One Dead in Charlottesville: Why the Right Can Kill Us Now

  • Posted on: 12 August 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From CrimethInc. Ex-Workers Collective - August 12, 2017"

Today, in Charlottesville, Virginia, participants in a fascist rally did what they have been threatening to do for a long time, driving a car into a crowd and murdering at least one person.

News coverage of Nazi driving a car into a crowd.

We are not surprised.

At Standing Rock in November, police nearly blew off the arm of 21-year-old Sophia Wilanksy with a concussion grenade.

The North Dakota legislature responded not by condemning police violence, but by introducing a bill that would make it legal for drivers to run over protestors.

At an anti-fascist demonstration in Seattle in January, coinciding with Trump’s inauguration, an alt-right assaulter shot Hex, an unarmed anti-fascist protestor and IWW member, in the stomach, sending him to the hospital for weeks. Police initially responded by declining to charge the shooter with a crime, while continuing to condemn and repress anti-fascist demonstrators.

After the Seattle shooting, we wrote that the alt-right “is actively working to create momentum for a fascist movement that will not stop short of murder.”

Today’s murder of an anti-fascist protestor is the first to take place during a demonstration. It is probably not the last.

Nazi driving a car into a crowd, rear angle.

When the state sends the message that both police and other totalitarians can freely attack and injure those who stand up against racism and injustice, no one should be surprised when that continues to happen.

When the state moves to legalize using vehicles to murder protestors, no one should be surprised when the alt-right takes up their invitation.

Meanwhile, the state intends to use this tragedy to consolidate its position. Trump condemned hatred and bigotry “on many sides”—deliberately obscuring who perpetrates the violence and who suffers it, and what distinguishes the values of anti-fascists from the hatred of fascists. Melania Trump reminds us that “no good comes from violence”—again, equalizing anti-fascist militancy with fascist murder—while her husband brings the world closer to the brink of nuclear holocaust than it has been for generations.

Nazi driving a car into a crowd, side angle.

And as our friends lie bleeding in the streets and cold in the morgue, as unapologetic neo-Nazi violence escalates to a level not seen in decades, Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer tells us to “go home.” He cannot bring himself to say, “A neo-Nazi murdered someone fighting against white supremacy while I stood and did nothing.” So he diplomatically mentions that “a life was lost”—like a misplaced set of keys, rather than a horrific and deliberate act of racist violence.

The discourse of “law and order” functions the same way, whether from the mouths of liberals like Mayor Signer or authority-worshipping Blue Lives Matter zealots. It is intended to play on our fears of violence and chaos to convince us that the only alternative is to accept the economic, political, and racial status quo, defended by ever-escalating control and surveillance.

But we have to realize that their laws and their order are precisely what produced this situation—a situation in which pipeline company profits are worth more than the lives of water protectors, in which cops murder black men with impunity, in which torch-wielding Nazis can murder those who organize to halt their racist agenda.

Nazi driving a car into a crowd, aftermath.

We must identify the forces underlying their laws and their order—white supremacy, patriarchy, policing, capitalism, and the state. We have to work together to keep ourselves safe and reimagine the world without them.

No, we will not go home. We will not forget. And if we can ever forgive, it will only be when we have ensured that no policeman or fascist will ever again be able to cause the slightest bit of harm to any living thing.

See you in the streets.



Crimethinc's "antifa" is a function of actually existing fascism.

Crimethinc's war Cheiftan acknowledges himself in the above text that the "murder of an anti-fascist protestor is the first to take place during a demonstration [sic]. It is probably not the last", and ends with: "See you in the streets."

I would contend this is near delusional.

Antifa, Crimethinc, the white nationalists, the neo-Nazis -- none of these groups have any capacity for real opposition to the dominance of capital, or the ruling class, and the bourgeoisie knows this. That's why both fascist and socialist groups are tolerated. Calling for more blood to be spilt in the streets isn't "revolutionary" (putting aside for a moment the glaring fact there is no revolution for anyone to be revolutionary about), it's paranoid and delusional. But I think the goal of Crimethinc here is to push the pendulum forward and further facilatate these oscillations of social polarization in the hopes of provoke an all out armed social conflict like in a revolting, romanticization of 1920s and `30s Spain.

The UK Guardian was quick to quote someone on scene as saying the car-ramming assailant was "a skinny white guy with a scraggly beard". Turns out this wasn't the case. And I think such assumptions only serve to reinforce bourgeois ideals; everyone wants so bad to make the killer into a textbook example of the repugnant "little man" of the so-called "master race", as someone who typifies the lazy and ignorant underclass who have no-one to blame but their own refusal to accept today's globalized paradigm.

