Group Raising Funds to Repair Windows of Small Businesses in East Bay

  • Posted on: 10 December 2014
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

ENDING RACISM IS A LOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN A COUPLE WINDOWS, but a group of us wants to make sure that local, small, and cooperative businesses receive the community financial support they need so the window breaking doesn't cause them undue hardship.

Last night, as people in the Eat Bay rose up in protest of the executions of people of color by police, many windows were smashed. Most of those windows belonged to big corproate banks and franchises. But in the fray, a couple small businesses had their windows crunched.

These locally-owned businesses included:

Missing Link Bike Co-op on Shattuck, est $1200 in damage (worker-owned)
Eastern Hardware on Shattuck, est $2000 in damage (owned by people of color)
Sahara Moroccan Home Defour on Ashby, est $2400 in damage (owned by people of color)

A group of us is preparing to raise funds to cover the cost of replacing these local business' windows.

ENDING RACISM IS A LOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN A COUPLE WINDOWS, but we want to make sure that local, small, and cooperative businesses receive the community financial support they need so the window breaking doesn't cause them undue hardship.

Based on our conversations today, the owners of these businesses are still waiting for quotes from their insurance companies (and/or to learn whether insurance will cover the damage). Once we know the numbers, we will start a kickstarter campaign to make sure the cost of the damages are covered.

If you are interested in supporting this campaign, please see the page at:

Let's keep it up & end racism and police abuse!
And let's also keep our communities local and awesome!

If you know of any other small business owners who experienced property damage, please contact the organizers by going to the webpage at:



This is such a dismal, dumbfuck failure, but I'll volunteer two PEOPLE that money should go towards:

Marius Mason:

Eric McDavid:

Perhaps they should pool their fundraising resources and start a Save The Freckles fund.

is choking on liberal semen.

This is gonna be the next big joke about american anarchists in Europe!

Haha, thought some anarchists in Thessaloniki did the same after an old woman's news stall got accidentally burnt in 2008.

You are right!

They've raised money for a few news kiosks that have been burned which is a little more sympathetic than this honestly but I see it as vaguely within the same vein of activity so guess I can't criticize too hard. Only thing I would call out is the obvious guilt=influenced identity politics that's shown quite clearly. Someone being a person of color should not in any way be the basis for literally anything positive or negative you do to them, that's what's known as...racism. And this statement only seems to give that as a reason that various businesses should be supported, which is weak and sucks. Really, you couldn't think of any better argument for why these businesses should be compensated? I'm not saying they shouldn't, but in general if you can't think of a good reason to do something, then you shouldn't do it.

These people dont give a shit about "people of color". Its nothing more than an Identity politics PR stunt from people relieving their racist conscience.

Oh, no! White people everywhere, laughing at the East Bay! However shall we cope?

BANA sucks its own flaccid dick, and so does the National Front.

A little more articulation of the reasoning might be nice, especially beyond "it's owned by people of colour", but I do think this might make strategic sense. I don't think "public opinion" is always stupid to invest in.

Marius and Eric need money too, though, obviously. But so do all sorts of people always.

If they have insurance companies, why do they need a fund raiser. My guess is that the anarchists are going to drop a bill and end up costing the petty bourgeois business owner instead of helping. I wouldn't touch this thing with a ten foot pole, seriously.

if you read it, you should see that they are waiting to see if insurance will cover the cost before doing the fundraising.

probably will still be more trouble than its worth for the scumbag petty bourgeois wannabe capitalist, but hey, what the fuck do I know? Good luck whatevs...


you don't know how to spell petit bourgeois, for one thing

Nothing subverts capitalism like encouraging the exchange of goods and services.

"Anarchist" smashes window, property owner hires glazier, glazier exchanges window and expertise for money, Adam Smith laughs his ass off from beyond the grave. *Kisses fingertips*

If anarchy ever set in you people would be the first ones to be eaten by the motorcycle Nazi mutants. A luck few may have their teeth punched out for gummin'. Have fun with your UTI!

Seems to me that more than likely yup! the person who wrote this bullsheet is himself already a motorcycle Nazi mutant.

. . . . if anarchy "set in" . . . .BWAHAHAHAHAHA

"punched out for gummin'"

i lolled.

moar raep jokes

When I first read about this on Indybay, I thought it was a hoax, but I'm beginning to realize these people are actually serious. Bizarre PR move.

When I first read about this on Indybay I thought it was real, but now that it's on A-news I'm starting to think they're just kidding...

For the nice and cozy, politically correct revolution!.. where only the "bad people" will be affected... symbolically!

ok missing link literally needs to see just TWO bikes to repair that window

Already posted over on Indybay, but I thought it might be more relevant and get a better quality of comments here...

Yeah, sometimes when crowds get frisky windows get broken. Most of the time, and especially in the years since the Battle for Seattle, the targets have been chosen with some kind of political consciousness involved. McDonald's, Starbucks, The Gap, Niketown, any bank/ATM. But you know, sometimes people make mistakes, and target a window belonging to a business that isn't particularly or especially despicable (we can leave aside the issue of police infiltration and provocation for now). If these anti-police protests are a part of the larger class war, then the windows of small businesses without a track record of hyper-exploiting their workers can and should be written off as unfortunate tactical errors. For now. Cuz when the rubber meets the road and there is a movement ready to destroy all relations of capital and property, then even these small businesses will be destroyed. Any real anarchist knows this, and being sorry for the small business windows that were broken to the point of raising money or donating time to help repair them is an affront to any kind of radical politics. "Anarchists who Fix Windows" are as hideous as Anarchist who Vote. All you stupid kids are out of the club.

