/not do. Stupid.

really gives it more significance than it deserves. fnny how i can agree entirely with someone's points yet the way they make the point makes me wnt to sty entirely away from them.

Bonobos are matriarchal. How is that anarchist?

Was this supposed to be a marketing tie-in article with the release of War for the Planet of the Apes?

the have achieved stick wielding, throwing things, polyamory, and little else.

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