Whatever you do, don't blame the capitalists. It's everyone in the worlds fault but them, duh. :/

I can't think of a more conventional looking person. It matters because your real enemy has no face. Your real enemy isn't something you can scare out of your town with a Saturday demo.

… Why did you assume the entire article is an implied threat instead of reading it as a warning that the far right will kill again?

Because Zhachev is an idiot. Anyone who equates antifa with fascism is a complete total fucking moron and should be safely ignored. This is the exact same talking point used by the alt-right who are always calling antifa "fascists".

Word. Notice the influx of alt-right talking points because of this article? This includes anyone asking why it's here at all. If you have to ask why Charlottesville is "of interest to anarchists", your analysis must be utter shit.

I won't presume you any kind of egoist, but Christ, that is some spooky shit. And I am sure you would never consider yourself a conspiracy theory type, either, but by placing all the blame on a specific group of elite humans, you demonstrate the same kind of intellectual weakness as anyone who believes in a more politically incorrect and/or batshit stupid variant like the Elders of Zion, the British royal family, or reptilian shapeshifters.

It is not capitalists, it is capitalism (or civilization, or Leviathan, or whatever). It is systemic. And fucking no one knows how to stop it, not you, not anyone. No one knows if it can be stopped. So your talk is just talk, and pathetic at that - absolutely as boring and useless as After the Revolution.

- The bourgeoisie, such as it exists, was well-represented in Charlottesville. It is pretty well-documented how a lot of these fucks make their money. Spencer comes from a Southern cotton-owning family.

- Calling for more blood in the streets is honest. You don't do that if you don't want it. This has nothing to do with paranoia or delusions, which are experienced in roughly equal measure by the most bloodthirsty and the most consciously pacifistic people on the planet, plus everyone in between. You can disagree with the call without misrepresenting those making it and insulting people with real mental health problems at the same time. Maybe you can even acknowledge why people feel that way.

- "Antifa = fascism" is either wrong or it is banal. Without even needing to define terms, antifa obviously means different things, and stands for different values, than fascism. And if you're talking about them both being "a group that uses power" or something, then sure. My couch = my table because they are both made of atoms. Sure.

EDIT: Evidently the original article doesn't even call for "blood on the streets", but the point stands.

"Calling for more blood in the streets is honest. You don't do that if you don't want it. "

No it is dishonest as far as those making the call aren't the same people doing the act. And I ain't sure you'd be the one drawing blood in the streets. You appear to be more of the dilettant type of not being around when serious shit hits the fan... always for some reason. Or did you ever made someone bleed with your own hands?

No matter what, calling for confrontation from the comfort and safety of a keyboard, like CrimethInc is doing, isn't really taking matters into their own hands.

I also commend you to go ask people in the street whether "Antifa = fascism" is wrong, or banal. ;-P Unlimited potentials for surveys!

Again … there's no reason to assume that was the intention of this article. They're not "calling for blood" (?!?!), they're warning that the far right's rhetoric will continue to inspire more stupid kids and psychotic lone wolves to act.

I once got into a fight with my parents about whether or not "people on the street" would know what a black bloc was. I said we should go to Tim Hortons and just ask people. But didn't do it, cuz I dunno, we're boring people, obviously.

Anyway, re: the personal accusations... Either you don't know about my life, or if you do, then you should be able to contact me and voice specific criticisms of my failure to be sufficiently Hard as Fuck. I am honestly open to the challenge. I like a good argument, especially about personal shit. But my guess is, you won't, cuz you're an anon coward. Fuck yourself.

>Antifa, Crimethinc, the white nationalists, the neo-Nazis -- none of these groups have any capacity for real opposition to the dominance of capital, or the ruling class, and the bourgeoisie knows this.

Who fucking cares? No one has the capacity for "real opposition to the dominance of capital." Why should that hinder people from attacking fascists (whom we do actually have the capacity to really oppose)? Fuck the lofty theoretical goals.

As Dupont would say(at least I'm not). Pitty, CrimethInc used to represent something better in their more post leftish days.

I'm not going to war, either. If it comes to my doorstep, I'm grabbing my shit a running.

Crimethinc's position on democracy is pretty good, even today. But the activist, opportunists non-sense I find disgusting.