And now there's this incontrovertible evidence:

Notice that the cop arresting the protester is masked up like he's part of the black bloc. Nice going, OPD: re-instilling trust with your community. FTP

I so hope that as soon as they go up someone smashes them again.

here is the article I was not allowed to read. I was made to feel like I was shocked. The CIA and FBI are helping a white Ku Klux Klan get rich by giving him unfair advantage. They do not enforce the law, it is the wild wild west.

Becuase n*ggers aren't s'posed to be reading.
I don't mean to get like this again, but there are only two ways to go with this. BTW, what are the long term effects of daily injections of some typical anaesthetic?

Obama: We don't use law enforcement to give businesses an unfair advantage.
Me: I don't either. Wonder how long international rights organizations (no doubt aware of this) are going to allow this to continue?

You volunteered n*gga. I never consented.

How can uuu cynical anarchists not MOURN all of OUR destroyed windows and burned cars????? Time to start a new Mmuhrican Inquisition... for jestice!

no because at this stage you have to deal with overproduction so bad that planned obsolescence can't keep up. encourage the populace to destroy their commodities and replace them with newer versions ok

Begone, racist scum. Your "magic" has no power here. Or anywhere. Your women are all sterile, and the very sun is eating y'all on a sweet, fat cancer sandwich. Buh-buh-buh-bye, Bubba.

When the Clueless Ones who don't live here finally smash up a weed dispensary, I hope it winds up all over their mommies' and daddies' widescreens, back in WarmWhiteburbia. Maybe then they'll finally be too embarrassed to show up around here again.

Can't even believe they trashed Missing Link. ML has been teaching freedom from petrol, expert bike repair, and basic human decency since way before most of these slummer brats knew how to walk.

Who the fuck cares about "freedom from petrol"? A capitalist future of sustainable bio-fuel (or locally-oriented infrastructure, or what the fuck ever) is just as horrifying as anything else...

Freedom from mitochondria!

Freedom from our own legs!

During the Spanish Rev after all the churches and cop shops had been burnt all the petite bourgeoisie suddenly began dressing like workers in old overalls and suddenly there were no fedora hats or ties and collars to be seen in the whole of Madrid and Barcelona. One pompous small business owner defiantly kept wearing his silk cravat and sharkskin suit and was beaten to a pulp and stripped naked by a group of teenage militia. Oh how I pine for the good ol' days!

Surely, you mean petty bourgeois like I posted about half way up the page. Are you new here? We're too edgy for LEFTIST SPAIN BULLSHIT.

I'm so edgy, I can't even reply right.

Petit bourgeoisie is the French for petty bourgeoisie, petite bourgeoisie the English. The 'ie' ending denotes the noun for the class, bourgeois is the adjective describing this despicable class! Petty is the unuanced layman's term.

You mean the stupid, american, unilingual, lets-make-up-our-own-dumbass-spelling-cause-we-instinctively-hate-the-french?

Possibly dumbass could be applied in a sentence to describe you? I don't really give an armadillo's dick about windows or why they get broken, however I DO CARE about the correct terminology used in any of the linguistic grammatical dialects available for humans to communicate via! You may say that an adverb is not the correct word to end a sentence with, whereas I will state that to denigrate an entire nation because of an assumed hatred for the French is puerile and absurd!

just because they're local and small does not mean they are desired or not extremely deplorable
fucking yupyup scum
fucking hip-capitalists

You're absolutely not desired here. Your clueless pranks are deplorable, and your ignorance of the terrain would be laughable if it weren't so real time dangerous.

I don't live in, nor have I ever been to California, so I'm unsure about this particular shops, but I've worked at small, local businesses and I would certainly love it if some of them got their windows smashed.

In Oxford we say -

- Neither do I live in, nor have I ever been to Cali,,,,,- or

-I haven't lived in or ever been to Cali,,,,,-

Yo, posting this on @news is like throwing cow intestines in pirhana waters.

But for real, if my local coffeeshop got smashed in a riot I might go by the next day and help them clean up or throw a few extra bucks in the tip jar or whatever. Why? Cause they're hella cool people and I want them to be able to make rent and keep serving coffee to me and all the cool people who hang out there.

Cause the tip jar pays for the window? Also, they have less work to get paid for if you help them clean up.
Unless it's one of those hippy worker co-op coffee shops?

Windows are puerile and absurd. Real G's stare through plywood.

How can any of you be so vehemently opposed to this? I totally understand not wanting to get behind it, but to shit on it and say it shouldn't be done? I'm fucking tiiiiired of all this macho bullshit regarding oppositions to projects/campaigns/whatever the fuck because they don't directly involve smashy smashy. The us vs. them shit is so old. If those storefronts happened to be anarchist co-ops, no one would have a word to say about lending a fucking hand to help with repairs. But "normal" folks obviously don't count. THEYRE ALL CAPITALISTS. TO HELL WITH THEM! Wake the fuck up. It's not super enlightened, militant, college-educated anarcho-fem/synd/prim/comes vs the world. Everyone is not immediately the enemy because they own a small business or haven't read Tiqqun. If you think otherwise, why not continue on with your noble struggle and smash out the windows of your parent's home. I'm sure their insurance will cover it, but at least they'll know that they're NOTHING BUT FAACIST SCUM xD

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