The Hotwire: CrimethInc.'s New Weekly Anarchist News Podcast

  • Posted on: 11 August 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Announcing the Hotwire, our new weekly anarchist news show! This is an expanded version of the Ex-Worker’s new anarchist news show, now featuring your host, the Rebel Girl. We’ll have new episodes coming out every Wednesday this fall.

The last year has been one of the craziest years for anarchist struggle in our lifetime. Black blocs, prison uprisings, warrior camps and anti-pipeline sabotage, antifascist clashes with nationalists and the alt-right—we’ve been doxxed, shot, stabbed, raided, arrested and imprisoned, we’ve been put on blast by the president himself, but resistance is still catching on like wildfire. With so much happening, it can be difficult to get caught up with the latest important news while still surviving capitalism’s daily grind. However, being informed and up-to-date is crucial for our resistance to be effective.

That’s why we’re bringing you The Hotwire, a weekly 20–30 minute anarchist news show that comes out every Wednesday this fall. We’ll have the latest resistance news, along with repression round-ups, political prisoner birthdays, and announcements for upcoming activities that you can tap into in real life. We’re making this podcast not only for you to better consume the news, but for you to better act on it too.

For those of you who miss The Ex-Worker, don’t fret, they’ll be back periodically with their wonderful full-length episodes on anarchist ideas and history, but unfortunately the latest upswing in activity has meant that Clara and Alanis have had their hands full with other revolutionary obligations. In the meantime, we hope that you’ll tune into The Hotwire.

Our first season will launch on August 30th and last until December, then we’ll pick back up in the spring. As always, we encourage submissions and feedback. Get in touch with us at PODCAST (at) CRIMETHINC (dot) COM. You can subscribe to the show for free via iTunes, Pocket Casts, or Overcast. We’re a co-conspirator in the Channel Zero anarchist podcast network. You can also listen to new episodes for free on our website,, where you’ll find the full archive of past Ex-Worker episodes.

Stay informed. Stay rebel. Plug into The Hotwire.



definitely what we need: the milieu must be simply better informed, so as to more effectively rebel.

you're sooooooo right! I mean there are a total of 0 podcasts dedicated to radical news out there. NOT!

In my experience.

(pausing to look at crystal ball on my desk for a moment)

...because they're part pf your crowd, right?

Whatever the sitch may be with me and CrimethInc., I like Vince Staples but he isn't part of my crowd. I don't know him, at all. What he's about, I don't know at all either. But looking for rap music, I like what I'm getting, I guess.

And in the Hotwire, as I'm looking for anarchist action reports in audio format... I like what I'm getting. It is quality, not like some other stuff (not naming anyone's project tho).

Some people don't like rap, anarchist action reports, nude recreation, Digimon, whatever. Like, more or less none of it; they just don't see the appeal, whether an afficianado would say it's quality or not. Okay, sure.

It's not fit for the radical orientation necessary for the 21st century going forward.

that the propaganda of crimethinc, igd, submedia, etc feels similar to seeing a "Resist" bumper sticker on a car? Where is the meaningful difference? Since when is getting in the news, or recognized by a president the mark of anarchist success? Does this fall into the same trope of selfies and modernity's version of narcissism? How can I be in any way inspired or connect with this? At best I can feel some sympathy and compassion for these poor fools struggling to be seen by their enemies. At worst these "anarchists" are even more my enemies because they feign to be my friend

No big inspiring or leading edge idea. Sad.

Yep I feel that, at least you have compassion enough to accept modernity's flaws and not rage against these fools,,,best to just avoid them politely. For any critical thinker, never before in terminology has there had to be a defining line made between what makes the egotistical narcissist the antithesis of what the egoist individualist represents in the struggle against the blanketing totalitarian behavioral complexes which plague modern life. Ancaps, antifa, neoliberalism can all be lumped together these days.

You are way too critical. Ego is tough thing to diminish and humans are mere humans. You want people to follow you go give them some route and deal with their underdevelopment. Being fallen into sophistication area is no lead to the overall victory just a path to a comfort zone for your own ego.

I'll have you know I've never treated myself to any comfort zone for my "ego ", I've read Freud but that doesn't mean I'm an adherent or believer in his blueprint for the structures of cognitive processes or the innate self defence reflexes of the human mind, far from it in fact, I believe in transcendence and it starts in infancy, and anyone if they have one iota of pride in their individual autonomy would rise up out of any problem with a sangfroid cheerful attitude. I loath whiners and as for the underdevelopement of "adults", well I'm starting to think that genetically some people are just dumb, and my task in life is to point them in the right direction, but I'm not going to waste anymore of my time assisting strangers who lack the will to empower themselves. I've wasted enough being the compassionate one, soon I'll have my own responsibilities to deal with. Its a tough nipple to suck on, but the sooner folk accept the fates that life throws at them, the better the world would be.

My apologies for all the -- I I'm I've me me my mine trend in my previous comment, I'm never actually so self-absorbed, but people keep wanting to question me all the time, urrgh, there I go again, a stream of ME ME ME, god, time for some meditation away from the keyboard, I'm taking a break, oh shit the I I I won't stop,,,,,I'm outta here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, No wonder some folk suggest I kill myself,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I'm talking ego as a self-importantce not freudian sense. People are generally dumb. Some are very bright.

Nobody is suggesting that "getting recognized by a president or in the news is a mark of anarchist success." Not one of those groups you mention … so are you a dumbass or here with an agenda?

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