Like apparently with most anarchist milieus out there, they've been overrun by Leftoid activists. That streamlined publication "How to Change Everything" and that corporate merger with the Stimulator and Submedia has sealed the deal.

Now we got syndicated corporate activist media network who've been increasingly adopting a main line, washed out critique and worldview... as if it passed through some common funnel. Crimethinc indeed used to be the shit when it comes to anarchy in the US, and their publications were great. At least for a decade.

You're such a tool … submedia was always the one guy and whoever helps him out. "Corporate merger"?! Are you actually an idiot or deliberately trying to confuse people?

War is already here, it's all around you. From your landlord to your workplace boss to the cops down the street. You and I and everyone else are under continuous totalitarian surveillance. The war started a long time ago. It's been your doorstep for over a century. Neo-Nazis are only the latest group to join the war.

Wake the fuck up.

the war began when the first tyrant ordered and paid the first army to murder the free people. this war of total domination continues to this day around the world.

our war must be a war of total liberation. as long as we breathe, we will seek freedom and fight oppression. if you are privileged enough to not feel oppressed, know that your feeling of freedom stands on a bloody pile of corpses that provide your comfort. and that as long as you stand on your comfortable pile of corpses, we can see which side you've chosen.

Monsieur Dupont can bring me the tea, without tips. I don,t give a rat's ass about this commie prick who builds all his ideas out of readings and events he has witnessed at a safe, spectacular distance. Desensitized people like him (and you) are also part of the problem, not any solution for some intellectual enlightement.

Now let's hear your infatuations on what McInnes had to say about Charlottestown.

Doesn't @news have an editorial policy of only posting things that have to do with anarchy/anarchism? The a-word isn't even mentioned in the article, which says a ton about the unfortunate direction that Crimethinc is headed.

...the "revolutionary abolitionist movement", which sounds so embarrassingly Maoist that they might as well just come out and say it. Watch the video on IGD's website and try to find the anarchsim - it comes as close to saying Black Nationalism and Latino/Latina Nationalism as possible without explicitly saying it, and it the images seem to suggest that the best course of action for anarchists in the US is to pick up an assault rifle and ride around in the back of a pickup truck.

I understand the call to harass, mock, and even physically attack white nationalists when they are causing problems in one's own neighborhood - this is just basic proactive self-defense. I *don't* understand the call to travel out of state to do the same to a bunch of white nationalists who are also traveling out of state. I heard there were only 500 of them, and that the Cville police allowed the rally to get violent so that they had an excuse to boot them out - no one likes them or takes them seriously besides antifa. They just look like a bunch of clowns gathering with torches around a Robert E. Lee statue and have been condemned by the mainstream over and over; the alt-right proper (not the alt-lite, who are really just anti-progressives with hate hard-ons about SJWs and with almost no trace of a unified, positive doctrine) may even be more marginal than anarchists, and I find the alarmism about them "gaining traction" and the like to be heavily exaggerated. Chasing them around to bust up their clown rallies, and thus implicitly validating one another, is not a valuable use of anarchists' time and energy.

Do you think one is the front of another or something?

In other news, Zerzan, Deep Green Resistance, and ITS are all the same outfit.

Okay, obviously not. The difference is that RAM, CrimethInc., IGD, Submedia, et al. don't shit-talk each other publically, and can apparently collaborate to mutual benefit. And it's fine to dislike someone for being friendly with crypto-Maoists (not gonna challenge this notion for now, let's just say, sure), just as I dislike it whenever I hear of an IWW chapter working with some Stalinist organization in the States somewhere for May Day. But that doesn't make CrimethInc. and RAM identical. In fact, there is PROBABLY a whole lot of drama and frustration going on behind the scenes - which is not me hinting at some juicy gossip I know of, but me literally describing every fucking group of people on Earth.

Anyway, re: chasing fascists around... Yeah. Though you know there are anarchists in Charlottesville too, right.

the idea that people can only work together only by maintaining some front of a unified force is part of the criticism of crimethinc specifically (they do not allow critical feedback on their comment sections, when they even have them, etc) and implicitly of the other grps i know of in zero channel (ie TFS and especially IGD). your conflating critical feedback with shit talking is right in lne with that attitude, fwtw. the original comment you're responding to makes a valid extrapolation (not necessarily accurate, but valid), bsed on where crimethinc started and what it promotes currently. you throwing together a bunch of green groups in comparison is an empty, distracting, rhetorical flourish.
it's fine to like crimethinc, there's a lot of stuff they do well. but ignoring that they\ve changed and them acting like their shit don't stink are also things are things worth talking about.

You're assuming all "critical feedback" is equal. Definitely not the case and you're an excellent example of this.

The people involved have changed, and so have their priorities. I am not ignoring it, and I don't think anyone should, or even could. Almost all critiques of CrimethInc., coming from any direction, have been historical. But there is a limit to the usefulness of historical critique, particularly as regards any entity with real continuity but unexpected longevity. This is a mistake Libcom used to mistake, and one that y'all are making now.

So I liked Against Me! long ago, but wasn't into their "newer stuff" when that newer stuff didn't even include "I Was a Teenage Anarchist". I became aware of the band after its peak of... well, relevance to the things I was getting into, and continue to be into. There is a definitely a thing where I am now somewhat embarrassed about their older material, or for saying things like "I like Against Me!" not because of anything wrong in the material itself but just in the fact that things played out like they did, I was mad at them ("Teenage Anarchist" pissed me off, what can I say), I was annoyed with the legions of guitar idiots singing "Wagon Wheel", and so on and so forth.

But to the extent that it matters (it doesn't), while I don't forgive Against Me! for things that pissed me off, I also don't care, and I can recognize too... it was a phase. That's, y'know, development over time.

So CrimethInc. has changed too. I think it should be acknowledged that, as it exists today, it's more on the revolutionmaking and/or antifascist side of things than... I don't want to generalize, but let's call it "anti-strugglismo anarchy". And let it be acknowledged that some stuff that gets published under CrimethInc. banner, I don't like - and maybe even things that some people can be legitimately pissed off about, sure. But fuuuuuuuuuucking hell I don't get this general shit-talking of CrimethInc. (and associated groups).

There is critique and there is shit-talk. The shit-talk, obviously, is motivated in part by critique, but I think it's mostly a bad critique in this case.

There's legit critique,
there's shit-talk AND
there's anti-left trolls trying to drive wedges in to the milieu.

The bad-faith actors encourage the endless navel gazing and infighting.

Absolutely bizarre to still be trying to talk like there's no fire under that smoke after somebody gets killed… I wonder how many will need to die before you stop waving your hand dismissively at these issues?

And if ITS communiqués are going to get posted (which by the way, does not make me clutch my pearls, I can read something that I'm not down with and I can skip a headline if I don't care), then fucking hell CrimethInc. stuff should be posted.

I have nothing personally against attacking fascist rallies, there is a time and place for it. Specially when they want to display themselves in traditionally anti authoritarian neighborhoods. Although, if anarchy is getting nothing out of it other than watered down ideals, arrests and in this case deaths it's hard for me to see the point. This of course goes for the anti Trump rallies as well, inauguration being a good example.

We just aren't living in 1999 any longer and there is real risk associated with self organized action on all levels. If you told me our best hope to survive and fight within the coming collapse would be anti authoritarian enclaves in major cities I could believe that. But, honestly where would it be in the USA? I am aware this is a doom and gloom scenario but the potential to fight back against what is on the immediate horizon seems slim to pointless in the confines of the USA that is.

There needs to be a greater strategy and more looking to the future. There should be hundreds of statements about this, with thoughts and ideas moving forward. One, even if I disagree is good, but there needs more. And not just "report backs."

I don't know what your deal is but your critiques are terrible. Radical journalism like this isn't supposed to be about strategy, it's just our own sympathetic media to counter the weak-ass mainstream coverage that leaves out so much important info.

"At Standing Rock in November, police nearly blew off the arm of 21-year-old Sophia Wilanksy with a concussion grenade."

It wasn't a concussion grenade: Concussion grenades are lethal military ordinances designed to kill by explosion, not fragmentation. Sophia Wilansky had shrapnel fragments removed from her arm.

Can we all stop calling it a concussion grenade now?

Fact Check: a young girl, peacefully handing out water bottles to thirsty people, was maimed by police or corporate security's military ordinance. You are correct that it was a "flash bang" grenade but the exact type of ordinance seems beside the real point, don't you think?

Facts are never beside the point. Let's strive to be factual.

All this feeding into the binary ideological war strategy is soooo,,,,,,,,,,,,,stupid and passé.

I guess I occupy a weird position in the whole debate about antifa.
On one hand, I think the presently existing radical left that most anarchists are a part of is fighting fascists in a very counterproductive way, mainly as part of a left right feud with zero relevance to anyone outside the tiny hobbyist world of radical politics. This is a feud between a radical right that has decent prospects for real societal power and a radical left that has none, and much antifa stuff seems to only escalate the militancy of the side with a fucking shot. The mainstream anarcho movement has a serious lack of any sort of critical thinking on whether current tactics are working
On the other end, we have the post-lefty types that seem to view the fascists as mostly completely irrelevant and attempts to confront them or otherwise engage in a political climate of accelerating fascism as a total waste of time. To so much as even care about the ways a fascist victory would make for an even worse environment to live in than an already monstrous world is seen as leftist or moralistic, or whatever the fuck.
The fascists must be stopped, and liberalism and leftism are incapable of doing it. They must be fought not in defense of the left, but in defense of freedom. We can't win this as leftists, and we can't risk sitting this shit out and being superior on the sidelines. As is, they're already winning.

Yep a wierd variety of Post-liberal Ludditism for want of any other descriptive to describe your very populist yet intelligent opinion.

Your comment made me think! You start out strong (first paragraph) with the point about counterproductive strategies with zero relevance, and I also like the point about antifa and mere escalation. Then you lose me pretty quickly (second paragraph). I guess I disagree with both of these: "the radical right has decent prospects for power" and "the radical right are completely irrelevant and confronting them is a waste of time". The last paragraph is the worst in my opinion with it's commitment to defense, and not an attack, and its focus on the enemy as fascists when really we all know it's the left liberal that needs to be confronted, and yes doing so would require subtlety, finesse, intelligence, restraint and vision that are clearly not in the supply room at the moment. The 500 clowns are not a reall enemy and also they've shown they are not harmless either. It'd be great if the two contenders could get into a ring and settle it in a purely physical sense, but thats such an atavism its ridiculous. Conflict needs to be expanded, concepts fundamentally changed, more like a civil war on left like a chess game.

Hear hear! This is pretty much my position also. I don't think it's wise to continue escalating violence, when it appears their side is more prepared and eager to use it, and are supported by the pigs. That said, it's maybe the least bad option in some situations, if the alternatives are prayer vigils or trying to ignore them and giving them space to normalize and grow. Honestly, I wonder how long all of this outrage over Charlottesville will last. After the murders in Portland, it only took a few weeks before the fash were holding more rallies with far less opposition. Their defeat isn't inevitable, if they can manage to outlast the outrage machine, being used by liberals as a tool against Trump.

They had an event in Seattle today, Boston on the 19th and maybe Berkeley at the end of the month? Anyway stay frosty. Security, solidarity. The Iron Front and the Iron Fist.

They're basically the new counter culture and using the 68 epoch as an analogue it's likely that it will go through the same peak phase before petering out. The peak period of the last cc was 66-70. This one will probably be 16-20 or thereabouts. There will be an inevitable come down. What will happen is that some of their views will be recuperated into a new constructionist restoration period but not in their raw reactionary form just like the 68 epoch had some of its perennial positions recuperated into society going into the 70s-today culminating with Obomba's presidency. We are likely due for a neo post 45 conservative epoch anyway. Bohemian epochs and their after effects don't last forever. It will not be the end of the world however. As is-to quote REM-I feel fine.

There is some irony in this incident which I'll get to, but concerning eras, and being a historian and musicologist and studying the african music of NA and its relationship to the emancipation and civil rights movement incrementally via the aesthetic approach, from Count Bassie and Duke Ellington through to Lou Rauls and Ella Fitzgerald of the 60s era,,,,,the irony being that a quaint musicians revivalist movie The Blues Brothers has a scene where Nazis at a protest rally are driven off a bridge by the movie's main protagonists with a police car. Its as if nothing has changed in 40 yrs, the same old methodology and cycles of recuperation are continually being advanced then retarded back to the same social paradigm.

You guys need to be better organized and better prepared. It was okay the last time because you didnt know they would come armed with sticks, sheilds and helmets. But this time there is excuse not to have gone there as an organized, large and armed black bloc to confront these fascist scum.

Also, you need to know What you are going to do and plan it beforehand. Just going there to shout at them in your cool black uniform, with your black and red mask on, is not enough. Halfmeasures are not enough because it means you are not prepared and therefore may get your ass kicked. So to conclude; organize, prepare, have a plan and decide on the lever of militancy you are ready to do beforehand. This is what is meant by "setting your own agenda".

Not friendly advice. You're being a dick. Did you listen to the interview before you commented? People did organize for months. There were comms, there were alliances, there were medics. Not everyone is going to ascribe to the same tactic. People that felt like they wanted to came armed. The Nazi's were repelled from the park. There is not a lot to be done about ISIS like tactics. The proliferation of armed Neonazi groups changes the game. This isn't Berlin... everyone has guns. The stakes are higher during mass convergences.

Ok, i listened to the interview. I clearly didnt know What i was talking about. I apologize. Carry on.

You're right that this person's "constructive criticism" leaves a lot to be desired but they're not completely wrong either. A culture of serious, organized militancy definitely needs to keep propagating.

The last time I went to an antifa march (and it was in support of the antifascist march), the crowd has made the brainless move to be walking while blocking the aft car traffic, with absolutely nothing to protect ourselves. Why was that stupid? Because behind the dual row of cars that was right behind us, we found out that there was a buch of neofascist orcs following us in an SUV, and luckily they came close to our crowd as soon as we took the sidewalk, to shout reactionary slur at us. If these brutes would have been straight next to us, you could have had something even worse than the car assault in Charlottestown, and I would have probably been one of the victims (...yeah I get the predictable shit you're going to say after this).

So yeah, thinking more consciously about the tactics, in a way as to be more accountable for the security of the protesters would be necessary.

The terrorist attack that occurred in Charlottestown could have been hardly prevented though... or maybe if people would have laser pointers or guns. When a terminally-brainwashed neonazi brute decides to kill people with his car, only really powerful measures can stop that. It took a lot of gun shots for the French popo to stop the Nice truck attacker, for instance.

I can buy that im being an idiot. These are just humble suggestions and thoughts, looking at this from the outside (as i clearly stated). But i dont really get Why im being a moralist though. Could you explain?

I said anon 16:57... Unless you're replying to your own comments? o_0

Okay. Sorry, didnt mean to be a dick. Just to clarify though: i didnt mean to say that people should go there with Guns and start shooting people. And i didnt mean to say that everybody should use the same tactics. What im promoting is simply militant mass action. Not that everybody should have to be militant, but that those who are should be in larger Numbers and better organized. We all know that militancy alone is not going to work and is a dangerous, potentially destructive strategy. Because as we all know; our strenght is firstly social. So therefore: strenght in numbers AND militancy. But above all, WE have to take the initiative, and THEY have to react to what we are doing. This is how we win.

For example: what if instead of those poor, brave students a large militant black bloc had occupied the space around the statue before the fascists had come there to hold their march with torches? What if a large black bloc had occupied the space where they were going to meet up before their demonstration the next day and refused to give it up to the fascists (or the police)? This is the sort of tactics im promoting. You already have public opinion on your side (hitting fascists is good), mostly. So Why not take advantage of it and be... Alittle more, i dunno, forwardthinking?

Also, you guys need to discuss and decide if the anarchists/automonous movement is going to try to smash this altright movement or not. My opinion is that Its prolly better to do it now in Its beginning, than later when they are strong. (This would include a discussion on what exactly constitute the altright or not. All Trumpsupporters anywhere gathering? I dont think so. Or these fascists attempts to intervene in this larger reactionary process? Yes, the second one, imho.)

Anyway, i did not listen to the interview, but i will now.

In solidarity.

i don't think the person was calling you moralist, but the person who responded to you by calling you a dickhead.

Militant mass actions are a dangerous game. Masses tend to be stupid in their herd behavior. Also disregarding the value of one person's life, even among their own ranks.

I've seen it often. Crowds led by suspicious hyper-militant edgelords running like crazy... leaving behind those who can't run fast for long to to be hand-picked by the cops. It's in protests that I've learned the truest meaning of "capacitism".

I am always impressed by the francophone presence on this site! Lol.

Not as impressed as I am with commies and other anar-fakes still lurking here in anarcho disguise (as you do in real life, perhaps?) and dick-waving all over the comment sections!

"Just going there to shout at them in your cool black uniform, with your black and red mask on, is not enough"

I like this point, and I think this is where the whole criticism of morality should come in, not because its cool to talk shit about morality but because you dont make yourself a sitting target and theres more options for how to weave dem webs

The good thing about using aesthetic insurgency as the praxis is that it is amoral and therefore non-ideological, and offends no one.

The good thing about using anaesthetic in surgery is the patient doesn't feel the pain. Their morals and ideology are irrelevant and I don't know why anyone would be offended by it.

The good thing about using an anus in commentary is the listener is not offended because everyone talks shit at one time or rather. Their content and context is binary and I don't care if one plus one equals two.

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